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New World Order Recap

The Troubles fly out of Duke and into the sky. Once they have all left, Audra, Nathan, and Charlotte run to Duke as he collapses.

On the beach, the Troubles fly down and enter the people. One man, Richard, loses control and the entire beach starts to vibrate.

Audrey confirms that Duke is still alive, and Charlotte apologizes for Mara. There's an explosion and Audrey tells Nathan to head to the station while she and Charlotte take Duke to the hospital. Nathan refuses to leave Audrey, but she says that they have to split up. She says that she trusts Charlotte, and Nathan tells her to stay clear of anything dangerous now that he has her back.

At the station, Nathan finds Dwight coordinating emergency efforts. Dave and Vince come in and demand answers, and Nathan tells them about how Mara is gone but her efforts on Duke turned him into a Trouble bomb. Dwight figures the fog that is trapping them in Haven was caused by someone's Trouble, and they realize the panic could snowball as it activates more and more Troubles. Dave says that when he was in the void, he was injured and ever since he's been having visions of people running and screaming, and the word "Croatoan" carved onto a rock. The brothers figure that something came out of the void in North Carolina and wiped out the Croatoan colony... and they're next.

Dwight tells them to figure out a way to induce Dave's visions, just as Xxx approaches them and warns that things are falling apart. Dwight calls his men and they report that the citizens are turning violent and displaying unusual abilities. The chief tells them keep everyone calm, but one Troubled person panics and the officers call for backup before they're cut off. There's an explosion nearby and everyone runs to the window.

Audrey and Charlotte arrive at the hospital, and a nurse tells them that they're evacuating because there's a cloud of poisonous cast with a face. The women figure that it's a Trouble, and Charlotte tells Audrey to deal with it while she gets her research. Duke wakes up and overhears them, and says that he feels fine. He realizes what is happening and figures that it's because of him, and explains that he was going to pass through a thinny to the void. Duke goes to get his family journal and see what it says about all of the Troubles that came out of him.

Dwight and Nathan drive to the spot where the patrolman was when he called in. The people there are standing around, frozen in mid-motion by another Trouble. Nathan and Dwight find the patrolmen closer to the fog wall, and Nathan figures that the fog is making things worse for people when they realize that they can't escape. Nathan calls Audrey and says that they need to find Joe Sena, whose Trouble locked up his kids. A car drives into the barrier and immediately comes out, running over several of the frozen people as it drives away.

Back at the station, Dwight and Nathan try to document all of the Troubled incidents. More patrolmen have frozen in two different locations, and the two men reluctantly agree with what they have to do next. Dwight calls everyone over and tells them about the Troubles. Nathan and Dwight both admit that they're Troubled, and warn that it's the worst that it's ever been. Dwight tells them to adapt and calm down the Troubled rather than treat them as criminals.

Duke slips in and goes into the chief's office, and Nathan joins him. Nathan hugs him and Duke says that they need to focus on cleaning up Mara's mess... and his. He's heard about one girl who is Troubled and makes things explode, and has found a reference to it in the Crocker journal. Duke knows the trigger and says that he can fix it, and wants to so he can make up for what he's done. Nathan agrees to go with him and says that they're taking backup.

At the morgue, Vince and Dave ask Gloria for narcotics to trigger another vision in Dave. She gets out a bottle of super-strong tequila and says that it'll do the jobs.

Audrey and Charlotte check on Joe's daughter and confirm that she's safe. Joe isn't there, and they figure that he's with his son Alex. Alex is a cop and his partner was frozen near the fog wall. Another explosion goes off and Charlotte warns that they're not immune to the new Troubles. Audrey points out that they're just like the other Haven residents now and says that they have to fix it.

Nathan and Duke take backup to the building where Lisa Hawkins is holed up. They're going to go in unarmed and try to calm her down, and Duke will talk to her. As they go in, Nathan notices Alex and asks where he's been. Alex confirms that he was at the locations where patrolmen were frozen. Another officer overhears them and figures that Alex is Troubled, and starts to panic. Alex's Trouble kicks in and everyone freeze except Duke. The patrolman figures that Duke is responsible, and Duke explains that Alex is the connection between all of the freezing incidents. Alex says that he and his partner went out to the fog wall. When he panicked, he froze the people there. Joe called him and said that he created the wall, and Duke wonders how they could have different Troubles when they're related. He figures that they got new Troubles in the outbreak.

Gloria and Dave drink the tequila and Dave finally passes out. Vince tries to talk his brother into a vision, but Dave just snores. He finally jerks away, seized by a vision of a man running through the forest. Dave realizes where the place but says that he's too drunk to go along. Gloria takes out an IV and says that she can sober him up.

