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The Lady and the Circus Recap

Joey brings mail to Tim and asks if Tim is looking for one letter in particular. Tim finds a specific letter and eagerly opens it, and then tells Joey to tell Pete that they're staying in winter quarters a few more days. When Joey points out that they're heading to Calderville, Tim overrides him.

When Joey tells Pete and Corky about Tim's orders, Pete points out that they've never cancelled an out-of-town engagement before. Corky suggests that it's because of the letters that Tim has been receiving, and Pete points out that Tim has been acting different ever since they arrived.

An attractive woman, Rosemary Anderson, arrives and recognizes Corky and Joey. She says that "Timothy" has told her all about them and Joey directs Rosemary to Tim's quarters. Rosemary goes in and says that she couldn't wait to meet him, and her father Mike has been dragging her all over the country looking at his properties. Tim comes over and says that he's missed her, and shows her the locket with her photo that he's always carried. Rosemary says that after they decided what they decided, she went to Europe and saw a circus.

Joey, Corky, and Pete are eating and wonder who Rosemary is. Tim brings Rosemary in and introduces her, and explains that he and Rosemary knew each other since they were children. Rosemary admits that she "accidentally" met him. She has Tim take her on a tour, and Pete says that Rosemary is Mike Anderson's daughter. Mike is a mining and railroad man.

Tim shows Rosemary around the circus and they stop at the lion tamer's cage as he puts the beasts through their paces. Afterward, Rosemary tells Tim that she expects him for lunch at the hotel and he should bring Joey, Corky, and Pete.

Later at the hotel, Mike talks to Corky and the men about the circus. He says that he's been too busy to see the circus, and explains that he invited Tim to join his business and take some of his responsibility on his shoulders. Tim and Rosemary come in, and Mike tells him that it's time to settle down. Rosemary tells her father that they're going to be married.

Back at the circus, Tim and Rosemary pull up on Rosemary's carriage. Pete tells Tim that there's some rigging that needs Tim's supervision to repair, and Tim tells Pete to take care of it while he prepares for the wedding.

Corky is training Bimbo and offers to show Tim the new trick he taught the elephant. Tim says that he's busy and will see it later. That night, Corky, Joey, and Pete have dinner and they figure that Tim has changed and the circus is going downhill without his supervision. They can't move on until after the wedding, and Joey suggests that they go to the first stop 40 miles away and be back in time for the wedding.

The trio goes to Tim's office and he tells them that he's selling out. It's the only way he can be fair to Rosemary, and Tim tells them that it's his decision, not hers. Even if Rosemary agreed to travel with them, it wouldn't make any difference. Joey agrees that it's no life for a lady, and Tim says that he's going to sell to the Gordon brothers, Sam and H.B.

The next morning, Rosemary arrives and asks Corky to find Tim so that they can see the minister. Pete walks by and ignores her, and she asks Joey what's wrong. Joey explains that Tim is selling the circus because of her, and says that it's a mistake. Rosemary insists that Tim can be happy with a family and a good business, and says that she'll make it work.

Later, Tim shows the Gordons around and they say that they can't use Bimbo so they'll sell him off to the zoo. Corky overhears them talking.

Joey finds Pete, who tells him that the Gordons are sending him to Alaska because he's replaceable. Joey goes to Tim's office and the Gordons tell him that they can't have youngsters around the circus. They have all the clowns they need, and Tim says that the deal is off if Pete, Joey, and Corky aren't in on it. Joey tells him that he and Corky can take care of themselves. Once he leaves, Tim tells the Gordons that he's not going to sell if his men aren't included. H.B. says that they'll arrange it so that the Troupe can stay together. Outside, HB tells Sam that once they take over the show, he'll forget what he just said.

Rosemary calls Corky over and explains that she came there to find out what's wrong with Tim. Corky explains that Tim sold the circus, and Rosemary figures that if that's all that it is then she can make Tim happy.

Later at the hotel, Tim paces nervously in his room. He has Joey confirm that he has the ring, and Pete comes in. When Tim goes over to talk to him, Pete says that he's checking in until he gets a new job. He explains that the Gordons gave him his choice of going to Alaska or quitting, and Pete quit. They've also posted a list of who they're letting go, including Joey, Corky, and Bimbo. Rosemary comes down and tells Tim that the guests are waiting, and Tim says that there's trouble at the circus and he has to straighten it out. She tells him that it's not his concern, and says that she won't marry a man who is in love with two women: her and the circus. Rosemary figures that Tim will never be happy anywhere else, and there'd be no room right now for her in his life. Tim agrees but says that he'll be back. Rosemary gets the ring and gives it to Tim as a reminder, and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2017

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