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Obligate Mutualisms Recap

Whispers checks himself in the mirror in an interrogation room, and Will points out that he's not looking well. When Whispers admits that he underestimated Will, Will tells his cluster mates what Whispers look like. They raise their bottles to Will, and Whispers tells Will that they have more in common than any sapien. Unimpressed, Will says that he wants to talk to Whispers' boss, Croome,. When Whispers warns against it, Nomi feeds Will information about Croome, including the fact that he's having an affair. Whispers wonders what Will is hoping to accomplish, and Will says once he knows people like Croome, he owns them.

The chairman, Croome, comes in and Will has Whispers say that he wants a face-to-face meeting, without Whispers in his head. Whispers advises Croome that it would be a critical mistake, but Croome tells Whispers that he's overestimated his value and has guards drug Whispers and take him away. Will passes out as well, and Croome gests a call from Jonas.

When Will wakes up, he tells the cluster that Whispers is gone and goes outside for the first time since they arrived in Amsterdam. The cluster goes out with Will and enjoy his freedom.

In her cell, Sun tells Soo Jin that she's all right. Soo Jin points out that Sun was singing and wonders if it was a dream about getting out, and Sun says that it was.

Lito meets with his agent and manager, who tell the actor that the studio pulled the offer. They've invoked the morals clause, and Lito's agent insists that it was all shit. They claim that now they can go after a better deal and show Lito all the waiting scripts. As he goes, they assure him that he's still their guy.

Nomi and Amanita shave their legs and figure that now they can go out to eat.

The guards collect Sun and tell her that she's being released.

As Nomi and Amanita leave, Sun appears to Nomi and asks for her help.

The guards take a handcuffed Sun down the hallway. The clustermates arrive and Will realizes that the guards are from a different prison. Nomi tells Amanita that Sun thinks the guards are going to kill her. Amanita, Nomi, and Bug hack the prison security system and pick up Sun on the surveillance cameras, but the camera powers down and Nomi tells Sun not to go into the room. With Wolfgang helping her, Sun attacks the guards but one of them tasers her... stunning the entire cluster.

The guards take Sun into the room and put a noose around her neck, and taser her again.

Orpheus drives all over the room as he's shocked, and finally stops the bus.

Sun revives and tries to take down the guards, but they tase her again and haul her up by the rope. Her clustermates choke as well... and Sun's cellmate Min Jing arrives and kills the guard holding the rope. Sun drops to the floor, and the guard with the taser discovers that it's jammed. The cluster attacks the remaining guard, using him as a shield when the armed guard fires his taser. Sun breaks his neck, and thanks Min Jing. Min Jing says that the guards' had the same look in their eyes that her husband did, and that he thought he could do what he wanted with her. She's satisfied that they won't make the same mistake that he did, and Sun agrees.

Nomi tells Sun that the cameras are still done and they have a few minutes. Bug overrides the prison alarm, and Min Jing tells Sun that all they can do is extend her sentence and it's no threat to her. She tells Sun that she'll take responsibility for what happened, but Sun tells Min Jing that she can come with her. When Min Jing wonders where Sun is going, Sun says that it's time for a jailbreak.

Sun and Min Jing sneak behind a guard grabbing a smoke, and Sun knocks him out. There's a bus but no car, and Capheus takes over to hotwire it and drive it out. Bug sends them clearance, and when the guard calls them over the overcome, Lito bluffs it out. Much to everyone's surprise, Sun gets clear. Will and Wolfgang figure that they'll come after her, and tell her to dump the bus in a parking lot. Sun does so and the cluster picks out a stealable truck. Wolfgang jimmies the lock and hotwires the car, and Min Jing suggests that she has a friend nearby that they can hide with.

In Berlin, Wolfgang and Felix visit Sebastian in his penthouse. He offers them alcohol and says that he's interested in talent, and introduces his right-hand man, Lila Facchini. Sebastian has her get the ownership papers for his club to turn them over to Felix. Felix points out that he knows nothing about running a club, but Sebastian says that the last owner didn't drink or dance so he wants someone. Meanwhile, Lila whispers briefly to Wolfgang but when he turns to her, she disappears. She then reappears to him only and sits on Wolfgang's lap, while the physical Lila comes in and sits next to Sebastian. Felix notices Wolfgang reacting and asks for his opinion, and Wolfgang says that they should keep talking.

in Nairobi, Capheus buys his food from a vendor and the vendor warns that prices have gone up because it's election time. He warns that the people can't take it and something is going to give.

