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Big Top Angel Recap

Estelle is practicing on the trapeze as Mamie and Corky watch. Corky tells Mabel that he got the stuff in town and hid it under Joey's bunk, and Mamie reminds him not to tell anyone. Tim comes over and asks Mabel to fix a loose button on his jacket. As she works, she assures Tim that Estelle is doing fine and is much better than she is. He points out that she made a lot of money when she was working as Mamie LaRue, Queen of the High Trapeze. Mamie notes that she spent most of her money sending her son Ken to medical school. Tim assures Mamie that she's done a great job training Estelle, and Mamie tells him that Estelle is ready.

Later, Mamie uses Joey as a model for Estelle's new costume. Estelle comes in and tries it on, and bumps into Ken as he arrives. Mamie greets her grandson and introduces him to the others. Ken hopes that Tim has a job from him while he's there, and Tim assures him that he'll find something for him.

Over the next few weeks, Ken works as a barker for the lion show. Estelle comes by and confirms that they'll meet after the show. She then gives her performance and meets Ken afterward. Before she goes inside, they kiss. Estelle says that she's frightened and admits that there's no room for Ken in her performing life. However, when she's on the ground she can't think of anything except Ken.

Ken visits Mamie and tells her that he's not going back to medical school. He explains that he didn't want to be a doctor and has been less sure all the time. Mamie doesn't believe it and Ken figures that she doesn't want to believe it. He tells his grandmother that he wants to stay with the circus, and he's made up his mind.

Mamie goes to Tim and tells him what is happening. She insists that Ken is making a big mistake, and figures that if Tim fires Ken then it would just make things worse. Mamie insists that Ken always wanted to be a doctor, and the professors say that he has a talent for it. Tim gets an idea and they go to see3 Joey. They tell him that he looks sick, and soon Joey is in bed. They call Ken in and Corky, playing along, says that Joey doesn't feel well. Ken warns that he's not a physician, and realizes that Joey is faking. Corky joins in, complaining about a stomachache, but they blow it when he prescribes castor oil. He tells them to tell Tim to let him run his own life and leaves. Tim comes in and Joey tells him that the plan didn't work.

Later, Ken is with Estelle and Tim tells Ken that one of the roustabouts cut himself. Ken figures that it's a fake and both Tim and Mamie are trying to push him. Estelle goes to Mamie, who tells her what's happening. The young trapeze artist tells Mamie that Ken will be a great doctor, and assures Mamie that it's what she wants as well as Mamie... and Ken.

Ken visits Estelle in her wagon as she prepares for the show. He insists that he's not going back to medical school, and Estelle tells him that it doesn't make any difference to her. She tells Ken that it's all over now and she has her career to think about. Ken tells her to tell him that she doesn't love him, and Estelle does so. He says that she'll never see him again and leaves.

Later, Ken goes to the train station and Corky sees him off. Ken explains that he's going to medical stuff to collect his stuff and leave, and he doesn't know what he's going to do afterward. The train is running two hours late, and Ken reminds Corky that he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone that he left. He holds Corky to the promise, and Corky reluctantly agrees. Before he goes, Corky tells Ken that he's dumb.

Back at the circus, Corky tells Tim, Joey, and Estelle that he's just been around. Tim introduces Estelle's act, and she takes to the trapeze as Mamie joins the others. However, she remembers Ken saying that she wouldn't see him again, slips, and falls. Corky rides Bimbo to the train station to tell Ken that Estelle is badly injured. He comes back and Estelle tells him that it was his fault. Ken says that he was the one acting like a spoiled brat, and checks her injuries. He discovers that she's lost feeling in her legs, and tells the others that Estelle's back is broken. Ken takes Mamie's corset and uses it to wrap her back.

When a doctor arrives, he congratulates Ken on doing everything necessary. Eventually Estelle will recover, and Tim tells Ken that he has a job with the circus as long as he wants it. Ken tells them that he's going back to medical school, and when he graduates he'll take Mamie and Estelle with him. Meanwhile, Corky practices bandaging Joey and Bimbo, eager to become a doctor.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2017

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