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I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate Recap

Riley takes a flight to Chicago, and Will visits with her mentally to complain that she's going there. He points out that he didn't agree to it and it's how amateurs get caught, and Nomi tells him that it's okay and Riley's ID held up. She assures him that they're inside the TSA, and Bug is working on it even though they're in the cabin. Nomi tells Riley that Will is only freaking out because he loves her so much, and tells him to let her sleep. Grace calls them to duty.

Bug warns them that the TSA bumped up their warning level because of another mass shooting. Riley hugs Will and he tells her to be careful.

Kala goes to see Rajan in his office and finds him with Ajay. Ajay assures her that it's okay, and quickly excuses himself. She tells Rajan that the shipping reports have been falsified. Rajan dismisses her concerns, but she says that they're shipping out expired, defective, and possibly dangerous drugs to people whose lives depend on them. Rajan insists that it's standard pharma practice to make sure that they meet their profit margins. He assures her that they ship the drugs to far-off countries. Capheus visits as Rajan concedes that Kenya could be one of the countries. Disgusted, Kala walks out.

In Nairobi, Capheus goes to the party headquarters and Koman smiles when he sees him.

On the jet, Riley wakes up and sees Bodhi, one of the other cluster's sensates, sitting in a seat. She's watching a video on mass rioting and talks about the terrible things going on in the world. Bodhi says that changing the world only leads to suffering and they can only change themselves, Riley disagrees, and Bodhi tells her that's why she can't help her. She hopes that they can visit again one day when Riley's feeling doesn't reflect "their" thinking. Riley wonders why she can't see where Bodhi is, and Bodhi tells her that there are forces working on their lives beyond their control or comprehension. With that, she ends the visit.

Over dinner, Nomi, Amanita, Grace and Amanita's dads talk about the violence in the world. They kid about their past sexual relationships, and Nomi is surprised that they don't care who Amanita's biological father was.

In San Paulo, Lito, Hernando, and Dani return to their hotel room. Joaquin comes in behind them and says that he wanted nothing to do with her, but her parents wanted to see for themselves what he told them that Dani was beyond saying. They say that they've come to take Dani home, and she insists that she's happy there. Dani says that her new family helped her realize that she can't be with Joaquin because he beat her, but her parents don't want to hear it. When Joaquin tries to take Dani's bag, Lito grabs it as well and they engage in a tag -of-war. When Joaquin asks if Lito wants to go at it again, Wolfgang visits and they're glad and Lito is glad to take Joaquin on. Joaquin backs down, and Dani tells her parents that she's staying with her family that taught her that threats, control, and money aren't necessary. When her father threatens to cut off her trust fund, Lito tells him to keep his money. He and Hernando hug Dani, who tells her parents that she's home.

Nomi and Amanita, and their family, are cooking in the kitchen. Will visits Nomi and asks what the plan is if the ID doesn't work out, and Nomi assures him that it's the best she's ever done. Amanita checks and confirms that Riley isn't through yet, and Nomi assures Will that Riley will be fine.

Riley arrives in Chicago and Will warns her that BPO would be waiting for her there if it was a trap. Diego comes over and Riley hugs him, recognizing him from her connection with Will. The policeman has no idea who she is, but knows who she is from Will's call earlier. Diego is less than thrilled that Will disappeared a year ago and hasn't contacted him. Riley passes on Will's apology, and Diego drives to Superdawg to get something to eat because he's nervous. She orders a malt so that Will can taste it, and Diego remembers that Will always used to order it.

Capheus takes Zakia to meet Shiro where she's working with kids teaching them art. Zakia explains that she came back to deal with the corruption and injustice and Kenya, and says that's why she's excited that Capheus running for office. Shiro has no idea what she's talking about, and Capheus apologizes for not telling his mother.

Kala is at home talking with Sun about how she imagined her life would be like. They agree that they're uncomfortable with no knowing what the future holds for the people they think that they know. Rajan arrives with flowers and Kala agrees to talk to her.

Riley tells Diego about the cluster and how she has Will in her head. Diego tells Will to take a flying fuck at a doughnut, and wonders why he should care about it when he doesn't care about him. Will calls Diego and apologizes, but Diego doesn't want to hear it. His friend says that he did it to protect him because he's a shitty liar. If Diego lost his job lying to protect Will, he couldn't be a cop and Will couldn't forgive himself if that happened. He admits that he misses his life, and says that he's trying to get back to it but he needs his life. Diego agrees to help and asks what he wants him to do.

Rajan admits that Kala was right. He explains that his father taught him how to crunch margins, and taught him that the company would protect him if he did anything for it. He assures Kala that he's going to do things differently, and he wants to be the man that she believed in.

At home, Shiro forbids Capheus from being a politician because it turns people into fools. it killed his father and she figures it will kill him. Capheus explains that he's seen the things that are wrong and thought that he could fix them, He wonders if he's as foolish as his father was, and Shiro admits that she had the same argument with her husband. Capheus offers to drop out, and Shiro forbids it. She just asks her son to remember that she's all that she has left of her dead husband.

Sun goes to her father's mausoleum and wonders if he'd still be alive if he hadn't come to the prison to see her. She talks about how she feels lost after everything she has had has been taken from her. Crying, Son says that she feels trapped between what she wants and what she can't have.

