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The Final Battle, Part 1 Recap

The Enchanted Forest: A Time of Great Upheaval

A man runs through the forest and something flies after him. Finally taking refuge in a cabin, the man wakes up his daughter and tells her that they found him. He says that he'll delay them and give her time to escape, but his daughter refuses to leave him. Her father says that she has to keep the book safe. She confirms that she has the storybook, and he says that it's the realm's only chance of defeating the darkness. When she wonders who will believe it, her father tells her that one day someone will. He kisses her and she runs as his pursuer smashes in through the door and attacks him.


The Black Fairy's curse sweeps through Storybrooke, and Emma assures her new husband Hook that wherever they end up, they'll win.

Henry wakes up on a rooftop and soon looks down. He realizes that he's in Storybrooke, He goes down and finds Archie, who has no memory of the Back Fairy or her curse. Archie says that he thought they were all past it, and asks if they need to schedule another appointment. Henry asks where Emma is, and Archie says that she's in the same place that she's been for the last two years.

Emma is at the mental hospital painting a swan. Nurse Ratched tells her that Henry is there to see her, and takes Emma there. Emma remembers him and Henry says that he couldn't find the rest of his family. When he describes Hook and the others, Emma says that she's gone too far to throw away her progress. They sit down and she explains that none of them are real and there's no curse, and Storybrooke is a regular town. Emma insists that she's getting better, and she ended up in the mental hospital because she once believed all of that. She doesn't believe what Henry is saying, and hopes to get better so she can be Henry's mother again. Henry prods her into explaining what she remembers happened, and Emma tells him that he ate a poisoned apple turnover and was in the hospital for weeks. When Henry tells her what really happened, Emma orders him to stop and says that it's all crazy

When Ratched brings over some medicine, Henry takes it away and says it might be how the Fairy is keeping Emma from remembering. He shows her the drawing of the hieroglyphs and says that it might be the key to her remembering, but Emma slams the Book shut and says that his mother might stop letting him visit Emma. When Henry wonders if Regina is there, the Fairy--Fiona--comes in and Emma calls her as Mayor. Fiona assures Emma that it's okay and tells Henry that he should be at school. She notices the Book and takes it, saying nothing but trouble has come from it. Fiona tells her to go to school while she discusses some business with Emma. As Henry goes, he whispers to Emma to not do whatever Fiona wants her to do. Once they're alone, Fiona tells Emma to take her medicine and she does.

David, Mary Margaret, Hook, and Regina wake up in the Charmings' palace in the Enchanted Forest They remember everything, and Hook calls to Emma. Regina calls to Henry but gets no response, and Snow assures her that curses have never stopped them before.

When Archie arrives, Emma insists to him and Fiona that she's fie. As they take her back to her room, she says that they know what it's really about: Henry. Archie tells her that Emma has been recovering, and Fiona says that Emma might soon be eligible for a release. And go back to Boston. She tells her that Henry is still clinging to the delusion that the stories are real, and then blames Emma for Henry's delusions. Both Emma and Archie object, and Fiona suggests that they use the Book to cure her. She wants Emma to burn it to show that she has truly embrace reality, and then Henry will as well. Emma refuses to destroy it and crush Henry's believes, and Fiona says that's the point. After a moment, Emma says that she's not ready for it and Fiona promises that soon she will be. Until then, Archie will hold onto the book.

Regina and the others watch through Regina's magic mirror, and Regina tells them that it's the Final Battle. Mary Margaret realizes that it's the final battle for Emma's soul. Zelena arrives with one of the Mad Hatter's hats, and says that she used it to escape Oz. She transports them back to the portals within the hat and shows them what they're running from: nothingness. Regina realizes that as the Savior's belief fades, all of the realms of story fade as well. Some of the remaining portals fade into oblivion as well... and everyone in them.

Fiona goes to the pawnshop, now owned by Gold and Gideon. She goes in with a picnic lunch and finds father and son together, and asks Gideon to fix her watch. Once Gideon takes the lunch into the next room, Fiona says that she feels a need to go into the void after Gideon has lost his mother. Gold admits that it's hard thinking of Belle on their anniversary, given what happened. Fiona says that she'll back for the watch later, and tells Gold that if there's anything she can do, he should ask.

Back at the palace, Regina and the others go and find the refugees waiting there. Aladdin and Jasmine are there, and says that they barely got the people of Agrabah out. The others explain what is happening, and Zelena notes that they can't make a portal to a land without magic. Hook suggests that he has a theory, but Regina says that they need magic. She teleports everyone to her castle and insists that she's getting Henry and Emma back. As she goes to her chambers, Hook walks away.

In her hospital room, Emma is exercising when Henry visits her. He explains that he stole Archie's key card and they're going to escape. Emma reluctantly goes with him.

