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All I Want Right Now is One More Bullet Recap

The clustermates visit to where Will is at Whispers' estate. He figures that Whispers was going to turn him into a Bolger zombie, and congratulates the cluster on being the first to get close to Whispers. Jonas explains that the Chairman stopped his lobotomy, and he switches the visit to his new penthouse apartment.

Later, Nomi tells Amanita that Jonas is alive. The cluster discusses what happened and they figure that the Chairman secretly needed Jonas because he doesn't trust Whispers. However, he also needs Whispers for the zombie project so that he can eliminate his political opposition like Mitchell. As he takes blockers, Jonas admits that his life is tied to Whispers

A helicopter lands at the estate and armed BPO soldiers men move in and take out Whispers and his family. Wolfgang stops Will from stopping them, but then goes in, figuring that Whispers left something important behind. Will searches the estate and Wolfgang confirms that Jonas is no longer linked with hi. They find a safe and Wolfgang opens it. Inside are Whispers' fake passports and a confidential file.

In Nairobi, the party heads tells Capheus and Jela that they've done some preliminary polls and Capheus is pulling ahead. His opponent Mandiba has Photoshopped himself with Mandela, claiming that he has Mandela's support. Since Mandiba is on trial for corruption, he isn't concerned with the legalities of the Photoshopping. They figure that Mandiba is afraid of Capheus, and he's started running ads that claim Capheus is a thug and an extortionist. the party heads call in a security advisor, Fred Kimafi. Jela insists that Capheus doesn't need it, but Koman warns that if anything happens to Capheus, no one else would be brave enough to go after Mandiba.

Hernando and Dani are looking at scripts when an indifferent Lito comes in. He points out that he has no job and CMA accepted that it was a mistake to represent him. Lito tells them to accept the same thing, and points out that there aren't any out gay action stars. He goes back to his bedroom, and Dani and Hernando consider what to do.

Sun is making her way through the streets when Lito visits her, lying on the street. He says that he's practicing that he's practicing for his future as a homeless failure, and Sun walks past him. She goes to a nearby love motel and gets a room for privacy. Once they're alone, Lito breaks into tears and falls on the bed. An exasperated Sun tells him that it isn't that bad and to stop crying, and Lito says that he's lost everything. She tells him to shut up, pointing out that he has a man who loves him, and a friend and mother who accept him. Lito concedes the point, and Sun points out that her parents are dead and her only brother will kill her if she doesn't kill him first. She figures that if anyone should be crying, she should, and Lito realizes that she would never kill him, and wonders if that's why he there. He invites her to lay with him and offers her a pillow.

Kala is working in her lab.

Will prepares to inject himself with the heroin when Kala asks him for advice. She admits that she hasn't been honest with Rajan about the cluster, and then asks Will if he's also figured there's something untrustworthy about Lila. As she checks Will's vitals, Kala then jumps topics and says that she's considering telling Rajan the truth and asking him what's going on with him. She finally asks Rajan if a relationship can survive secret-keeping, and Will asks if she's wants to tell Rajan the truth because she's in love with someone else. Kala abruptly recommends that Will eat properly and take his medicine. She says that Will be fine, and he tells her that she will as well.

As they walk through the streets, Capheus and Jela see graffiti for Capheus.

Diego drives Riley to Will's old station house and Will wonders if it's a terrible idea going there to find Carol. Diego tells Will to go in, and they proceed.

Wolfgang and Max sit at the club drinking, and Max figures that Huth wants to pay him back. Once Huth walks away, Max tells Wolfgang that they need to get out and it isn't them.

Diego goes in and Will points out his old desk to Riley.

Max says that they should go back to the shop and make keys. Wolfgang tells him not to throw the club away yet because he has to take care of something first. With that, he walks off.

Diego checks the CCTV databases to find footage of Carol and her pursuers. Will figures that BPO will come after anyone who tries to help them, and Riley tells Diego that Will is worried about him. Diego says that he can take care of himself.

Kala sits on the patio and imagines Wolfgang kissing her. Vikram brings a bloody-nosed Rajan in, and he claims that he had a clumsy accident. Lito visits and tells Kala that Rajan is lying. At home, Lito is watching From Here to Eternity when Hernando comes in. Dani joins them and sits down to watch it, and Hernando explains that it's his mother's favorite movie. Lito talks about how it was his mother's favorite movie as well. She and Lito's aunts watched it to death. He admits that he wouldn't have minded Lancaster kissing and dripping on him. Hernando and Dani talk about the movie, and Lito tells them to be quiet because he just wants to watch.

Hernando whispers to Dani that Lito watches the movie when he's depressed, and he figures the movie is when Lito realized the power of acting. It's also when Lito realized that he was significantly different from Lancaster. Dani insists that Lito is getting a lot of hits from Sao Paolo, but Hernando says that Lito doesn't see it yet and he's grieving. Lito, hearing them, turns off the movie and says that he's grieving the end of his dream. He throws the movie DVD off the balcony and walks away.

Capheus and Jela come to anothe3r tag with his image, and Jela says that it's getting real.

Nomi wakes Sun up and tells her that Joong-Ki is still going to the Bak Summer Gala Lito visits and Nomi tells Amanita that he's depressed. She then says that they found a backdoor into the gala for a bartender. Sun admits that she doesn't know anything about tending a bar, while Lito starts flair -bartending. He explains that for six months he trained with the best bartenders in Mexico for a role in a movie.

