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Hey, I'm Solvin' Here! Recap

Angie goes to see Hornbein at the prison. She explains that the mystery killer, Calvin Sniglet, sent her a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Hornbein wants to hear how Angie is doing before he helps her. Angie insists that she's doing fine, but Hornbein wants to hear intimate personal things. She says that she and Jay broke up, and Hornbein points out that she has intimacy issues stemming from her childhood. Calvin can't make peace with his past, and Hornbein asks when Angie will come to peace with her past. He figures that her father cared for his stepmother more than he cared for Angie, and asks what happened at her eighth-grade dance. Hornbein tells her to check police bulletins in Manhattan, and to run along.

Back at the station, Angie finds Pritkin in his office with his date, Beth. Angie tells Pritkin that she has to go to NYC because a story has come off the New York wire about a missing middle-aged man. Pritkin doesn't see how it's any of their business, and Angie explains that she's developing an obsessive interest in the case. He refuses to let her go to New York, and Angie agrees... and says that she has to take the day off for a volleyball tournament, and Jay, Danny, and Monica have to go with her. Pritkin lets them all go.

The team soon arrives at the New York airport, and Jay warns that their careers are all on the line. Detective Jessie Goldstein of the NYPD arrives to pick them up. Angie explains that she thinks the disappearance of Anton Chekov made her think that it's the work of a serial killer. Jessie drops them off and Jay points out that they're in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel. She angrily tells them to get out of her car and says that Chekov was Russian Mob and it was a mob hit. The detectives have no choice but to get out. Angie figures that they're LA cops and they can handle it.

Later, Jay and Angie go to Louse House to talk to Masha Chekov, Anton's wife. She claims that she doesn't know anything about anything, and they take off their badges to reassure her. As Masha checks Angie for lice, she explains that the mob loved Anton. Anton wasn't a big-game hunter, and only killed people.

Later, Jay and Angie go to a musical and Jay figures that Anton isn't their man. Angie figures that if they leave NYC then Anton will be killed, and they wait for Danny and Hoffman to check out the taxi dispatch.

At the dispatch, Danny tells the dispatcher that Anton was last seen in one of their cabs. The dispatcher explains that it was found abandoned in Queens, and the driver has disappeared. Monica is with Danny and checks the cab. She's found two fibers and the original driver in the trunk. He hands her a button that she found and Monica tells Danny that Anton was wearing an overcoat with that type of button. The fingerprints they found match Calvin's, and Monica has found a vial of rhino horn.

They call Angie and tell her that Anton was taking rhino horn for his cancer. She and Jay go to the NYPD station and talk to the lieutenant in charge, Paddy Atkins. His cousin Pritkin works in the LAPD, and they explain that Calvin is responsible for Anton's disappearance. Jessie overhears them and insists that Anton was a mob hit. Angie explains that they found Sniglet's prints in Anton's taxi, but Jessie still doesn't believe her. Paddy tells Jessie to help them and to put them up in her apartment.

The four LA officers are soon sleeping in the bathroom at Jessie's apartment. Jessie goes over Facebook photos of Anton and his family, and glares at Jessie when she does the same.

The next morning, Jay wakes up. Danny explains that Angie and Jessie were both gone when he woke up.

Angie talks with Calvin's parents, who say that he was there for Christmas. Jessie also interviews them, asking the same questions. The wife, Martha, is Calvin's stepmother, and they haven't always seen eye-to-eye. The husband Larry explains that the first Mrs. Sniglet died when Calvin was six years old, and they shared a love of animals. They agree to call Angie if they hear from Calvin.

As the two detectives take a taxi back, Jessie admits that she's starting to like Angie's theory. She figures that until Angie catches Calvin, he's fair game. Larry calls Angie and says that Calvin's a good kid but like to kill people. He was bullied even when he was home-schooled, and suggests that Angie check out a bench in Central Park where he fed stray cats.

When Angie gets back to the station, she discovers that Pritkin is there. An earthquake has wiped out LA and they need every first-responded. Angie tells Jessie that they've got Calvin, and she doesn't know how to get to Central Park. Jessie has received a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the mail, and they go to Central Park. Everyone else takes up position, and Calvin calls Angie and says that he's around somewhere. He says that he released Anton into the wild so that he could hunt him down, and Angie explains that she spoke to his parents. Angie admits that her stepmom was also a B, and she understands what Calvin is going through. She tells him that she has been taking out her part on everyone in work, and Calvin says that he's seen Anton and is going after him.

Jessie sees Anton and goes to him. Calvin calls Angie back and tells her that she's too late, and Jessie discovers that "Anton" is a cow wearing Anton's clothing.

Later, Jessie drops the team off at the airport. She assures Angie that Anton wasn't really a great guy, and Angie remembers her stepmother taking his father to the mother-father dance. She figures that Calvin is protecting animals because he sees them as vulnerable, just like he was when she was a child. Angie tells Jessie to take it easy and quickly leaves.

Back in LA, Angie goes to her father's grave and places some flowers. However, she discovers that someone has placed a cardboard box with her father's name on it over a gravestone for a kitten.

Written by Gadfly on May 16, 2017

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