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Resist Recap

Lena Luthor wakes up in a large bed and finds Queen Rhea stroking her hair. Rhea claims that Supergirl tried to kill her, but Lena knows that Supergirl tried to save her. The Daxamite insists that she did what she had to do for her people, and for Lena as well. She insists that Lena is a marvel meant for better things, and she is going to make a society worthy of Lena. Rhea explains that together they will preside over the new world that they will create... together. Outside, the Daxamite spaceships bombard National City.

As the Daxamite ground forces quell any resistance, Rhea announces that they have come to bring the Earthlings a better way. As Maggie shoots her way out of the police station, Rhea says that she will be their queen and they will be her subjects. Maggie calls Alex at the DEO and confirms that she's okay, and Winn confirms that the Daxamites are teleporting down all over the city. Daxamites teleport into the DEO and Alex orders an evacuation. She then calls Supergirl, who is on her way. When Alex realizes that there's not enough time, she heads outside to meet her foster sister. She leaps off the balcony and Supergirl catches her.

A guard brings Mon-El to Rhea on the bridge, and she orders everyone out except for her son. Rhea says that Earth will be beautiful when they're finished with it, and explains that they will build great monuments to their way of life. Mon-El warns that the Earthlings are strong than she thinks, and Supergirl will defeat her. She tells Mon-El to future on their future, and she needs him to help unite the people of Daxam and Earth. Rhea informs her son that she has made an excellent choice of a mate for him: Lena.

The surviving DEO agents retreat to the alien bar with the comatose J'onn. James comes in and explains that the Daxamites are instituting their version of martial laws. Supergirl explains that Lena and Mon-El are aboard the mothership, and she's been unable to contact Superman. Maggie arrives and Alex hugs her, Lillian comes in and offers her services, and admits that she needs Supergirl's help and they need hers. Alex asks where her father is, and Lillian admits that she doesn't know. She wants to take down their common enemy, now that the alien invaders have come to claim their planet. They can either shoot her or she can work together and save their loved ones.

When Alex and James refuse to work with her, Lillian advises them not to let their pride get in the way of their objective. She admits that she needs their help to get on board, and asks them to work with her. Alex isn't interested and tells her to leave. Lillian tells Supergirl that she knows that they don’t trust them, but she needs Supergirl to save Lena. Supergirl tells her to go, and Lillian gives her a phone to reach her with if she changes her mind. James and Alex head back out on the streets, and Supergirl asks Alex how they're going to do it.

Rhea orders her soldiers to set up a blockade. President Marsdin calls and demands that Rhea abandon her siege of National City. When Rhea threatens to go after DC, Marsdin says that she's heading there via Air Force One.

Winn picks up Marsdin's transmission and they listen in as Marsdin promises that the militaries of Earth will unite against Rhea. Rhea orders her to stand down, and Marsdin orders her to leave. Cat walks into Marsdin's office and asks if they both want to be testosterone-driven windbags. Rhea is unimpressed and Cat tells her that her tiara is overkill. She figures that she can mediate peace between both sides, but Rhea ends the conversation.

Rhea has her flagship open fire on Air Force One. Cat falls out of the blasted-open hatch... and Supergirl catches her. She lands among the wreckage and Marsdin crawls out of the wreckage in her true alien form.

Supergirl takes Cat and Marsdin to the bar. Marsdin goes to the restroom to freshen up, and Cat asks what they have planned. Supergirl explains about the DEO, and Cat explains that she happened to be in DC when the Daxamites invaded. Marsdin was her RA at Radcliffe, and Cat hitched a ride with her. She remembers seeing Marsdin in her true form at their dorm, and tells the others that Marsdin is an alien. Marsdin comes out in her alien form and then changes to her human form. She assures them that she means them no harm, and Cat assures her that she loves her scales and all. Madeline Albright calls Cat and she steps aside to take the call.

Marsdin explains that she was born on a distant planet and they were wiped out when invaders attacked their planet. She asks them to keep her secret and they agree. Marsdin tells Alex that with J'onn out of commission, Alex is the acting director of the DEO. She orders her to break into the DEO, access the positronic cannon, and destroy the flagship. When Supergirl points out that they have two friends aboard it, Marsdin insists that the Daxamites have declared war on them.

Rhea meets with Mon-El and Lena, and tells Mon-El that they can make it hard or easy, but they will give her an heir. When Lena objects, Mon-El points out that his mother only needs their genetic materials. She already has taken genetic samples from Lena, and the wedding will legitimize Lena in the eyes of the Daxamite people. When Lena refuses, Rhea tells her that she will destroy the Luthor family children's hospital unless Lena cooperates. Lena and Mon-El agree, and Rhea assures them that eventually they will realize that they made the right choice.

Alex sends Marsdin back to DC, and Supergirl wonders if she plans to go through with Marsdin's orders. Her foster sister figures that J'onn would tell them to blow up the ship. Supergirl insists that there must be another way, and asks Alex what she would do if it was Maggie. Alex reminds her that they have orders, and Supergirl goes out to get some air.

