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Man from Cimarron Recap

Cimarron greets Corky and the boy helps him untangle harness straps. The old man talks about the town of Bootsville down in the Cimarron, where Cimarron got the name "Cimarron Kid.' Cimarron talks about how the mayor called him in to clean up the town. He has Corky toss a half-dollar up into the air so he can shoot it, and hits a lamp near Joey by accident.

Tim and Joey come over, and Cimarron assures them that he wouldn't have hurt Corky. Corky takes the blame, and Tim asks for Cimarro's gun. Cimarron refuses, but Corky convinces him to and Tim sends the man into town with Corky going along.

When Cimarron and Corky arrive in town, Cimarron goes to get some hides and sends Corky to get some soda pop. Meanwhile, a gang rides into town and dismounts in front of the bag. Cimarron collects the hides and puts them in the wagon, and as he comes out on the street he bumps into one of the robbers. The old man pulls down the robber's bandanna and gets a look at his face, and the robber shoves him away and rides off with the others as the bank manages yells for help. Cimarron is lying in the alleyway and Corky runs up and makes sure that his friend is okay.

Later back at the circus, Cimarron tells Tim that it's his fault because the robbers escaped because Tim took his revolver. The sheriff arrives and Cimarron says that he yanked off the robber's bandanna to get a look at his face. When Cimarron describes the man, the sheriff says that the man, Duke Weaver, is in jail. He admits that he didn't get all of them, but he figures once they put Duke away he'll tell them where the others are. Everyone congratulates Cimarron, and Cimarron tells the sheriff that he'll be glad to testify at Duke's trial.

That night before the show, Corky tells Joey that he's going to help Cimarron mend harnesses instead Instead of watch the show. Cimarron tells Corky more tall tales about his exploits, When Corkey starts to question one of Cimarron's stories, Cimarron says that he has to put the harnesses away and tells Corky that he'll see him in the morning.

As Cimarron delivers the harnesses, the robbers grab him and tell him to stay quiet and come with them. Corky is with Bimbo and sees them, and Cimarron breaks away and hides while Corky tells Bimbo to attack. The robbers run when the elephant charges them. When the sheriff arrives, he tells Corky that he did a fine job. He tells them that the trial is in two days and he wants Cimarron under guard.

The next day, a man named Jenks arrives and tells Pete that he's a federal marshal working with the sheriff. Pete lets him into the wagon where Cimarron is and Jenks draws a gun on him. Jenks tells Cimarron that if he identifies Duke then they'll kill him. Cimarron assures Jenks that he's already forgotten what Duke looks like, and Jenks tells him to collect his payoff at the saloon after the trial.

The next day at the trial, the prosecutor calls Cimarron to the stand. Cimarron gives his legal name--Meshach Abernathy the Third--and testifies that he saw a man with a gun and saddlebags. The prosecutor asks him to identify Duke, and Cimarron says that Duke wasn't the man.

Later outside the courtroom, Tim and Pete give Cimarron the cold shoulder. Corky does as well and the men take him back to the circus. Later, the workers tear down the tent and Cimarron asks Joey how Corky is. Joey tells Cimarron that Corky thought he had a hero to worship. Cimarron hears Pete saying that he smells someone yellow, and asks Tim if Tim wants him to leave. Tim tells him that if he's staying then he doesn't want to hear any more of his stories about how brave he is.

Cimarron goes to Corky's house to tell him what happened, but Corky doesn't want to hear it. The old man says that he figures they're not going to see each other anymore and he just came back to say goodbye. Cimarron says that he's going to get his gun and then things will be different, and claims that he was just setting up the whole gang. Corky doesn't believe him, and Cimarron says that he's going to the saloon and bring them all in.

Joey comes in and reminds Corky that he tried to warn him about hero worshipping. However, he tells Corky that Cimarron isn't as bad a man as Corky thinks, and Cimarron is just a human being. Corky tells him what Cimarron said.

Once he gets his gun, Cimarron enters the saloon. Jenks tries to pay him his money--$2--and Cimarron says that he just wants a pen and paper. He draws his gun on them and says that Duke is going write his confession. When one of the robbers, Jake, goes for his gun, Cimarron shoots the bottle next to him and fires a warning shot at Duke. Duke writes it out but then flips the table on Cimarron and goes for his gun. He shoots Cimarron in the back as the old man tries to run. The sheriff arrives with Pete, Joey, and Corky. While the sheriff shoots Duke in the arm, Pete tosses a barrel at Jenks and Jake , knocking them out.

Corky runs to Cimarron, who gives Corky the confession to give to the sheriff and collapses. Tim comes over and confirms that Cimarron only has a scratch, and Cimarron laughs as Corky hugs him.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2017

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