Hook goes to the beanstalk and David follows him. The pirate figures that there's a magic bean at the top, but David warns that he could get killed. Hook says that he scaled t before with Emma, and the two of them fought for their love and they won. He figures that David would understand it, and says that he's going to do whatever it takes rather than lose Emma. David agrees to go with him and they start climbing.

Henry takes Emma to the rooftop where she was married and says that it was the last place that she remembered her real life. He explains that she married Hook and describes everything that happened. Emma has flashes of Hook and the wedding, but tells Henry that her brain isn't trustworthy after years in a mental hospital. Henry tells his mother that she can't give in and has to fight, and Storybrooke is her home. Emma promises to leave for a while and come back for him, and Henry agrees but asks her to wait until after dark. He'll get her car keys from Archie, and assures Emma that he'll always help her. Henry tells her to wait there until he comes back.

At the pawnshop, Gold goes through his things looking for Belle's book. He finally finds it and reads the inscription to Gideon. Gold then shows it to Gideon and says that Belle wanted him to have it. Gideon insists that Fiona has been more of a mother to him than Belle ever was, and Gold asks him what he remembers. His son says that when he was a baby, Belle told Gold that she was going to the store but never came back. When Gold tries to tell him the truth, Gideon insists that Belle abandoned them. He tells his father that they don't need her to have a happy life, and Gold refuses to see it. Gold tells him that Belle loved her and would always want to be part of his life, but Gideon tells him to leave it alone and walks away.

Regina and Zelena make a potion and Regina realizes that all of her things are gone. The Evil Queen comes in and is surprised to see Regina. When Regina says that it's the Evil Queen's castle, the Evil Queen says that everyone in the wish realm thinks that she murdered Snow and Charming. The residents want her dead, so she returned to her castle. As for Robin, he's out with Friar Tuck. They now steal from the rich and give to the poor... mostly. Regina tells her what happened, piquing the Evil Queen's interest.

In Storybrooke, Fiona receives a call that Emma has escaped.

Henry breaks into Archie's office and finds Emma's car keys. He also finds the Book, just as Fiona comes in and tells him that they both know who she really is. She tells Henry that he's much more useful getting her to break Emma's belief. He insists that Emma is strong and there's nothing Fiona can do to stop it, and Fiona concedes the point... and knocks him down the stairs using magic.

The EMTs take Henry to the ambulance, and Gold comes out. Fiona claims that Henry fell down the stairs, Gold assures her that the boy will pull through. Gold asks her to reopen the investigation into Belle's disappearance, and Fiona advises him not to reopen new wounds. He figures that Gideon is hurting inside and needs to know the truth, and insists that Belle wouldn't abandon Gideon for no reason. Fiona asks Gold to come with her.

Hook and David reach the palace at the top of the beanstalk. The pirate figures that some of the giants stayed, and the two men start to climb up the table. Hook tells David that it has to be him because Emma is his wife, and David agrees to trust his son-in-law. He helps Hook up to the table, and Hook finally locates the bean under a glass dome. He breaks the glass with a giant knife and gets the bean, just as something arrives. Hook leaps off the table and a dragon flies in. they run and it chases them, breathing fire.

In her car, Fiona tells Gold that the police did find evidence of what happened to Belle. She shows him photos of Belle around the world, and says that she wanted to spare Gold and Gideon the heartbreak. Fiona says that Gold is the one who caused Gideon pain by not being the man Belle wanted him to be, and Gold should accept that and move on. Gold thanks her for everything, saying that it was illuminating, and leaves. Once alone, Fiona looks at the Book she took from Henry and finds the paper with the hieroglyphs... and wonders what Henry knows.

Emma goes to the hospital to see Henry, who has a broken arm. He wakes up and Fiona comes in to say that he was trying to steal the Book and then had a nasty farm. Henry insists that Fiona is lying and wants to destroy Emma's belief, and Fiona shows Emma surveillance video of Henry apparently falling on his own. He tells Emma that Fiona used magic, and tells Emma to touch the book. Emma takes it from Fiona and nothing happens, and she tells him that it's real life. Fiona tells Emma that Henry may hurt himself worse the next time to make Emma believe his delusions, and Emma knows what she has to do. Henry asks Emma to believe in him, and Emma says that she has to do it because she loves him. He warns her that it's the Final Battle, but Emma and Fiona leave.

Hook and David climb down the beanstalk, as the entire land shakes as it starts to disappear.

Fiona leads Emma to the hospital furnace.

David sees something in the distance and tells Hook that they have a bigger problem than a dragon.

Fiona tells Emma to burn the Book, and Emma is the only one who can save their son. Emma tosses the Book into the fire.

A vast dark storm sweeps across the Enchanted Forest. Hook and David fall off the beanstalk.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2017

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