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Polyphony Recap

After Will knocks out the art student Whispers is controlling, he confirms that Croome is dead. Police whispers sound and Nomi figures that it's set up because a police report was filed before the art student attacked. Riley arrives at the museum physically and Will tries to walk out. Two guards try to stop him and Sun knocks them out. Will then goes to the lobby and Lito creates a distraction in Riley's body, fake-screaming a panic attack. While the guards are distracted, Will slips by and meets Riley in the street.

The cluster tells Will to leave the city, and Will takes out the psi-blockers that Croome gave him. He figures that he can use them to stop Whispers from tracking him, but his clustermates figure he should test them first and Will agrees. Nomi wonders how Whispers got out, and they figure someone else cleared Whispers. She figures that Croome must have had allies within BPO. Wolfgang arrives and apologizes for not being there earlier, and says that he met Lila and she's like them. Nomi and Amanita wonder if Lila's BPO has managed to stay clear of BPO, or is working for them. Wolfgang insists that he'll be fine, and has Nomi run a check on her. Bug wonders what's going on, and tells Nomi that he can trust her whatever it is. Her clustermates leave it up to her to decide if she can tell Bug the truth.

Later, Sun is performing a kata on the building roof.

Rajan and Kala go to an art museum.

Wolfgang and Felix drink at Felix's new club.

Rajan goes over to talk to a minister. As Kala looks at a collection, a man named Ajay Kapoor comes over and chats with her about the mysteries of art. He introduces himself and Rajan comes over to greet his friend. Ajay apologies for missing their wedding, and Kala excuses herself to go to the restroom.

Wolfgang goes to the restroom and sees Kala. When he She asks why it can't be between them like it was between them in the temple and the cafe, and he says that she deserves to be happy. Lila projects herself into Wolfgang's consciousness, and she realizes that someone is there mentally with Wolfgang who can't see her. She suggests that it could be fun, while Kala wonders if she's only pretending to be a good person. Wolfgang starts to kiss her, but two of Kala's friends come into the bathroom on Kala's side of the conversation, interrupting them. They ask what she thinks of Ajay.

Lila realizes that Kala is gone, and they switch to the car she's in. She says that she was waiting and Wolfgang asks who for. Lila irritably says that they've become serious, and he realizes that she's connected to BPO. The woman admits that her cluster made a deal with BPO, and she gets what she wants... and she wants everything. A car pulls out and Lila follows it.

Nomi and Amanita tell Bug everything, He's cool with it, and they ask him not to talk about it publicly. Bug goes downstairs to his room, falling down the stairs, and Nomi wonders if they made a mistake.

That night, Min Jung joins Sun on the roof. Sun thanks her for saving her life, and Min figures that Sun's brother must be afraid of her to have her killed. The older woman admits that she likes Sun because she is soft on the inside, and warns her not to lose her heart getting her revenge.

At Amanita's bookstore in Sa Francisco two writers talk about polyphony. Amanita is there, and Nomi is at Bug's boat watching their session online.

In Nairobi, Capheus drives his bus down the street and parks. Zakia arrives and Capheus comes out to see her. She says that their interview has had over a million views, and her boss wants to do a follow-up story on Capheus.

Kala and her mother-in-law go to the temple of Ganesha where Mahendra was attacked while she watched.

Capheus and Jela drive down the street with Zakia on-board, and come to a crowd of demonstrators at a water truck. A man tells Capheus that the water seller raised the water prices again and most people can't afford it.

Protestors are gathering at the temple after the anti-idolatry bill was passed. Their leader, Guru Yash, was arrested on Mahendra's orders to maintain public peace. One man addresses the crowd, saying that there is no middle ground: they must either stop their oppressors or see their country destroyed.

Capheus makes his way to the truck and the seller recognizes him. He tells Capheus that water is a commodity, and every commodity has a price.

After the bookstore closes, Amanita goes to her motorcycle and sees Bendix watching her from his car. She warns Nomi and says that she's going to lose him, and takes off. Bendix follows her.

People in the crowd recognize Kala as Mahendra's daughter-in-law and turn on her, calling her the devil.

The crowd around Capheus breaks out into violence. He, Kala, and Nomi start sharing, all surrounded by violence. Capheus picks up a baby after its mother is knocked over by the crowd. The security guards get Kala away. The seller turns the water on for the crowd. Amanita manages to lose Bendix and returns to Bug's boat. She realizes that something happened to the cluster, and Nomi explains that other things happened to her clustermates but she was mostly worried about Amanita. They agree that they're going a little crazy on the boat and hug.

Riley goes to the black market supplier chemist Vincent she's approached to analyze the psi-blockers. He's called in an expert, Puck, who says that the blockers would block empathic synaptic connections. Riley asks him to run some basic reactivity tests to her blood, and Puck goes to get a syringe. The cluster merges in, and Vincent tells Riley that he's missed her. He takes Riley's hand, and Lito suggests that Vincent was Riley's lover. Vincent tells Riley that he knows she's in trouble and asks if he can help, and Riley turns down his offer.

