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Who We Are Recap

At an auto repair shop, Mary washes off her bloody hands as a Hunter, Lester, lies dead nearby. Once she's done, Mary texts Ketch that she's done. He gives her the name of three more Hunters to kill... including Jody.

Sam, Dean, and Toni confirm that there's no way out of the sealed bunker. Dean suggests that they kill Toni to extend their air supply, and Toni tells them that she's the only one who can undo Mary's mental programming. The Winchesters agree to let her live--for now--and Toni says that the only way out is to pull the manual override. However, they can't reach it. Sam suggests that they check the occult lore to see if they can reverse the lockdown.

Day One

The trio goes through the book, and Sam finds a reference to the Abrogation ritual, which turns back complex mechanical ingredients. However, the mechanisms must be anointed with the blood of virgins. Toni assures them that she's not even close, and Sam suggests that they use a purification ritual on their blood. They cut their palms and donate the blood, and Sam performs the purification. Toni performs the Abrogation ritual, and the bunker shakes as it powers up. However, the generators shut down after a minute, and Toni realizes that Ketch anticipated them using magic and put a mystical dampener on the bunker.

Day Two

Dean suggests that they try brawn by breaking through an old sewer pipe. The brothers take pickaxes to the wall and finally take a break. Dean figures that they'll get through eventually, but Sam figures that they won't in time. The air is getting thin, and Sam wonders how everything happened. Dean says that he once thought that they had everything back. Now Castiel is gone and Mary is brainwashed. Sam blames himself for falling for what the British Hunters said, and he just followed because it was easier than leading. He asks Dean if that's how he pictured their end, and Dean says that he thought they'd go out in a blaze of glory. Thinking, Dean gets an idea.

Dean gets his grenade launcher, and Toni points out that he could bring down the entire bunker. Sam moves her out of the way and Dean fires the launcher at the weakened wall. When the smoke clears, Sam finds a steel wall behind the shattered concrete. He looks for Dean in the main room, and the generators come on. The vents pump air in, and a battered Dean comes out and greets his brother.

Mary drives to Jody's house and knocks at the door. She asks to come in.

After the brothers handcuff Toni in the Impala, they confirm that many of the Hunters are dead. Dean reaches Garth and tells him to watch out for the Brits. Sam calls Jody but gets no answer. They drive to her house and find blood on the floor. Jody and Alex are in the living room, and Jody points out the tied-up Mary.

Judy explains that Mary ambushed her once she was in the house. Alex came home, buying Jody enough time for Jody to knock Mary out. Mary taunts Jody when she tends to Dean's wounds, and Jody tells Dean that it's not his mother. Dean's mother asks if he's too different from the Mary he knew, or too much the same. Sam brings Toni in, and Mary says that Toni lied about reversing the programming. Toni admits that Mary's programming is permanent, and she lied to save her life. The "good" Mary is behind impenetrable psychic walls, and she can't be saved.

Dean prepares to shoot Toni, but Sam notices that Ketch keeps calling Mary's phone. When Dean prepares to take Toni outside to kill her anyway, she says that eventually the Brits will find out that the Winchesters are alive. If they don't run, they die. Sam suggests that they fight.

Several of the surviving Hunters arrive in response to Sam's call, including Walt and Roy. Sam explains that their people are being slaughter and they're next. The Brits came there because they thought they could hunt better than they could, and he didn't turn them down when the other Hunters did. He explains that the Brits want to control them, and have killed innocent people who got in the way. Sam tells them that they know that hunting is doing what's right even if it's hard, and the Brits want them dead because they can't control them. He asks the Hunters to follow him and hit the Brits before they hit them. Sam warns that some of them might not make it back, but they'll take down the bad guys because that’s what they do.

The other Hunters agree, and Jody tells everyone to gear up. Dean says that he's not going because his leg was injured in the blast, and tells Sam that he's ready for it. Sam wonders what he's going to do, and Dean says that he's going to find their real Mary underneath the programming. Jody sends Alex to a safehouse and promises to be careful. Alex tells her foster mother to kick it in the ass. Meanwhile, Dean hugs Sam and tells him to come back, and Sam promises that he will.

Once the others leave, Dean tells Toni to get him into Mary's head. She says that it's possible but she'll need to rig something up from the materials at hand.

