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What Family Actually Means Recap

At Teagan's rehearsal dinner, Nomi sits at the table next to Teagan. Lawrence seats his wife, Janet, and Nomi tells Teagan that she'll be right back. She goes over to Amanita with two flutes of champagne, and Amanita asks her how she's holding up. Amanita asks Nomi if she's going to do the toast, and Nomi admits that some people are glaring at her. As Nomi says that she might fake a headache and leave, Www comes over and suggests that for the family's sake, it would be best if Nomi might have one of her "headaches" and left early.

Nomi goes to the mike and begins the toast. She explains that she's transgender and her parents avoid the subject. Nomi then talks about how nice Teagan is, and how Nomi was the difficult one. She picked fights with Teagan , but Teagan knew she had forged Janet's signature on the medical release for her operation. She didn't stop the operation, and was there for Nomi when she came out from anesthesia. Teagan sang Happy Birthday for to her, and that was when Nomi meant what family meant. Wolfgang visits, telling Teagan's fiancé Tom to treat Teagan well, and Nomi goes back to her seat as everyone applauds.

Kala , Priya, and Daya are out shopping and talk about Kala's friend. They discuss her and Kala says that she's wasted being a mother when she has a top mind. Priya says that Kala should wait and see once she and Rajan start having children.

Capheus returns home and finds his campaign posters and t-shirts on the couch. He makes sure that his sleeping mother is comfortable and leaves.

Riley and Diego go through the CCTV footage, looking for images of Carol.

Using Nomi's fake ID, Sun slips into the gala and collects her bartender uniform. She sees a poster of Joong-Ki and stares at it for a moment.

Felix returns to the shop and Wolfgang emerges from the shadows and puts a gun to his head. Wolfgang explains that he has to lay low, and Felix warns him that the cops are looking for him. Sebastian keeps calling Felix, and Wolfgang admits that it's bad. He suggests that it's time to leave Berlin and Felix wonders if it's time for the India plan.

As they have coffee, Priya asks Kala if everything is okay between her and Rajan. Kala says that there are some things that they didn't know about each other that they're processing, and her mother suggests that Kala needs time just like she did when she first moved to Bombay.

Riley finds a photo of Carol, and tells Will via visit that they found her. She and Diego go to Carol's house, and Riley sees a memory-echo of Angelica and Whispers coming there. Nobody answers the door, and they go around the back to find a way in.

Capheus is walking down the street and sees a vendor selling Van Damme DVDs. He notices two men watching him and quickly goes off, and the two men follow. Capheus runs, trying to ditch them, and ducks down an alleyway. They split up and Capheus knocks one man down and demands answers.

Riley breaks in a patio door and goes in with Diego. Maggot-covered food is on the dining table, and Riley and Will see memory-echoes of Angelica and Carol taking Raoul to the basement. Diego leads the way down and Riley sees the lab where Angelica, Kolovi and Carol worked on Raoul. She finds the neuro-graft control helmet, and sees a concealed panel in the memory-echoes. Riley opens it and "sees" Angelica putting Raoul into the small cell-like chamber, and then apologizing to him as he dies. Afterward, Carol closes the panel.

Diego points out that they haven't found any evidence of a crime, and Riley suggests that they go back upstairs. They find the bathroom and memory-echoes of Jonas confronting Carol as she takes sleeping pills and then cutting her wrists. There's a bloody knife on the floor and Carol's corpse is in the bathtub.

Capheus drives to Silas' home and confronts the man. Silas and Amondi are playing checkers, and Silas sends Amondi to do her homework. Capheus then tells Silas that he knows he's sending men to watch him. Silas explains that there is a bounty on Capheus' head, and he send his men to protect them. After Capheus' rally, they will know how dangerous he is to Mandiba. They both agree that Capheus withdraw, and Capheus asks if Silas is helping him because it benefits his business interests. Silas tells him that he's doing it for family, and he intends to marry Shiro.

Nomi, Amanita, and Bug arrive at the church for the wedding, unaware that Bendix is parked across the street. The wedding starts on time and Nomi joins the wedding party. Bug and Amanita take their seats and Amanita compliments Bug on his tux. The wedding party comes in and Sun--visiting with Nomi--asks her if she wants to hit the best man she's with that said she's a man. Nomi insists that she doesn't want to cause a disturbance on Teagan's big day. When the best man insults Nomi again, she lets Sun quietly break a finger.

