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All Along the Watchtower Recap

Castiel stands at the edge of a lake. After a moment he goes into a nearby house. Kelly is on the radio talking to a man, Sven, about the parts to the crib that he sent her. Castiel comes in and tells her that she needs to rest, but Kelly says that she doesn't know how long that she has left. She laments how she'll never know her son, but at least she can build him a Swedish crib. Castiel admits that he has no idea how hard it is for her, but promises that he will give his life for her son. The angel says that he will raise the boy and make him someone that Kelly can be proud of. Kelly says that she knows.

At the bunker, the Winchesters examine the Brits' photos of Lucifer. Dean figures that Crowley will have somehow survived no matter what the Brits claimed.

The rat that Crowley possessed crawls into the forest and Crowley's demonic essence enters his body where the demons buried it.

Sam figures that they need Rowena, but Lucifer has killed her. He answers the phone, and Sam puts him on speakerphone. Lucifer says that Rowena is dead and asks where Castiel is. Sam tells him to go to hell, and Lucifer tells him that he doesn't matter. He says that they can't kill him, and can't imprison him with Rowena dead.

Castiel and Kelly drive back to the cabin after buying a lot of diapers. Kelly has some pains and as she touches the taillights of the truck, a mass of yellow light flows into it. Once Castiel takes Kelly inside, the light flies away.

Dean and Sam admit that Lucifer is right, and Sam suggests that they find Castiel and Kelly and keep them moving. Mary wonders if Castiel will go along with that, and Dean figures that they won't give him a chance. As for the baby, they'll try and siphon off its grace. Mary grabs a gun and wonders how they find them. Sam says that there are Biblical outbreaks in the area of where the Nephilim is born.

Castiel goes outside and sees a rift of yellow light in the yard. He touches it and finds himself on a vast stormy plain. A tempter demon knocks him to the ground, and someone shoots it. The creatures collapse and the shooter comes over, and Castiel recognizes the newcomer.

Kelly records a video message to her unborn son Jack. She says that she knows that Jack will be amazing, and that she loves him so much. Kelly blows him a kiss and ends the recording, and is seized with more pain. Outside, the rift glows briefly.

The Winchesters try to track down signs of weirdness, and Sam says that it will be something big. Crowley teleports in and Dean punches him. He asks if he let Lucifer out, and Sam tells Dean to wait. He figures that Crowley can help them since he worked the cage spell with Rowena, and if he can't then they'll kill him. They tell him that his mother is dead, and Crowley is disappointed that he didn't get to kill him. He explains that he perverted Rowena's spell and put Lucifer in a vessel of his own making because he wanted to win. Crowley figured that if he could put Lucifer on a leash then no one would ever challenge him again. The demon says that he's realized that he hates his job dealing with whining demons and damned souls, and he's done with it. Crowley came there because he figures that the Winchesters will win. He offers to make it worth their while by sealing the gates of Hell once they put Lucifer back in the cage... together.

Kelly calls to Castiel and Castiel finally comes in. He claims that he didn't go anywhere, and Kelly tells him that it's time. The lights flicker and outside, the rift grows larger.

Crowley drinks while the Winchesters try to find the signs of the Nephilim's birth. Sam finds news on a massive power outage in the Pacific Northwest, coming from a house currently being rented to James Novak: the name of Castiel's host body. As Crowley gets up, Dean slams a demon-killing knife into Crowley's hand, pinning him to the table. He tells the demon to stay there and shut up.

Castiel gets Kelly to bed and assures her that she still has time before she gives birth. However, he admits that they didn't cover the birth of quasi-celestial beings online. Castiel looks outside at the rift, and Kelly thanks him for everything that he's done.

The Winchesters drive to the house.

Moaning in pain, Kelly clutches Castiel's hand and asks him to tell her what he saw. He describes the future he saw when he took her hand: a world without pain or suffering. It's a world that Jack will create: paradise. The electricity flickers, and Castiel and Kelly hear a car pull up outside. Castiel goes downstairs as the Winchesters come in. They tell him that Lucifer is coming and they're there to get Kelly and get gone. Castiel tells them that Kelly can't be moved. Kelly screams in pain and Mary goes to check on her. Dean asks if Castiel can torch Lucifer like he did Dagon, and Castiel says that was Jack.