Dr. Hess tells Ketch and the other Hunters that in Phase Two there are no restrictions. They are to kill any witnesses. Afterward, Ketch tells Paige to pull up Mary's location and keep it between them. Paige locates Mary in Lebanon at Jody's house, and Ketch leaves.

Dean doesn't want to let Toni out of her sight, but she points out that the Brits abandoned her. She tells Dean that she's on nobody's die but her own, and would like to see her son once the smoke clears. All Toni asks for is a head start, and Dean takes off her handcuffs.

The Brit hunters gear up and head out.

Toni connects Dean and Mary via electrodes, forming a psychic link. She injects Mary with a hypnotic sedative, and Dean handcuffs Toni to a chair. Toni injects him with the same drug, and Dean wakes up in a mental version of the old Winchester home in Kansas. He hears a baby crying and finds Sam in a crib in the living room. Mary tends to him and doesn't see Dean, and calls the young Dean to lunch. Young Dean sits at the table, and Dean tells Mary that they she needs to come with him. Mary still doesn't hear him.

The Hunters drive into the Brits' compound and smash through the gate. They take out the guards and Hess realizes that they have intrudes. She tells the brit hunters to kill them.

Dean tries to get through to Mary and grabs her arm. She hesitates momentarily but then walks away, and Dean realizes that she's choosing to stay there. Mary tells Young Dean that she'll never let anything bad happen to him, and Dean says that he hates her.

Sam and the other Hunters blast open the doors and toss in a smoke grenade. They go in shooting, covering each other and leapfrogging ahead. The Brits finally go down and the Hunters continue on.

Dean tells Mary that she lied to him when he was a kid, and she made a deal with Azazel to save John's life. Mary hesitates, and Dean tells her that Azazel came for Sam because of the deal. She walks past him, and Dean tells her that she left them alone because John was just a shell. Their perfect family was gone, and Dean had to be a father and a mother to Sam as well as a brother. He tells Mary that it wasn't fair and he couldn't do it, and they killed the girl Sam loved. Dean describes everything that happened to Sam since, and it was all because of Mary.

Toni continues monitoring Dean and Mary.

Dean tells Mary that he hates her... and he loves her. Crying, Dean admits that he can't help it because she's his mother. He understands because he's made deals to save the ones he loves, and forgives Mary for all of it. Dean says that they can start over once they get through it all, but he needs her to fight. He asks her to look at him and really see him, and Mary turns to look at him.

Ketch breaks the connection and Dean comes out of the link. He sees Toni, her throat cut, and Ketch attacks him.

The Hunters reach the control room and one of them kills Paige. Hess kills him.

Ketch tells Dean that it ends with him ending Dean. He attacks Dean, and beats him down. Ketch tells Dean that Mary said that she said nothing about Dean when they were together. Dean manages to throw Ketch into an end table.

As Hess goes to a safe room, Jody tries to stop her. Hess punches her and enters the room, and one of the Hunters works on the door lock.

Ketch hits Dean with a table leg and tries to choke him. Dean breaks Ketch's grip and hits him with the table leg. Ketch draws a gun and prepares to shoot Dean, but Mary shoots him in the shoulder. Ketch drops his gun and stares at Mary, shocked, and Dean kicks the gun way and goes to his mother. Ketch says that they're both killers, and Dean says that he's right. Mary shoots Ketch dead.

Hess contacts her superior and tells them to open a portal, but they tell her that they don't have the resources. Sam and the others break in, and Hess tells Sam that shooting her and severing all ties with the Brits would be a mistake. She tosses him a file, and Sam finds photos of Lucifer inside. Hess says that Lucifer is back thanks to Crowley, and Crowley is dead. Now Lucifer is looking for Kelly and Castiel, and if he gets his son then they’ll be unstoppable. The old Man on the computer tells Sam to listen to Hess, but Sam says pass and shoots out the computer. Hess goes for her gun and Jody shoots her in the head.

The surviving Hunters soon drive away, blowing up the HQ behind them.

Mary tries to clean up the bodies, and admits that it's all because of her. Dean tells her that it will be okay, and Mary says that she was trying to make things right from a distance. Being there with her sons and seeing what she had done to them was too hard. Dean tells her that her deal and everything since has made them who they are... and they kick ass. Mary wonders if Sam can forgive her. Sam comes in and overhears her, and they hug. After a moment, Dean hugs his mother and brother.

Written by Gadfly on May 19, 2017

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