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Farewell, Cruel World! Recap

10 Days Ago

Aboard the Zephyr, Jemma tells Yo-Yo not to wake them up no matter what, and enters the Framework. Once they're "gone", Yo-Yo tells Piper that they wait.

Time passes, and finally the Zephyr runs low on power, forcing them to touch down and refuel. Piper points out that they can't trust S.H.I.E.L.D., and Yo-Yo notes that they're luck the government hasn't shot them out of the sky. She insists that they have to find something else to turn off, and Piper suggests that they turn off the cloaking. The other agents point out that it's the only thing keeping them safe, but Yo-Yo tells them to do it.

In the Framework, Aida dispatches units to clean up the streets after Coulson's broadcast. At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Trip arrives and Daisy greets him. He has no idea who she is, and Jemma and Daisy talk in private. Jemma explains that Aida is building a living body for herself in the real world, and Daisy figures that they can use the backdoor coordinates that Holden gave her to escape and stop Aida. When Jemma suggests that they rescue Fitz, Daisy warns her that they don't have enough time to rescue him, escape, and stop Aida. She agrees that it's not Fitz's fault but if they don’t get Coulson out then Aida will call all of them. Daisy promises that they'll find a way to get Fitz out once everyone is safe.

Daisy finds Mack and Hope leaving. She tells Mack that they have some intel that will let them take out Aida, and they need Mack. When Mack hesitates, Hope points out that Daisy went to jail for what Mack did. The girl says that Daisy is the biggest hero in S.H.I.E.L.D. and he has to say yes, and Mack agrees. Daisy promises that he'll be exactly where he needs to be.

Melinda is treating the injured when Coulson comes over. She warns that people have resisted Hydra before and it never ends well, but Coulson insists that it will be different because people are learning the truth. Coulson says that it's just the tip of the iceberg, and tells Melinda that the world is a simulation meant to keep them imprisoned. Melinda doesn't believe him, but Coulson insists that something in the world doesn't feel right. Despite that, Melinda says that she's not following anyone blindly and requires evidence.

Fitz goes to Holden's cell and demands to know where Daisy is heading. Holden realizes that Fitz is afraid, and Fitz kick him. Laughing, Holden realizes that the others are fighting back and soon will escape the Framework. Fitz points out that they will all die if they escape the Framework, and says that there's a way to be reborn. He explains that they built a machine in the real world that can transfer human consciousness into an organic body. Holden realizes that Aida is using the Darkhold, and Fitz says that Holden can have a new series of bodies in the real world. After a moment, Holden tells Fitz that Daisy is looking for a way out.

Jemma talks to Melinda and says that it's good to have her back. She insists that they're teammates in the real world, and insists that the Fitz she knows is a kind caring person. When Melinda mentions that Alistair is Fitz's father, Jemma realizes that's what Aida changed for Fitz. She asks Melinda if she can still access Hydra personnel files.

Later, Jemma goes to Alistair's apartment, draws a gun on him, and says that he's going to help her fix it.

Daisy reviews Holden's coordinates with trip, who assures her that he can fly them there. He wonders about the team that Daisy is assembling, and Daisy admits that Trip was part of the team in the real world. Trip tells her that Jemma left base an hour ago.

Jemma goes inside and Alistair insists that he's been a good father. He loved Fitz and raised him to be a great man, and everything he has is what Fitz gave him. Jemma says that she can fix it, and tells Alistair that Fitz is in danger from Aida. Alistair figures that it's something about the machine that Fitz is working on, and Jemma says that it will kill everyone. She tells him to call Fitz and have him come there, and insists that she could never hurt Fitz. After a moment, Alistair makes the call.

Fitz is flying to the coordinates when Alistair's call comes in. Alistair tells his son that he only wanted the bets for him, and tells Fitz to do everything that he says. He then tells Fitz that Jemma is there and attacks her. They struggle and Alistair chokes Jemma. The gun goes off, and Fitz hears the gunshot over the telephone.

As Coulson and Melinda head for the Quinjet, Melinda tells him that he's now the face of the revolution. Coulson says that he prefers to be a face in the shadows, just as Daisy arrives and Melinda tells her that Jemma went to Alistair. Daisy says that they can't leave without Jemma, but Melinda figures that she'll be fine.

Fitz and his soldiers arrive at Alistair's body and find his corpse. He tells his men that they know where Jemma is going and to get back onto the Zephyr. Holden is with them, and Fitz asks him if Jemma loves him. When Holden says that it was an accident, Fitz forces him to look at Alistair's body and says that he intends to put a bullet in Jemma's skull.

In the real world, Piper assures Yo-Yo that Mack is still alive. Russian fighter jets approach the Zephyr and they realize that the Superior sent them. They don’t have power to control their guns, and if the team doesn't escape the Framework soon then they'll all die.

