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Fear Never Fixed Anything Recap

Nomi sits on the shore mourning Jonas' death. Her clustermates merge with her and they all mourn Jonas' death, and they wonder what they do.

The next day, Koman Nyagah, the head of the Kenyan Democratic Reform Party, arrives to see Capheus with two of his committee members. They ask Capheus to help them fight against the corrupt political system by running for office. Capheus assumes that it's a joke at first, but they insist that with his help they can achieve some meaningful change. He points out that they know nothing about Kibera, and asks them to leave. As Koman goes, he tells Capheus that he doesn't need to be from there to see the unfairness and injustice. When Capheus says that he's no politician, they say that they need a leader, not a politician.

Sun goes to her teacher's home and her dog runs to greet her. She hugs her dog and after a moment hugs her teacher as well.

Kala visits her father's restaurant and he has her sample his new recipe. Sanyam realizes that she's distracted, but Kala says that everything is perfect. He points out that she now has a bodyguard, but Kala insists that it's a small price to pay for her good fortune.

Nomi and Amanita examine the photos that Lito sent them. Amanita discovers that Angelica's equipment is manufactured by Abrasax Electronics, and they're still supplying equipment to the R&D lab at the University of Chicago. They figure that Angelica took the cabin research with her to Whispers and Kolovi. Bug runs in and says that he's worked out a way to fake their deaths and throw Bendix off their trail. He assures them that E-Death exists, and he's reached out to someone who can do it. Bug agrees to set it up for them.

Kala talks with Sanyam and worries if she'll ever just feel happy. Sanyam talks about how she received a special doll for her birthday, and disregarded all of the other presents. He tells Kala that as adults they learn to open the rest of the presents and pretend that they are all equally important to them even when their hearts know the truth. Kala warns Sanyam that there are times when the truth can cause people to feel unhappy or disappointed or hurt, and Sanyam admits that sometimes it happens.

Sanyam wakes up when her dog licks her. She takes a shower and her teacher serves her a meal.

Capheus drives the Van Damn to the NTV studio HQ and tells his passengers that they are taking a 15-minute break. He puts on a jacket and goes inside, and asks for directions to the studio.

Sun watches the news, which shows a reporter asking Joong-Ki for a comment about the fact Sun killed three more people. He puts on a show of grief and asks Sun to do the right thing and turn herself in. Sun smashes the TV with her fist, and her teacher admits that if she hadn't then he woudl have. He says that it's time to get her back where she belongs.

When Capheus enters the studio reception area, he asks to see Zakia. Her male co-workers recognize him and assume that Zakia "invented" him. They joke about his "antique" jacket, and they finally tell him that rumor has it that Zakia likes girls and it was a huge scandal for the family. The receptionist tells Capheus that Zakia is in meetings all day, and Capheus leaves without giving a message.

Sun and her teacher spar and he's impressed with how she's improved since she went to prison. He asks if she has a plan, and Sun says that she has an enemy... and won't stop until he's dead.

Whispers connects with Will and wakes him up. Riley wakes up and Will tells her that Whispers is there. As she gets the blockers, Whispers tells Will that he won't need them because his position in the organization is more secure than ever. Will merges with Whispers in London, and Whispers admires the style of a nearby building. He explains that it was created in response to the Black Plague, and he's trying to engineer a future with Homo sapiens. Will points out that he killed Sara, and Whispers doesn't remember her but says that certain sacrifices are necessary, and Angelica understood that. Will wonders why she killed herself, and Whispers says that sometimes people break under the full weight of the truth... and Angelica broke just like one of them might break. He says that Will knows about that from watching his father Mike break and become an alcoholic. Will takes a swing at him, and finds himself back in the loft with Riley.

Kala and her families have dinner, and Manendra insists that the extremists won't be happy until they drag the world back to the Dark Ages. He asks if Sanyam understands the extremists, and insists that they only speak violence. Sanyam suggests that maybe that was the language that was taught to them, and Sanyam insists that anyone who kills should be tried... including the president. He asks Manendra why the distribution of wealth remains the same since the English have left. The others try to change the conversation, but Manendra says that not everyone was to be a great leader... or a great cook. Samyan tells Manendra that inheriting a fortune was his destiny, and Rajan excuses himself to attend a meeting and leaves with Kala.

