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Alex Recap

On the streets of National City, police gather outside a bank. Maggie is on a phone negotiating with the robbers to let the hostages go. Supergirl arrives and quickly captures the robber. Maggie goes over and says that she almost had them, and Supergirl says that she just helped and flies off.

Later, Kara and Mon-el meet Alex and Maggie for dinner at Alex's places. Alex's attempt to cook doesn't go well and they order pizza. Mon-El praises Supergirl's efforts to stop the robbers, and Maggie sarcastically says that all of her work in hostage negotiation went to waste. Kara asks if she's upset and says that they're in jail, and Maggie points out that they might use the Supergirl defense. Some defense attorneys cite vigilante justice to get their clients off, and Maggie says that police work requires a more delicate touch. She points out the damage that Supergirl caused, and Kara insists that she got everyone out. Maggie tells her that she should have asked first. Mon-El speaks up, saying it's better to punch than talk, and Kara excuses herself.

Once Kara and Mon-El leaves, Maggie tells Alex that she gets along great with Kara. It's Supergirl that she doesn't get along with. Alex goes after Kara to persuade her to compromise, and gets in the elevator as a man is already there.

The next day, Lena tells Rhea that she's never seen anything like her matter transmutation device. She figures that it could revolutionize human society, but notes that it's all theoretical. Rhea wants to use L-Corp's work with zero-size intelligence combined with her development, and she hasn't revealed all of her secrets. She says that she made a reservation at a restaurant and Lena agrees.

At CatCo, Maggie comes by and tells Kara that Alex left came back. A call comes in on Alex's phone to Kara, and the caller says that he knows the truth about Kara. He says that he has Alex and sends a photo. The caller says that Peter Thompson is serving a life sentence at Albatross Bay Supermax, and Kara will free him within 36 hours or Alex will die. He says that he knows Kara can do it because he knows that she's Supergirl.

Alex wakes up in a cell with one glass wall and water pipes overhead. There is a surveillance camera, and Alex addresses it, saying that she recognized him from the elevator and her people will free her eventually. There is no response.

At the DEO, Kara tells the team what the caller said. Hank tells Mon-El that they don't negotiate with kidnappers, and even if they release Peter then there's no guarantee that the abductor will release Alex. Alex's subdural tracker is off-line. They try to work out who might know Kara is Supergirl, and Maggie says that they need to figure out who Peer is and what his connection is to the kidnapper.

At the restaurant, Rhea praises Lena's scientific developments, and says that Lena's mother must be proud. Lena admits that he mother never cared much for her. Rhea says that her son was always the love of her life but recently med a horrible girl and everything changed. She claims that she lost her son and her husband died, and gives Lena the key concepts she withheld from her proposal. Lena figures that they're going to be friends no matter how their business deal works out.

Hank, Maggie, and Kara visit Peter at Albatross. Maggie points out his criminal relationship and claims that they got a call from an anonymous source telling them to release Peter. Peter refuses to help, and Kara angrily says that Alex was kidnapped and demands to know who has her. He says that he doesn't know, and Hank tells her that they're done there. Once the guards take Peter away, Hank explains that he read Peter's mind and knows he's telling the truth. Winn calls and says that one name popped up on Peter's visitor log. Peter has a son with a different name, Rick Malverne, and has a house an hour outside of the city. Rick grew up in Midvale.

Supergirl flies to the house and finds TV monitors showing Alex in her cell. Rick comes in and tells Supergirl to play nice. When Supergirl asks to talk to Alex, Rick agrees and they talk for a few seconds. He then shuts down the intercom and tells Supergirl to rescue Peter. She starts to heat vision her, but Rick figures that she's bluffing and promises that Alex will die.

After Supergirl takes Rick into custody at the DEO, Supergirl tells the others that Rick was nice in school. He's somehow blocking Hank's telepathy, and he agrees to let Maggie talk to Rick. Rick knows her, explaining that he took a full year planning it. He knows that Kara is Supergirl because of the day on the beach when she rescued the people in the car. When Kara walked away without a scratch, Rick figured out that she had powers and connected her to Supergirl when they both appeared in National City. Supergirl wonders why Rick changed, and Rick tells them that he was hiding bruises and his mother told him he was garbage every single night. She kept Peter from Rick, and Peter saved rick from her and moved Rick away from Midvale. Three years ago the state convicted Peter, and now Rick is going to rescue him like Peter rescued him. Rick warns them that their time is running out. Supergirl slams Rick into the wall, and Maggie tells her that they're done. After a moment, Supergirl drops Rick and he wonders which of them love Alex more. Outside, Maggie tells Supergirl that Peter is the key to getting Alex back.

Rhea visits Lena, and Lena asks for her thumbprint so she can access the elevators. Once she has it, Lena says that it requires an element that they don’t have on Earth. She's worked out that Rhea is an alien, and says that she's not going to help Rhea build anything. Rhea goes without a word.

