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Who Am I? Recap

Will is asleep, drugged out, when he hears a woman calling to him. He hears what Whispers is hearing, as he monitors a captive Sense8. As the Sense8 wakes up, Will wakes up. Angela is watching from nearby. Meanwhile, the Sense8 walks under Whispers' control, and Whispers says that he believes that it will help them trust them to Angela. They kiss and the current-Angela tells Will to stop it. Meanwhile, the Sense8 looks at the humans watching him, grabs a knife, and cuts a guard's throat.

When Will wakes up, Riley wakes up as well. She tells him that he's okay.

Nomi and Amanita meet with two anthropology professors, claiming that they're looking at the branch-off point between Homo sapiens and Homo sensorium. They suggest that the two women talk to Professor Kolovi, a geneticist at the University of Chicago, who believe in the Homo sensorium.

Lito is preparing to go to his first movie premiere since the photos went public., Hernando refuses to go, insisting that it's the right thing. Daniella tells him that he's coming, and Hernando admits that it's what he always wanted. When Lito and Daniella go to get dressed, Hernando has doubts.

Capheus is driving his bus and watching a Van Damme movie. As he pulls up to the station, he sees an interviewer, Zakia, waiting for him.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniella arrive at the premiere and they go in arm-in-arm. As Lito gets a balloon a heart balloon from an attendee, he looks at the movie poster.

Jela asks Jela where they can find Van Damn, and he goes back on the bus to tell Capheus.

A newswoman, Mariana Lupe, calls out to Lito. When he comes over, she asks him about the photos.

Capheus introduces himself to Zakia.

Mariana asks Lito if he's a homosexual, and he asks why it matters. She says that it matters to his fans if he's lying to them.

Zakia asks Capheus why he's called "Van Damn," and says that she doesn't watch movies where white man save the world. Capheus insists that they're about courage.

Lito tells Mariana that he just gives his fans something from his heart. Mariana persists, asking if he was lying before, and Lito starts to walk away. She asks if Hernando is his lover and says that she doesn't recognize him without his clothing. Angry, Lito tells her that she doesn't understand.

Zakia says that Van Damme is about white courage, Orpheus and Lito switch places mentally, and they talk about how movies inspire them. When Zakia asks who is standing before her, Orpheus and the other clustermates consider who they are and what they've done, and they finally say that there's no one else like who they are and that's neither good nor bad. Lito and Orpheus congratulate each other, and Lito walks in with Hernando and Daniella.

In Nairobi, Zakia gives her name to Orpheus, and he says that he's pleased to meet her.

In the theater, Lito and the others watch the movie. Several people get up and leave in protest when, in the movie, Lito kisses the female lead.

Later, Zakia approaches Orpheus and admits that she didn't come to listen. She admires that he spoke from the heart and invites him to get some dinner. Jela, listening, loudly says that Orpheus would.

Wolfgang and Felix are partying in Berlin.

Kala and Rajan show Kala's family the new house that they're buying.

Wolfgang and Felix share a bottle of champagne. The club owner, Sebastian Fuchs, comes over. Wolfgang knows him as the King of the North, Sebastian praises Felix's loyalty and gives him the club out of respect for his loyalty to Wolfgang.

Orpheus and Zakia get dinner, and they talk about how women have progressed and what is still wrong. She wonders how what job she has makes a difference, and Orpheus tells her that courage is getting up every day to see what is still beautiful and how dreams still come true.

Through their link, Will sees Whispers with his wife Elizabeth and his daughter as she rides her horse, Neville. Riley writes down what Will sees, and Elizabeth mentions that Whispers is going to Chicago. She reminds him to take his pills, and Will tells Riley about Chicago.

In her lab, Kala co-worker asks Kala about the honeymoon. Riley checks with Kala, saying that Will won't eat. Kala excuses herself to go into the next room and then channel through Riley, checking Will. She increases Will's vitamins but warns that they can't keep it up much longer. Nomi comes in and says that she's trying to find a crack into BPO, but they haven't found anything. She's working with Bug, who smashes his computer in a frenzy when he fails again. Bug admits to Nomi that BPO might even be more paranoid than he is. He wonders who Nomi is talking to, and Amanita tells him that Nomi talks to herself a lot. Meanwhile, Nomi tells Riley that Will has to get them something more concrete..

The other clustermates arrive to check on Will, and Wolfgang tells Riley not to give up on Will because he wouldn't give up on any of them.

