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Sam and Dean try to escape the bunker after Ketch turns it into a deathtrap. Meanwhile, the brainwashed Mary goes after Jody and Alex, and Hess puts Phase Two of the Brit's plan into action.

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By Gadfly on May 19, 2017

At an auto repair shop, Mary washes off her bloody hands as a Hunter, Lester, lies dead nearby. Once she's done, Mary texts Ketch that she's done. He gives her the name of three more Hunters to kill... including Jody. Sam, Dean, and Toni confirm that there's no way out of the sealed bunker. Dean suggests that they kill Toni to extend their air supply, and Toni tells them that she's the only one who can undo Mary's mental programming. The Winchesters agree to let her live--for now--and Toni sa…

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