Castiel hears Dean's injured leg, and Sam goes to check the warding. He sees the rift, and Castiel explains that it's a doorway to another world. It's an alternate reality of Earth, and Castiel explains that Jack's power is puncturing the fabric of their universe. He tells the brothers that they don't want to know what's on the other side. Dean figures that they need to, and Castiel transports them through. He explains that Earth is locked in eternal war between Heaven and Hell, and the few remaining humans are caught in-between. Castiel tells them that he has faith that Jack will close the rift when he's born, and Dean tells him that he's a dumbass.

The figure that saved Castiel earlier approaches them and removes his hood: it's Bobby. He doesn't recognize them, but has heard of John. Bobby tells them that John has been dead for over 40 years, and he only knows about him because Bobby used to run with Mary and she talked about the man she loved. Azazel killed Mary ten years ago. Castiel tells the Winchesters that it's a world where they were never born and never saved.

Mary holds Kelly's hand and warns her that it's almost time. Kelly tells her that she's dying, but it's okay because she's dying for her son. Mary says that she would do the same.

Bobby explains that alarms went off when the rift opened, and he got there to save Castiel from the tempter demon. He admits that he guns down angels on sight, but Castiel wasn't wearing a necklace made of baby ears. They talked about their worlds, and Dean admits that it's better than the world they're in. Bobby explains that he kills angels and soon the angels will learn about the rift and then and his gun Rufus will go to work. The bullets are made from old angel blades.

Castiel and the Winchesters return through the rift, and Crowley teleports in. He shows them his badly injured hand and says that he improvised, and he has the answer to all of their problems. Castiel goes to Kelly's room and asks Mary to give them some time alone. Once she leaves, Kelly realizes that something is wrong.

Sam and Dean prepare their guns, and Dean tells his brother that he has faith in their family and friends... and Crowley, sometimes. He insists that their plan has to work.

Castiel tells Kelly that it'll be fine, and reminds her of the paradise that is coming.

Castiel and the Winchesters go outside and find Lucifer waiting. Sam tells him that Chuck will stop him, but Lucifer tells them that Chuck walked and he's going to smash his toys. He figures that he could do so much better with the world, and tells them to do it. Castiel charges forward and Lucifer easily casts him aside. Sam and Dean run, and Lucifer goes after them complaining that they're ruining his experience. They go through the rift, and an intrigued Lucifer sees them go.

Lucifer goes through the rift and Sam tells him that it's the apocalypse. Dean is on the other side, armed with Rufus, He opens fire as Sam takes runs around a mound to where Crowley is preparing a ritual. Lucifer shrugs off the bullets and Dean runs out of ammo. Meanwhile, Lucifer reminds Sam that once they seal the rift, they'll trap Lucifer.

Lucifer beats Dean and Sam, seeing it, helps Crowley with the ritual. Crowley says that they need one last minor ingredient to seal the rift: a life. He goes out and knocks Lucifer back. Lucifer is happy that Crowley is still alive and gets to his feet while Sam gets Dean to the rift. When Lucifer says that Crowley had to make it personal, Crowley admits that Lucifer humiliated him and he hates him. He draws his celestial blade, and Lucifer tells him that whatever he tries, he'll lose. After a moment, Crowley agrees and says goodbye to Sam and Dean. He then stabs himself in the stomach, killing himself.

The ritual activates, and Castiel comes through the Rift. He attacks Lucifer, ignoring Dean's objections, and Sam gets Dean and himself through the rift.

Kelly starts to give birth, and whispers to Jack that he loves him. There's a burst of energy, knocking Mary unconscious.

Castiel stabs Lucifer in the chest and then goes back through the rift to the real world. Lucifer follows and kills Castiel, and congratulates the Winchesters on their effort. Mary comes out and tells Lucifer to get away from her sons. She tells her sons that she loves them and punches Lucifer with the Enochian brass knuckles. She knocks him into the rift, but Lucifer grabs her arm and drags her with him as the rift closes.

On the other Earth, Lucifer screams in frustration as he realizes that he's trapped. He then glares at Mary, his eyes turning red.

Dean and Sam see golden light flickering in the house. Sam runs inside while Dean looks at Castiel's corpse and then up at the heavens.

Sam finds Kelly's corpse on the bed, lying peacefully. He closes her eyes and goes into the nursery, following a set of footprints. Jack is crouching in the corner, already the size of a young man. His eyes glow yellow as he smiles.

Written by Gadfly on May 19, 2017

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