Out in the alley, Supergirl finds Cat there. Cat thanks her for saving her life, and tells Supergirl that Winn told her who is in the flagship. Supergirl wonders if Marsdin and Alex are right, and she has to think of the greater good. If she lets them blow up the flagship then she'll lose her boyfriend and her best friend, and it would break her heart. When Supergirl says that she's selfish, Cat tells her that she left National City because she wasn't happy. She talks about her trip to the Himalayas, and how natives there are happy about the least little things. While there, she realized that the secret to happiness is human connection. Cat was missing the point: it's not about what you do but who you love. She tells Supergirl that there are two people that Supergirl loves trapped in an alien spaceship, and wanting to rescue them is everything. Supergirl agrees and says that she's missed getting Cat's advice, and flies up to the ship.

Supergirl flies to where Lillian Luthor and Henshaw are hiding and asks how they got aboard the Daxamite ship. She then takes them to where Alex and the others are hiding. Alex insists that they can't trust Cadmus, but Supergirl says that they have to try. Lillian explains that when Henshaw broke into the Fortress, he discovered that Superman has a Phantom Zone Projector. Henshaw figures that he can use it to get them onto the Daxamite spaceship, and they need Supergirl's access to the Projector. Alex points out that they can do it on their own, and Henshaw says that he can cybernetically interact with the Daxamite onboard computer system and pass through undetected. Then Alex will get control of the positronic cannon at the DEO, and they find Lena and Mon-el before she fires it at the ship. Winn points out that they'll need to distract Rhea, and Cat offers to help. She figures that it'll be dangerous, but she'll need Winn. Lillian points out that the Daxamites are vulnerable to lead, and they head out.

Henshaw admires the Daxamite technology that rendered J'onn unconscious. When Winn walks by, Henshaw grabs him by the arm, then lets him go and leaves. Alex admits to Supergirl that she'd do anything she could to rescue Maggie if she was on the ship, and tells her to get the prisoners before she has to open fire.

Later at the Fortress, Supergirl lets Lillian and Henshaw in. As Henshaw activates the Projector, Supergirl wonders why Lillian never told Lena her secret identity. Lillian figures that her daughter would figure it to eventually, and hate Supergirl for lying. She warns that once it's over, they'll go back to being enemies. Henshaw teleports them up to the Daxamite flagship.

On the flagship, a guard escort Lena to the bridge. Rhea tells her and Mon-El to join hands. They reluctantly do so, and Rhea begins the wedding ceremony.

Cat and Winn go to CatCo and Cat complains about James' free weights and sports paraphernalia in her office. Winn explains that James and Kara are hiding, and Cat says that she's ready.

Supergirl, Lillian, and Henshaw arrive on the flagship.

Alex breaks into the DEO via the HVAC system and gives Marsdin an updated report. Maggie is with her, and they head for the cannon.

Rhea is finishing the ceremony when Cat goes on the air. She tells the populace that they must resist the invaders with everything that they've got. She assures the people that the Daxamites are conning them, and have no idea who they're against. Cat tells humans and aliens alike to band together, be superheroes, and fight back. She finishes by telling Rhea that she has come to the wrong town. Rhea orders a squadron CatCo to kill Cat, and has the guards take Mon-El and Lena to their chamber.

Guards attack Supergirl and she fights her way through them. Henshaw hawks the ship's computer and finds Lena's heat signature. He leads them to her.

Mon-el orders the guard to lay down his arms. When he refuses, Mon-El attacks him and Lena finally shoots the guard with his own gun and walks out. Mon-El quickly follows.

Alex and Maggie sneak into the main room and open fire on the Daxamite guards. Marsdin tells Alex that they expect her to fire the cannon when ready, and Alex agrees.

The doors come down, sealing off Mon-El and Lena. Lena hacks the machinery to reveal more guards, and Supergirl knocks them out from behind. Lena is surprised that Lillian came with Supergirl, and Henshaw teleports himself and the Luthors off. Supergirl realizes that Lillian left them to die. In the Fortress, Lillian tells Henshaw to disable the Projector and then calls to tell Alex that they're clear of the ship. Lena tells Lillian to tell the Projector back on, and Lillian tells her that Supergirl and Mon-El are aliens and will die with their others of their kind.

Supergirl tells Mon-El that Winn rigged a device so they could beam back if Lillian betrayed them.

The Projector turns back on and Henshaw warns that he's not in control of himself before grabbing Lillian by the throat.

Supergirl tells Mon-El that she's staying to try and get Rhea to surrender. She says that what matters is that he's safe and kisses him, and Mon-El reluctantly teleports to the Fortress.

Winn congratulates Cat, just as the Daxamites guard in. They try to run but the guards surround them... and Guardian arrives and sprays them with lead dust to weaken them. He soon takes them down, and Cat addresses Guardian as James. She casually points out that she can see his eyes through the armor slot.

Mon-El arrives at the Fortress and tells Alex that Supergirl is still on the flagship. Marsdin orders Alex to fire and complete her mission, and Alex reaches for the trigger.

Supergirl reaches the bridge and tells Rhea that it's over. She talks about how when she was a child, she was told how terrible a place Daxam was. Supergirl didn't understand because they had families, and advises Rhea to save her people while she can. Rhea explains that she killed her husband when he opposed her, and Supergirl's speech means nothing. She admits that it is over... for Supergirl.

Before Alex can hit the trigger, a blast of heat vision destroys the cannon.

Superman arrives and punches Supergirl.

Written by Gadfly on May 16, 2017

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