In the Framework, Jemma arrives at the Zephyr and tells Daisy that she accidentally killed Alistair. She figures that they have lost Fitz now, but Daisy says that they'll figure something out once they get back to the real world.

Fitz's assistant Melanie tells Aida that Alistair was murdered. Aida tells Melanie to send word to have Fitz return to the Triskelion immediately. When Fitz receives the orders, he orders the pilot to continue on course. Holden realizes that they're heading to a steel mark, not a city park, and Fitz says that Aida has made a few modifications.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Zephyr arrives at the city and lands at the steel mill. Daisy says goodbye to Trip, and suggests that he become the new Patriot. She hugs him, and he tells Daisy to take care of herself.

The team head through the mill and Daisy warns Jemma that something doesn't feel right. Coulson finds the location: a pit of molten steel. Jemma suggests that Aida build the place as a way to prevent people from passing through the back door. She figures that there's no way out and Aida has won.

Melanie tells Aida that Fitz isn't returning as ordered. Aid tells her that Jemma is trying to reach Fitz and must have found a way out. She tells the doctor to proceed with the transfer of her consciousness to the human body in the real world.

In the Superior's base, the machinery comes to life and starts creating Aida's organic body.

Melinda demands proof, but Daisy says that they have to trust Daisy. Mack figures that Daisy lied to her, and has taken her away from his daughter. Coulson still believes that Daisy is right and they need to find another way through the back door. Daisy uses her powers to start parting the molten steel, but the Hydra soldiers arrive and open fire. After blasting the Hydra soldiers with her powers, Daisy parts the molten steel, revealing a portal. Coulson and the others realize that it's real, and he tells Melinda that they're going back to their world. Before Melinda can stop him, Coulson goes to the edge... and a Hydra soldier shoots him.

Melinda tells Daisy that Coulson isn't going to die on her watch, goes out, and kills the Hydra soldier. She then helps Coulson up, and he tells her to help him to edge. Melinda does so and Coulson asks Melinda to come with him. He admits that it's going to be a leap of faith, and she says that it isn't that easy for her. Coulson tells her to follow his lead and jumps into the portal as the Framework starts to collapse.

Coulson wakes up in the Superior's base and unfastens himself. He tells Melinda that she can do it. After a moment, Melinda wakes up and she says that she followed him. Coulson pulls her free and sets her down, and they see Aida hooked up in one of the pods. He gets a knife and prepares to kill Aida.

As the Framework starts to collapse, Mack realizes that Daisy has been telling the truth. Jemma heads for the portal, but Fitz confronts her, gun drawn. She insists that Aida took Fitz from her and she came there to rescue Fitz, but Fitz points out that she killed his father. Jemma tells him that it's been an accident, and that Aida is a robot that who has manipulated the entire thing. She begs Fitz to wake up, and Fitz orders her to her knees. Jemma refuses and Fitz shoots her in the leg. She tells Fitz that she loves him, and Fitz says that she means nothing to him. He tells Jemma to repeat the words, but Holden disarms him and says that the Darkhold corrupted what he wanted.

Holden tosses Fitz into the portal and then tells Jemma that bringing Fitz there was the only way that he could save him. He figures that Fitz will be his old self, and tells Jemma that she should go. Jemma jumps into the portal and wakes up aboard the Zephyr in the real world. The Russian fighters open fire, hitting the Zephyr.

Daisy tells Mack that it's his turn. He wonders about Hope, and Daisy admits that Hope doesn't exist in the real world because Aida fixed his biggest regret to keep him there. Mack says that he's staying, even if it's not real, and Daisy tells him that Hope is computer code. He doesn't care because Hope is real to him, and Daisy says that she understands. However, she tells Mack that there are people who love him very much. Mack tells her to tell them that they're sorry, and wishes Daisy luck.

Daisy wakes up on the Zephyr and tells Yo-Yo that Mack chose to stay in the Framework.

Fitz wakes up in the Superior base and wonders what he did. He insists that he killed people and sees Mace's body, and tells Coulson that he ordered the air strike that killed him. In the next room, the new Aida gasps her first breath and smiles.

Coulson tells Fitz that none of it was his fault, but Fitz insists that he's a bad person. Aida comes in and says that she's happy to see Fitz. Coulson realizes that she isn't a robot anymore, and Melinda prepares to shoot Aida. Aida has Fitz feel her skin, and tells him that they can make the world whatever they want. She grabs Fitz and they both disappear before Melinda can get a clear shot.

In the Framework, Mack returns to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base and finds Hope sleeping. Trip is with her, and Mack tells him that they all made it through. Hope wakes up and Trip leaves father and daughter alone. Mack tells Hope that the mission was more complicated than expected, and the others aren't coming back. He assures his daughter that they're all good and says that they went to a place like Kansas in The Wizard of Oz, while the two of them are going to stay there because everything he needs is there.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2017

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