Lito, Hernando, and Dani review Lito's script offers, but they're all for a gay actor and are stereotypical roles. The actor figures that his career is over and his fans have abandoned hi. Hernando finds a letter offering an all-expenses-paid trip to San Paulo... to be the grandmaster of the Gay Pride Parade. Dani and Hernando both figure it's a great idea to go, but Lito figures that he has been typecast because of who he is and even worst is facing the idea that there may be no way out of it.

Bug takes Nomi and Amanita to a theater playing one of Lito's movies. She explains that Lito is a member of her cluster, impressing Bug. Lito merges in and Nomi tells Bug to tell Lito himself. Bug talks to thin hair telling Lito that it's a major honor. Bug recites the dialogue with the film, and everyone in the audience applauds the scene.

Kala finds Rajan meeting with Ajay. Rajan explains that Ajay is laying out the plans for a new tower, and she says that she texted him. Once Ajay leaves, Kala says that she's finding some inconsistencies in the company between the drug samples and the qualities reports. Rajan dismisses it as unimportant and says that what matters is that they ship on time and he's depending on her to do that.

Bug's guy speaks up from behind them. He's wearing a Guy Fawkes anarchy mask and tells them that he's been watching Nomi for a while. The Guy looked into Nomi's problems anonymously, and knows that she's a Sensate. He also knows about BPO, and says that they're another secret security organization that needs to be taken down. All The Guy's organization can offer her is E-Death, but says that they'll ask her for something to do something virtuous in the future. The audience applauds and when Nomi turns back, The Guy is gone but has left her a flash drive.

Sebastian calls Wolfgang to a meeting, but Wolfgang arrives and discovers that a naked Lila is the only one there. She admits that she faked the call and merges him to her bathroom where she's in the tub. Wolfgang knows that she's following Volker, and Lila admits that Sebastian is going after the other kings. She plans to make sure that it works out for her... and possibly Wolfgang. Wolfgang says that he isn't interested, but Lila insists that they need each other. He tells her that he doesn't need anyone and walks out.

Mun comes to the teacher's house and identifies himself. he says that he hopes to keep Sun alive, and The teacher lets him in to talk. Mun explains that he fought Sun once under a different name, and the teacher admits that Sun's father didn't approve of a woman fighting. Mun explains that he was cocky and Sun easily defeated him, and he became a better fighter for it. He asks the teacher if he thinks that Sun has done all of the things that she's accused of. The teacher says that the person he knows is not the same person discussed on the TV. Sun listens from hiding as Mun says that the security cameras in the prison were out on the night that Sun escaped, and the guards who took her out were not from the prison. The detective notices that the tea is still warm, and tells the teacher that Sun needs a friend because she can't do what she's doing alone. He leaves his card and goes.

Back at the house boat, Bug plugs in the flash drive and activates the E-Death program. Every police report on Nomi disappears, and a message from "We the Dead" comes up welcoming Nomi.

Lito and the cluster go back to the bar where Lito met the bartender, and orders tequila. The bartender says that he was so impressed by Lito's fearlessness on his last visit that he proposed to his boyfriend Pepe and they got married. They've had the best year of their lives, and they wouldn't have had it without Lito's kiss. Once the bartender goes to Pepe, Lito looks at the invitation. Will figures that nothing changes if they play it safe. He points out that Whispers has turned him into a fugitive, and fugitives run because they're alone. Will tells his clustermates that BPO has so many resources because there's more going on than they thought, and they need to find them.

Riley calls Vincent and tells him to set up her DJ performance. Kala wonders if it's dangerous exposing themselves, and Lito doesn't trust Vincent because Vincent didn't like his movies. Sun figures that they can't win a fight protecting themselves. Nomi tells her that either her life is defined by the system or how she defines it. Wolfgang says that fear never fixed anything. They share a drink to courage.

Riley arrives at the performance as Riley Blue. Will accompanies her mentally, and first she tells the crowd that someone reminded her to look up. She look at Will physically in the crowd and says that she wants to thank that someone and she loves him, and as long as they're together there's nothing that they can't do. Her clustermates join her mentally as Riley starts her show. Sensates in the crowd--including Puck--watch Riley. One of them, Mr. Hoy, makes eye contact with Riley and then mentally appears on stage with her. He stares at the crowd in shock and quickly leaves,

Whispers appears to Will and says that it was careless. He tells him that it was amazing, as Vincent receives word that the cops are coming. Will shows Whispers the bottle of psi-blockers and tells him that it was amazing, as Vincent gets Riley out as the cops arrive. Whispers is with them and directs the men outside, but Riley and Will board a waiting boat and leave, waving to Whispers as he just misses them.

Written by Gadfly on May 13, 2017

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