Puck returns and asks if Riley is doing a show in Amsterdam, and Vincent says that he hopes she is. He offers to publicize a show on Periscope, and Riley's clustermates warn against it.

Zakia interviews Capheus on the air and points out that grassroots activism runs in his family. Capheus talks about how his father was killed during a riot, and asks about Capheus' desire for social justice. Zakia rolls a tape of the riot and Capheus saving the baby, and says that Capheus defused the incident. Capheus talks about how people need water, and that the politicians have failed to take them where they want to go.

Kala arrives at her penthouse and finds a security man, Vikram, with a machine gun. He explains that he's in charge of keeping her family safe, Vikram takes her up and finds Rajan with Agent Singh of the National Intelligence Bureau. Mahendra has received several death threats, and they intercepted a crude bomb. The government is providing round-the-clock security.

Lito arranges goes to see Raoul's father Senor Pasquale while remembering when he met Raoul years ago. The actor says that he knew Raoul and the reporter interviewed him years ago. Senor Pasquale takes Lito into his home and talks about how they were journalists and the truth was not a thing to be hidden. He asks if Lito and Raoul were lovers, and Lito remembers he and Raoul kissing. Lito admits that they were, and Will takes over to ask how Raoul disappeared, and Senor Pasquale says that Raoul went to Chicago to track down what he claimed was the biggest story of the decade.

Two policemen come to Mrs. Cho's apartment and knock on the door. Sun and Min hide in the next room.

Senor Pasquale takes Lito to Raoul's old room and shows him photos that Raoul took of a cabin. Nomi and Will figure that they need to learn where the photos were taken, and Senor Pasquale says that the cabin was somewhere in California. Nomi has Lito take pictures of the pictures and send them to her... and Angelica is in several. Senor Pasquale says that Raoul claimed that Angelica was important to his story. When Raoul disappeared, the police claimed that he was involve din drugs and came to the house. Senor Pasquale figures that they were lying and looking for something and didn't find it. He then takes out a CHS tape from a secret cubbyhole behind a poster of Lito.

Mrs. Cho answers the door and the lead policeman introduces himself as Detective Mun. He explains that a neighbor found prison uniforms in her garbage bag and don't buy Cho's innocent old woman act. She refuses to let them search her apartment without a warrant, and Mun knows that Min and Cho used to be cellmates. Cho says that they did stay there but left the night before, and invites Mun and his partner to search the place.

Senor Pasquale plays the video and admits to Lito that he watched it but doesn't understand what it means. Will, Nomi, and Riley watch as the tape shows Kolovi and Whispers examining Todd in a lab. Whispers puts on a helmet hooked up to Todd's brain. Todd goes into convulsions as Whispers concentrates, and then Whispers makes Todd write out his own name. Lito tells Senor Pasquale that the men are the ones who are responsible for Raoul's disappearance. Senor Pasquale explains that he showed a picture of Raoul to Kolovi, and Kolovi denied knowing him but Senor Pasquale didn't believe him. He last spoke to Raoul just before he disappeared,

Senor Pasquale receives a call but no one answers at first. Somewhere, Angelica holds a phone to Raoul, but the dying Raoul can't speak. Senor Pasquale tells his son that he loves him and Angelica hangs up the phone..

The older man says that he hopes Lito can put Raoul's memory to rest.

Mun and his partner search the apartment and Sun knocks out the partner and runs. She runs up to the roof and Mun goes after her. He fires warning shots and she stops. When Mun comes over and tries to handcuff her, Sun tosses him to the floor. He fights back and finally manages to pin Sun. He asks who she is, and Sun breaks free and continues her attack. As Sun pins Mun to the floor, she realizes that she's the boy that she fought and her first lover from years ago. Mun realizes who Sun is, and Sun knocks him unconscious.

When Sun goes back to Cho's apartment, she tells Min that they should go. Min says that she will only slow Sun down, and there's nothing more that they can do to her. Sun says that she needs her, and Min tells her and her imaginary friends to go clear Sun's name. She and Cho both tell Sun to punch her brother a few times for them, and Min tells Sun to visit her when she's free. Sun says that she will and they hug.

As Will sleeps, he dreams of Jonas and Angelica talking with their cluster and discussing how "they" want to sterilize them and it's voluntary... for now. Nomi shares with him, and Will tells her that it's a memory. They see Angelica telling Jonas that she needs his courage, not his tears, and she's going to Chicago despite the danger.

The BPO technicians take Jonas to a lab, and Angelica begs Will to help Jonas. Riley wakes up, and Jonas tells them that they're going to kill him and BPO wants him to send Will and the cluster a message. Angelica is there with Jonas and assures him that she's there, and Jonas' memories flash through his mind as the technicians cut into his skull.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2017

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