Kala and Rajan's family have dinner, and Manendra says that he met with the prime minister and accepted his offer. Rajan is unhappy that his father accepted the offer without consulting them, and Sahana insists that she's okay with her husband's decision. Sanyam offers a toast to Manendra's success.

Nomi and Amanita go to the university to hear Kolovi's lecture. He's talking about communication without words. He points out how communicating through words has evolutionary advantages, and the Homo sapiens wiped out the other evolutionary offshoots. Afterward, Nomi and Amanita talk with Kolovi. Nomi asks if he believes in Homo sensorium, and Kolovi says that they inherited empathy from them. Amanita asks him about one of his students, Matheson, and show Kolovi a photo. Kolovi remembers him but has no idea how to reach Matheson since he left in the 80s. As the women leave, Amanita suspects that Kolovi was lying.

Riley feeds Will skyr and talks about her father's music, and Will warns her not to go into details in case Whispers is listening. Whispers appears in the merge and asks if Riley realizes that she's protecting Will to death. He says that the original Will is dead, and Whispers says that he knows Will has been watching. He admits that it's been more trying than anticipating, but it's also bringing him closer to finding the cluster. Will tells him that they're closer to finding him, and Will says that he knows that he's in a military building in an urban area, based on the sound of the soldiers' footsteps outside. He figures that Whispers is in England. Whispers says that what the BPO does is older than either of them, and everything Will has seen is set up by them. He describes all the clues showing that Will is still in Iceland, hiding in church. Will jerks back as Riley injects him, and Whispers says that soon they'll arrive and Riley will be his.

Once Will is unconscious, Riley goes downstairs and turns off the recording of seagulls. She then goes out into Amsterdam.

Sun is painting with her fellow prisoners.

Riley finds her father Gunnar playing at a cafe and wearing sunglasses to try to look inconspicuous. He gives her a bag with supplies, including skyr, and assures her that he made sure none of it was exported from Iceland. Gunnar asks if everything is okay, but isn't convinced when Riley says it is. She insists that it will work out and what he brought will help out. Gunnar warns that there's a lot of talk back home but he trusts her, and starts playing again while Riley listens.

Nomi and Amanita go to the home of Helen and Jerry Patrell, Sara's parents. Will is with them mentally, and remembers his father going there after a young Will told him about Sara. Helen answers the door, and figures that they've seen Sara. The woman says that they're not the first and invites them in. Over tea, Helen says that Will was the first visitor and Michael was the detective assigned to the case.

Young Will says that Sara is next to Helen, holding her hand. Jerry doesn't believe it, and Will explained that he's seeing a memory. Years later, Will came back after he graduated from the police academy, and he tells Sara that he became a cop after seeing Sara.

Helen asks how Will is, and Nomi admits that he's been better. When Nomi says that Will is there, Helen tells him that she hopes he finds some peace. She explains that other people came there--including Jonah--and it was hard on Jerry. Helen explains that she found it comforting that even lives as short as Sara's could still live on. Amanita shows Helen photos of Angela, and Helen remembers that she came to talk about Sara. She mentions Matheson, and knows Whispers' as Matheson. Will mutters that Whispers murders Sara, but Nomi doesn't that pass that on. Whispers was supposedly Sara's tutor in a Gifted Student program, and Will has Nomi tell Helen that he's going to get Whisper and all of the people hiding behind him. Nomi merely tells Helen that Will says that he'll never give up.

Wolfgang goes to the zoo and tells Sun that after his parents fought, his mother used to bring him there, and said that he was an optimist. She admitted to him that eventually she would go back home. Wolfgang tells her that waiting is harder, and Will appears, unconscious.

Riley finds Will going into convulsions. Riley calls on Kala, and the other clustermates arrive. Kala gives Will an injection and he wakes up while still seeing Whispers in a meeting with his superior. Will tells a startled Whispers to ignore him, and then he and the others look out the window to see where they are. Whispers tries to excuse himself, and Nomi traces Whispers and the head of the BPOP through everything that they can see. Checking the Internet, Nomi finally identifies the BPO head as Richard Wilson Croome. Will tells Whispers the name, and Whispers drops his pills. Croome complains about Whispers' last breach of protocol, and Whispers says that he's compromised and has to go. Will tells him that the cluster is coming for him.

Written by Gadfly on May 6, 2017

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