Maggie brings Peter to Rick. She says that the DEO freed Peter and now they want to know where Alex is, and Rick says that he's not going to give her location until him and Peter are far way. Peter tells Rick that he has to give him something, and Rick realizes that "Peter" is a shapeshifted Hank. Hank reverts to his human form, and Rick tells them that they have just over 23 hours left.

Alex disables the surveillance camera and uses a circuit board to cut out the transponder in her shoulder. She then wires it into the camera.

At the DEO, Agent Demos gets a request from one of their trackers. Winn checks it and realizes that it's Alex, and she has wired herself into the camera. He goes to tell the others, and Kara tells Maggie in the interrogation cell. Rick tells her not to do it but Kara dismisses his warning. Outside, Maggie tells Kara that Rick still thinks that he's in control. Kara insists on going ad flies to the warehouse and rips open the floor. She finds a timer which starts counting down from four hours.

In the cell, the pipes start pouring water in. Alex can't block them, and a monitor shows it all to Supergirl.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl shows Rick the tablet with the footage from the cell. He refuses to say where Alex is, and tells Supergirl to get moving. Supergirl demands to talk to Alex, and Rick activates the connection. Alex explains what she did, and Supergirl admits that Rick rerouted the signal. Rick tells Alex to tell Supergirl to get Peter out of the supermax, and Alex tells Supergirl not to do it. Maggie comes in and Alex tells her that she needs to speak to her alone.

When Maggie takes the tablet outside, she assures Alex that it's not over. She promises that they will have a lifetime of firsts together, and tells Alex to hold on. The signal cuts off, and Supergirl comes out. Maggie tells her that she's made things worse, and insists that her being Alex's girlfriend trumps Supergirl being Alex's sister. She says that Supergirl should have listened to her and storms off.

Rhea teleports onto Lena's balcony and admits that she lied to Lena. She claims that she assumed Lena's attitude would be the same as her mother's, but everything else she said is true. Rhea insists that she just wants to create a transmatter platform, and the portal would help her get home to her people. She says that Lena is nothing like Lillian, and Lena says that she'll think about it.

Lena calls Kara and asks if she can get her advice. Kara says that it's not a good time and will call her back later. Once Kara hangs up, Hank comes out and Kara explains that she's listening for Alex but can't hear her. She admits that she isn't powerful enough to save her foster sister. Hank tells her that Alex is important to all of them, and Maggie lashed out at Kara because she was upset. He says that Kara did what she had to to protect her sister, and admits that he's also scared.

Maggie goes to the interrogation room and says that if Alex dies then they both lose. Rick figures that Kara won't do what he's asking but he underestimated Maggie, and says that she can get in. He describes how Alex and Maggie are together, and tells her that love can make people do things that they normally wouldn't do. Rick asks her to help bring back the people that they love.

Alex tries to use her belt to close the water valve, but fails. She's also unable to break the glass front, and removes her pants to fill them with air to use as a float.

Winn tells Kara that he can't find anything. Kara goes to talk to Maggie and realizes that she's gone.

Maggie goes to the supermax and avoids the guard. She uses a DEO device to blind the cameras, and another one to open the cell to Peter's door.

Supergirl flies to the supermax.

Maggie uses Alex's gun to shoot out the cameras. Supergirl arrives and tells her that Alex wouldn't want Maggie to release Peter. She then tells Peter that Maggie was with Rick all day trying to make him understand. Supergirl tells Peter that Rick wants to rescue Peter like Peter rescued him, but if Alex dies then he'll have to live with the guilt of Alex's death for the rest of his life. She says that Peter has been a good father if nothing else, and if Rick kills Alex then Peter will have failed at the one good thing that he did. With time running out, Peter tells them that there's one place Rick would have taken Alex.

The cell fills with water and Alex goes underwater. Maggie and Supergirl arrive outside and find the cell. Supergirl shatters the glass and they confirm that Alex is alive.

Later back at the DEO, Maggie visits Alex in the medbay. When Alex wakes up, she asks Maggie if she's okay and says that she knew Maggie would come for her. She then tells Maggie that she loves her and never wants to stop having firsts with her. Maggie says that she loves her and they kiss.

Maggie brings Alex out and Hank tells both women that they did fine. Rick is being brought through, and Hank says that he's going to mindwipe him to protect the DEO and Supergirl. Alex punches rick and tells Hank to remember what she did. The guards take Rick off, and Maggie thanks Kara, who says that she just reminded Maggie of what she was saying. They agree that they made a good team and Kara insists on hugging her.

Lena calls Kara to check on her, and Kara says that it worked out. They agree to have lunch later and Lena says that she figured things out. She then turns to Rhea in her office and asks if she's ready to change the world.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2017

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