Wolfgang goes to the steam room and Sebastian joins him. He says that he knows Wolfgang knows how delicate the situation is, and warns that Lila is Wolfgang's business. He asks if Lila ever talks about him, and Wolfgang says that she doesn't. Lila visits with Wolfgang, while Sebastian talks about how he's considering marrying Lila. She taunts Wolfgang as Sebastian explains that he has friends at the NSA and they told him that they intercepted a call from one of Sebastian's "competitors" Khalial suggesting that Lila is going to betray him. Sebastian says that he just needs information from Wolfgang. Lila tells Wolfgang that she wants to live free like he does.

Sebastian's man brings him a phone. It's Lila, who tells him that she got a call from Khalial. She claims that she played along with him because she thinks that Wolfgang is using Khalial. Once he hangs up, Sebastian tells Wolfgang that they'll talk again later and leaves. Lila then tells Wolfgang that she has decided to do something about her feelings for Wolfgang by working out a way that they can be together and she can dump Sebastian.

Capheus is sleeping when the Superpower gangleader Githu comes in and wakes Capheus up at gunpoint. Githu leads him outside and then lowers the gun, chuckles, and asks if Zakia turned Capheus onto politics or if Capheus is working for Silas. Capheus insists that he just wants to change things, and Githu warns him that people are listening. He says that his boss doesn't send warnings, he just kills people, and that he'd have Githu killed for talking to Capheus. When Capheus wonders why Githu is doing it anyway, Githu says that he liked Capheus even after Capheus beat him. People are speaking of them are legends, and Githu says that if Capheus survives he'll get his vote. With that, he walks away.

Will visits with Whispers, listening to Elizabeth talk to her husband in a safehouse. He insists that he's trying to protect their family, and Chelsea yells that she hates it there. Whispers tells Elizabeth to take Chelsea out because he has to work, and screams at her. Will wakes up and realizes that Whispers is just as trapped as they are.

Wolfgang is working a bag when Sebastian calls. Lila visits and says that it's Sebastian and he's worried about Sebastian's relationship. She says that she told Sebastian that she'd talk to Wolfgang, and Wolfgang agrees.

Kala wakes up and realizes that Rajan has left the bed. She finds him downstairs, yelling at someone at on the phone to stay away from his family. Rajan says that he's done and hangs up, and Kala asks him who he was talking to. He claims that it was an old client and tells her to go back to bed while he does some things.

Wolfgang walks down the street, thinking. He and Kala visit, and she asks if he's all right. He walks on without a word.

Nomi is trying on her dress and heels for the rehearsal party. Amanita figures that she's nervous about giving a toast in front of her parents, and Nomi admits that her cluster would never understand. Wolfgang visits Nomi and she tells Amanita that he was there but doesn't talk much. Meanwhile, Wolfgang passes by the others but refuses to speak to them. He finally tells Will that he'll handle it and checks his gun. Will realizes what is happening and tells the cluster that Wolfgang is meeting with Lila but thinks that it's a trap.

Wolfgang goes to a restaurant and the hostess takes him to Lila's table. Kala wonders why Wolfgang agreed to the meeting, and Lito figures that he didn't have a choice. Sun says that he wanted the fight, and none of them can picture Wolfgang asking for help. Lila is drinking wine, and Wolfgang orders beer.

Will figures that there are several killers in the room, and Nomi goes to the computer to ID them via CCTV. She trips on her high heels and knocks herself out.

Lila tells Wolfgang that she doesn't like to be trapped, forced to make deals and compromises.

Bug and Amanita call Diego and say that they know that he needs assistance. Riley takes the phone from Diego and says that they need their help.

Lila explains that she wants to take Berlin and make it a city for sensates. She asks Wolfgang to help her make it a reality.

Bug finds encrypted emails from Sebastian referencing the restaurant and Lila. they give the names to Riley, who cross-checks them against the Interpol database. Diego realizes that she's talking with Will again. Bug identifies two of the three names and finds them on the restaurant's reservation computer.

Lila says that her cluster shares her dream and visits with Wolfgang, removing her dress. Maitake visits with Lila, telling him that Wolfgang only has a Glock, and kisses her. Wolfgang suggests that they go somewhere more private, and Lila refuses.

Bug pings the killers' phones through Sebastian's account. They check their phones and Wolfgang spots them. Lila tells him that he's one of them and she won't sell him out like everyone else. Wolfgang says that she is, and she says that Berlin needs a leader like him. He tells her that they are his people already and they'll go to their knees for no one. Wolfgang tells her to fuck off, and the two clusters merge with their respective members.

Kala tosses the beer onto the table candle, igniting it. Wolfgang draws and shoots Sebastian's killers, and one of them kicks the gun out of his hand and attacks him. Lila draws her gun, and Sun uses his attacker as a shield. .Will grabs another killer and jumps on his back, and then uses his gun to shoot the remaining killers. Lila heads for the door and she and Wolfgang fire at each other. They run out of ammo and Lila steps out, saying that they could have had everything. He tells her that he only wants one more bullet, Lila promises that he'll regret not dying that night, and they attack each other drawing on their clusters' skills. Police sirens sound, and Lila yanks off her blouse and yells for help. Wolfgang runs as the police come in, and Lila says that Wolfgang killed everyone.

Written by Gadfly on May 20, 2017

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