After losing a match, apologizes to her mother. She wonders why her mother is crying, and her mother says that she worries for her daughter and is always afraid for Sun when she comes to the matches. When Sun says that she's not afraid, her mother says that's why she cries. She knows that Sun's life will not be like hers, and that makes her happy.

Her clustermates visit, and Sun explains that she failed to raise Joong-Ki like her mother raised her. Nomi tells Sun that she didn't get the love that Sun got from her mother, but it didn't turn her into a murderer. Capheus says that after his father was killed, he believed it was his duty to avenge him. He never did because Shiro said that she didn't hate the men who killed her husband, because she had no room in her heart for hate.. When Sun points out that she doesn't have a mother to tell her that, Will says that she has them. Lito assures her that whatever she decides to do, she won't do it alone.

Lito visits his agent at CMA, and the man finally tells him that their high-level clients threatened to walk if they didn't drop Lito. When the actor points out that they said that he was their guy, the agent points out that he lied to them, too. Shocked, Lito goes to the elevator and sees everyone in the office staring at him. He takes the elevator down with a young actor, who finally hugs him in gratitude. As Lito bursts into tears, the actor thanks him.

Mun dresses as a groundskeeper finds Sun at the mausoleum. He explains that he's come there every morning before his shift, and he'd feel the same way if his father committed suicide. Sun tells him that Joong-Ki murdered her father, and she doesn't expect justice from the legal system. Mun approaches Sun and says that the police suspect that a lot of illegal money is flowing through the company. He admits that the law is imperfect, and he asks Sun to trust him and he will protect her. Sun says that she doesn't need anyone's protection, and Mun admits that it may be his last chance for a rematch. he suggests that they spar and if she wins, she leaves. If he wins, Sun comes with him and tells her story for the record. Sun points out that she has no need to fight him if he'll let her leave, and Mun hopes that she wants to.

They remove their shoes and Sun tells Mun to show him what he's learned. he throws several punches at her and Sun dodges them. They fight in earnest and she knocks him down the stairs, but then grabs his hand to stop him. Sun tells him that he's thinking too much, and he talks about how his teacher says that fighting is something that he does with his heart. he figures that it's more fun pestering her, and they continue fighting. Sun pins him, and Mun says that she doesn't remember her fights because she's fighting something other than her opponent. She fought so her father would see how special she was. Angry, Sun pushes her attack and tosses them both to the next level, and Mun manages to pin her. After a moment, they kiss. Sun then knocks him out, says that he's improved, and walks away.

In Chicago, Riley looks out at the canal. Will visits her and they kiss. and he apologizes for acting crazy with her, and admits that he's never loved someone anyone the way he loves her. Riley promises that she'[l get back to him, and figures that it won't be much longer. Hoy visits Riley and says that the Archipelago has given him an address to pass on to Riley... and she must go there now.

Amanita is checking her phone in bed, and gasps in surprise. Nomi wakes up and Amanita explains that at the shooting, one of the men killed was British politician Mitchell Taylor. Mitchell was addressing a peace congregation with different religions present. In the video, a man gets up, opens fire on the audience, and then takes out a gun and kills Mitchell. The shooter then kill himself in his cell. Amanita checked Mitchell's tweets and posts, and figures that the Internet is a psycellium like what Nomi experienced with Angelica's. He also met with Ruth. They just revealed that the shooter was Todd.

Diego drives Riley to the address, and they realize that it's the abandoned church with Angelica shot herself. Riley and Diego go inside, and Nomi visits to tell them that Whispers has been in prison and used Todd to kill Mitchell. Hoy tells her to go to the basement alone. Diego goes to the car, and Riley figures that the person she's meeting with frightened. She goes down and finds a table with a bottle of blockers and a glass of water on it. Sun figures that it's a test to make sure that she's alone. Will refuses to go, but Riley takes the blockers and her clustermates disappear as the link breaks,

A woman, Carol Cumberland, steps out of the shadows and says that she needed to know how far she could trust Riley. Riley figures that Carol helped Angelica escaped, because she and Kolovi realized that Angelica was going to birth another cluster. Carol learned to sing at the church, and Angelica learned that so she came there later. Angelica worked with BPO because she was searching for her children, and didn't realize how BPO was changing from their original goals. Carol met Ruth at Stanford, and the work they did felt sacred. When Ruth died, Carol hoped that Kolovi would continue what she began. Since he met Dr. Milton Bailey Brandt, he changed. Brandt came to Kolovi with data on the development of the sensorium frontal lobe. With Angelica's help, Brandt solved the problem of the neural graft. The graft lets a sensorium override another sensorium's consciousness.

Carol says that she know what happened in the shooting, and realized that they had to do everything in their power to keep something that terrible from happening again. They realize that they both have suicide scars on their wrists, and Riley realizes that Whispers is Brandt. Carol says that Angelica always said that the inner voice that drives someone to suicide is a whisper rather than a shout. She writes Whispers' address on Riley's arm.

Will goes to the address in the country with Wolfgang and Sun visiting. As they look at the estate, Will admits that he doesn't know for sure that Whispers is there because he sleeps on blockers. They figure that it's their chance... and Jonas appears and asks if they're ready to kill a man in cold blood.

Written by Gadfly on May 20, 2017

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