Lito is in bed watching a movie when Hernando brings him breakfast in bed. He assures Lito that he loves him and he's there for him. Dani runs in and says that she's found the perfect script for Lito

The minister begins the ceremony, and Bendix and his men break in to arrest Nomi. Janet glares at Nomi, and Bug confirms that the e-death occurred. Teagan refuses to let Bendix take Nomi, and Janet says that it's her fault for inviting Nomi. When Janet complains that Nomi ruins everything, Lawrence irritably tells her to calm down. He tells Nomi not to make it any worse, and Nomi apologizes to Teagan and starts to go with Bendix.

Amanita steps forward and tells Nomi that Bendix didn't bother to check. She then addresses the guests, telling them that Bendix has violated the sacred ceremony and they should all contact their congress person. Amanita tells Bendix to show them the warrant, and he tries to bring it up... and discovers that it's been erased by the e-death program. Lawrence orders him out and makes it clear that his law firm will be pursuing legal measures against the agent. When Bendix grabs Nomi anyway, Lawrence tells him to take his hands off of his daughter. Teagan cheers as Bendix walks off, and everyone applauds. Lawrence tells Nomi to pull herself together, apologizes to the guests, and has the minister continue with the ceremony. Crying, Nomi tells Amanita that Lawrence has never called her "daughter" before.

Lito reads the script, Iberian Dreams, and finally admits that it's pretty good. Dani insists that it's perfect and that Lito is perfect for the lead role, Jordi Gallo. She figures that all they have to do is get Lito into the room with the producers. Hernando tells Dani that Lito needs a little bit of time, and she asks for 58 minutes. The men agree and Dani makes a call while Hernando counts the time down. She calls Kit Wrangler and claims that she's with a casting agency. Lito tells Hernando that Kit is an award-winning producer. Dani ends up talking to Jean-Baptiste and convinces him to go online and checks Lito's Sao Paulo speech and the number of views. She then calls Chip at Variety, and Jean-Baptiste calls her back. Dani juggles the call and starts negotiating Lito's fee. As Hernando and Lito watch, Dani claims that Lito "accidentally" over heard the conversation and says that they'll be in LA in a week. She finally negotiates three first-class tickets to LA and an offer on the table contingent with Lito taking a meeting. Once she hangs up, Dani tells Lito and Hernando that no one can keep her out. She tells Lito to get into the room and get the part.

Ajay arrives at Kala's apartment building and Vikram calls Kala to let him know that he's there. When Kala says that Rajan is at the factory in Bangladesh, Ajay says that he brought a late wedding present by. He's glad to let the security team escort him up, and Kala agrees. When Ajay arrives upstairs, he gives Kala the present and suggests that she open it when Rajan is there. Kala agrees and Ajay leaves.

Will gets impressions of Whispers meeting with the Secretary and saying that they're making great progress with the neuro-grafting. He insists that the project is a success because of him, and Will finds an all-access Biologic key among the material he got from Whispers' safe.

Back at the station, Diego gets the coroner's report on Carol. It confirms that she took pills and cut her wrists, and Riley wonders why Jonas was there. As Diego takes a call from his wife, Will visits Riley and tells her that they can get to Whispers but they need more blockers. She doesn't have enough, but figures that Kala believes that she can make more. Diego comes back and says that Will's father Michael is dying.

Riley and Diego go to the hospital with Will visiting, where the police officers have gathered outside of Michael's room. Riley sits down with Michael and Will remembers Michael telling Whispers that he just wants his son to come home. The nurse says that Michael is suffering from shock brought on by septicemia caused by a fall. Michael wakes up and doesn't know Riley. Will talks through her, but Michael calls for his son. Riley says that she wishes Will could be there, and Will apologizes to Michael for not being there.

Michael manages to see Will and says that he knew that he'd come. He wonders why they stopped playing catch, and tells him to go get his mitt. Will begs Michael not to go, remembering when he was a child and Michael left for work. Michael die and Will collapses, sobbing.

Written by Gadfly on May 25, 2017

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