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Counterfeit Clown Recap

Tim tells Joey that they're giving a special performance for Minerva "Minnie" Murdock, a rich woman who owns the estate that they passed on the way in. The owner asks Joey to talk to Martha, and Joey eagerly agrees.

At the estate, Martha asks Gerald Van Dorne to come over. She explains that she's having Gerald put in charge of her mines , and Gerald agrees. Martha serves tea and says that he can give up his brokerage business and concentrate on her financial affairs. Gerald lectures her on her manners, just as her old friend Judge Josh Simmons arrives and calls Minerva "Minnie," much to her distaste.

Once Gerald leaves, Minerva asks Simmons to draw up power of attorney papers for Gerald. Simmons warns against it, but Minerva says that she and Gerald are marrying in a month. The judge admits that he's in love with Minerva, but figures that she made the right choice when she married her first husband, Husband. Simmons warns Minerva that she's making a mistake this time, but Minerva figures that Gerald can give her refinement and social position. She's always wanted to be a lady, and Simmons assures her that she's always been a lady. Minerva says that the old days are gone and she wants to forget them, and she's always dreamed of being like the fine ladies. Simmons warns her that if Gerald doesn't live up to what Minerva expects, he'll punch her.

Joey and Corky arrive and Minerva tells Simmons that she's throwing a small party to celebrate the engagement. They work out a deal and Minerva pays them twice what they'd normally get. Corky is looking at gold rocks that Minerva has in a case, and she explains that they're from her mines. She talks about Hardpan, saying he was honest, and lets Corky keep a rock with gold. Minerva goes to get the money from her safe behind the portrait of Minerva, and the maid Doris comes in. Joey thinks that she's Maisy, a girl who used to work with the Callahan show and was married to Frank Davis, but Maisy tells him that he's mistaken. She quickly leaves, and Minerva pays Joey.

Back at the circus, Joey trims Corky's hair and talks about the mountains filled with valuable ore. Simmons comes over and asks Joey about Maisy. Joey gives a description of Frank, but it's rather vague. He has a wedding photo of Frank from his wedding and gets it out for Simmons.

Maisy goes to Gerald at his office. Simmons comes in behind her and she tries to excuse herself. The judge says that he knows that the couple are the Davises, and shows them the wedding photo. Simmons explains that Joey will testify that Frank and Maisy aren't who they claim, and gives them one hour to get out of town. Once Simmons leave, Frank tells Maisy that he wants to take the goods from Minerva's safe. He's figured out a way to get onto the property without anyone realizing that it's him.

The rest of the circus takes off, and Joey comes out last to ride with Tim and Corky. Frank sneaks into the changing tent and puts on Joey's spare clown costume.

At the estate, Tim presents the first act on the front lawn. Joey has Corky get him some water. Meanwhile, Frank runs up to the front gate and the guard lets him in, figuring that he's with the circus. As he gets backstage, Joey comes up with the water and mistakes Frank for Joey. Frank plays along and then takes off. Joey comes back and complains that Corky took all the water and gave the rest to Bimbo. The clown goes to get his own water, and Corky wonders if the heat is getting to Joey.

Frank enters the study, opens the safe, and starts packing away the contents. The butler Judson comes in and Frank punches him and runs out.

After the show, Joey is removing his makeup when Corky sees Frank running across the yard. He ducks into the brush and removes the clown makeup. Joey and Corky find him and Frank reminds Joey that he's his old pal. He claims that he borrowed Joey's spare outfit for a masquerade party. When Joy doesn't fall for it, Frank draws a gun and leads them away.

Frank takes Joey and Corky to the estate stable so he can lock them up and make his escape. Once Frank leaves, Joey and Corky try and fail to break down the door.

Once the show ends, Minerva starts to tell the ladies that she's getting married. Simmons interrupts to say that he has to tell her something in private.

Judson wakes up and runs out. He tells Minerva that one of the clowns robbed her safe. Tim hears him and comes over, and recognizes Joey from the butler's description. He insists that Joey wouldn't do it, but Minerva points out that Joey was there that morning and saw where the safe was. Minerva demands that SImmons arrest the entire circus, and Tim confirms that he would have gone back to the circus with the others.

Corky hears Bimbo outside, and calls to the elephant. It smashes the door down and they go to the estate. Minerva demands her jewels, and Joey explains that Frank stole the jewels and is married to Maisy. Corky insists that it's the truth, and Joey says that Frank is on his way to Juncture City. Minerva tells Judson to go to the circus grounds and tell Simmons, while she deals with Frank personally. Joey and Corky go with her as she leaves by wagon.

Frank and Daisy are on the road when Minerva spots them and gives chase. The couple finally pull over and try to run, and Joey tackles Frank. Minerva grabs Maisy, and Simmons, Tim, and the sheriff arrive. Simmons punches Frank unconscious and Minerva tells Simmons to call her "Minnie" from now on. Simmons has Minerva apologize, and she invites them to come over to her house after the matinee because she'll have a surprise for them. Minerva then leads Simmons off, saying that they have a wedding announcement to make.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2017

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