Alex tries to end his Trouble without success, and wonders why he didn't freeze Duke. Duke admits that he infected everyone with the new Troubles, and Alex angrily says that he ruined all of their lives and there's no apology. He tells Duke that he can't afford to be afraid anymore... and everyone unfreezes. Alex tells Duke to leave before he gets more people killed, and Nathan leads him away. When he comes back, Duke explains what happened. Nathan figures that Duke shouldn't be there in case Lisa realizes that Duke gave him her Trouble, and Duke agrees.

Audrey and Charlotte come to a traffic jam and proceed on foot. Charlotte suggests that they flee through one of the thinny back to her world. She admits that she went back for her ring and Mara's, which pull them through the void. Charlotte agrees to bring Nathan with them to Audrey's real home with her real family. Audrey insists that she is home and won't abandon Haven, and Charlotte warns that she can't remove a Trouble from someone without killing them. Audrey wonders how the barn that Charlotte would have created would have ended the Troubles if she killed Nathan. Charlotte admits that the barn wouldn't have killed the Troubles: it would have killed the Troubled. Shocked, Audrey says that she will never abandon her friends and tells Charlotte to get out of Haven.

Nathan brings Lisa out and turns her over to the EMTs. Audrey arrives and admits that she hasn't found Joe. They have no idea what to do next, and Audrey says that Charlotte can't do anything for the. Vince calls Nathan and tells him that they've got something.

At the station, Dwight continues to coordinate rescue efforts. Charlotte comes in to say goodbye and to give him her research. She says that she wanted Dwight to know that she wasn't just wasting his time, and Dwight dismisses her. Once Charlotte leaves, Stan comes over and tells Dwight that the officers at Gilead Dam to deal with an anti-gravity Trouble need backup. He insists on going and Dwight agrees. An officer, Brandt, brings in Richard and the man panics. The station shakes and everyone holds on.

Nathan and Audrey join Dave and Vince in the forest. The man from Dave's vision--Joe--is there, dead. Vince suggests that someone deliberately scared Joe into creating the wall and then killed him to make sure no one could bring the wall down.

As the station shakes apart, Dwight tries to calm Richard down. Brandt and another officer open fire on Richard, and the bullets swerve to Dwight. He jumps out of the way and McHugh runs in and knocks Richard unconscious. The former policeman figures that Dwight could use his help. The building begins to collapse and Dwight gets everyone out. Nathan calls him and describes the situation, and Dwight says that he knows how to deal with the Troubles and survive. He hangs up without further explanation, and Nathan figures that if they can find Duke, he'll figure out a way to bring down the wall.

The storm alarm goes off and Dwight announces over the loudspeakers that Haven as they knew it is gone. He explains about the fog wall and says that they're on their own. They have to help each other live with what they know, and explains about the Guard. Dwight says that the Guard is taking charge because of their experience, and the group members go out and try to keep people calm.

Audrey calls Duke and says that they need him. He meets them at the fog wall and wonders what happens even if he can pass through. Duke warns that he's the problem, not the solution, and Audrey reminds him of everything that he's done for them and for Haven. He reminds her that he killed Troubled people and sacrificed Jennifer to open the thinny. Audrey says that they need him, but Duke says goodbye and walks off into the fog. When Nathan goes after him, he's propelled back out of the fog.

Nathan and Audrey return to town and find Dwight. He says that he plans to leave the Guard in charge permanently, and the police have disbanded. Dwight suggests that Nathan rejoin the Guard, and tosses his badge away. After Dwight drives away with the Guard, Nathan picks up the badge and pockets it.

At the morgue, Gloria tells Vince and Dave that she couldn't find the cause of death for Joe... just like the Colorado Kid. She shows them the corpse's eyes, which have been ripped open. Dave explains that in his vision, the killer pulled something out of the victims' eyes. He woke up on the beach in 1983 next to the Colorado Kid and thought he had killed him, and they figure that he's connected to the killer but not the murderer.

Audrey finds Nathan and offers her services to the new chief. Charlotte walks over and explains that the shroud is blocking the thinnys as well. Nathan points out that they're all in it together and tells her to use her research to build something that cures everyone once and for all. Charlotte admits that it might be possible, and Nathan figures that it's time to get started.

Duke is walking along the highway and a trucker pulls over to give him a lift. He wonders where Duke is going, and Duke says that it doesn't matter. When Duke asks the trucker if he came through Haven, the trucker says that he's been through all of Maine and never heard of a town called Haven.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 9, 2015

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