Wolfgang, Felix, Sebastian, and Lila have dinner on the patio, and Sebastian talks about the competition lacking visibility. Meanwhile, Lila continues to telepathically seduce Wolfgang, and asks if he's played outside of his cluster. Wolfgang soon starts fondling her mentally as well, and Felix asks Wolfgang what Sebastian is talking about. His friend says that he's discussing international money laundering, Sebastian says that if they help him then he'll make it worth their while, and they share a toast.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniella go house shopping, and the realtor assures them that they'll find nothing better in their price range. She says that they have adequate parking, and they ask to see the apartment with the balcony. However, she says that it's beyond their price range and won't be on the market long. Lito tells Hernando that he loves it and Hernando agrees, but warns that it costs twice what they can afford. H blames himself of not doing the job, but Lito assures him that Hernando is doing what he loves. Daniella runs over and says that they can all fit in the tub. After a moment, Hernando, figures that it must be meant for them.

Min Jung takes Sun to an apartment and the woman owning it, Mrs. Oho, opens the door. She and Min Jung hug, and Min Jung ushers Sun in.

Will and Riley goes to a train station to meet with Jonas for an hour. Jonas mentally contacts Will from the lab, and Will says that eventually someone would hold Whispers accountable. The older Sense8 explains that he picked the train station for their meeting and shows Will a mental image of the older train station. He explains that when he was younger, he arrived on the train and saw his cluster father, the man who "birthed" Jonas' cluster. The father died of cancer, surrounded by all of his 80 "children." The fact that a cluster member of either gender can give birth to another Sense8 at any time in their lives is what terrifies the BPO.

Nomi and the others arrive, and Jonas says there are potentially thousands of Sense8s, and their numbers are growing due to epigenetic factors. it's genetic but a Sense8 can't be born. Jonas explains that he's the last of his cluster mostly due to BPO, and he met Angelica when he came back to the train station. Once Sense8, Todd, hated what he was after Angelica gave "birth" to him. One b one Jonas' cluster mates disappeared. The last one was Raoul Pasquale, and Lito remembers him from an interview years ago. Angelica went to Chicago to find him, and that's when she started working for Whispers.

Guards come into the lab to secure Jonas, and Will says that the BPO is going through some kind of internal struggle. Jonas says that Croome could answer it better than them, but warns them not to trust him. The guards drug Jonas, breaking the connection.

The next morning, Mrs. Oho makes breakfast and talks about how her husband killed himself due to owing a casino debts, and then she was in debt to them. They used her as a drug mule but on her tenth trip, the police arrested her and that's how she met Min Jung. When she was released, her son hardly knew her and was ashamed of his drug-smuggling mother. Min Jung assures her that someday the son will understand.

Will goes to a museum and meet with Croome. Croome talks about a Rembrandt painting that he's admiring, and explains that the people who commissioned it slashed off the bottom and sides. He explains that how they see and hear changes, Croome says that their senses, including their common sense, are evolving, and he thinks it's because of Sense8s. He warns that not everyone in BPO thinks like he does, Ruth el-Saadawi founded BPO in the early 60s, and Ruth believed that sapiens and sensorium needed each other to survive. After 9/11, the end of the Cold War mutated into the War on Terror and Sense8s are a threat to secret and sovereignty. Croome says that he and like-minded individuals like him believe that they can change the direction of the BPO back to Ruth's vision. Croome wants time and trust, and gives him a bottle of the psi-blockers that Whispers took. The man says that he hopes it's a down payment for a better future for both of them, and Will takes them.

As the two men shake, a woman comes in under Whispers' control. She kills Croome with a paintbrush handle to the neck, and attacks Will. Will knocks her to the ground, but Whispers forces her to kill herself.

Written by Gadfly on May 6, 2017

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