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You Want a War? Recap

At the gala, Joong-Ki takes the mic and welcomes the guests. Sun watches from the bar, He talks about what happened to his family, and how he eventually decided not to give up. Joong-Ki describes how his father inspired confidence and that's why he's come back. He promises that he'll take care of his customers. Wolfgang tells Sun to kill Joong-Ki, but the others remind her that the plan was to get him to confess as she picks up a knife.

Will tells Sun to wait as Mun and men from Securities & Fraud enter the gala and serve Joong-Ki with a warrant for arrest. Joong-Ki says that he'll go peacefully, but then draws a gun, shoots Mun in the stomach, and yells that Sun did it. The guest panic when they hear the gunshot, and Will says to get him.

As Joong-Ki's bodyguards get him to the door, he sees Sun as she removes her wig. He yells at his men to kill her and Sun run through the crowd and kills them. She and Wolfgang use tables and other security guards as a shield, disarm one guard, and Will opens fire on the others. Nomi tracks Sun heading for the garage and locates an exit there.

Sun gets to the garage and finds Joong-Ki's car. Will and Wolfgang give her advice on the security detail, and Kala says that she has an idea. She opens fire on a nearby car, shooting the gas tank, and Wolfgang shoves her down when the guards return fire. As the gas leaks out, Kala takes Sun's cigarette lighter, lights it, and tosses it onto the gas. The car explodes, knocking out the guards. Wolfgang admits that Kala's idea was hot.

Joong-Ki drives for the gate, and Bug lowers the security gate. When the CEO calls for the guard to open it, Nomi comes on and tells him to confess to framing Sun and murdering his father. Lito says that they're justice and they're coming for him, and Bug recognizes the quote from Lito's movie.

Sun walks up and Joong-Ki sees her. She opens fire as he backs up and then rams the gate. Joong-Ki smashes through, and Capheus drives after him. Nomi and Bug hack the traffic system and put a red light in Joong-Ki's path. He runs the light and Capheus follows through the streets. The police shut down the area and set up a road block. Joong-Ki drives through a ped mall, and Wolfgang says that they need a weapon. He grabs a piece of rebar as they drive by. Capheus pulls up to the car and Wolfgang drives the rebar through the driver's window and jams the steering wheel. The car crashes and Capheus pulls over.

Sun walks over to the car, takes out the rebar, and advances on her brother where he was thrown clear of the crash. He remembers Joong-Ki begging their father to save him, and Joong-Ki claiming that he was nowhere near their father when he died. Sun remembers everything that has happened since to her, and her mother telling her to take care of her brother. Joong-Ki says that he'll confess, and tells her that she's not a killer like him. He reminds hr that he's her brother, and Sun says that he was her brother. She raises the rebar as the police arrive, guns raised. Crying, Sun lowers the rebar and the police handcuff her and take her away. Joong-Ki's associate Tae Park gets him into a car and they drive away.

Nomi identifies Tae Park and they figure that if Sun goes back to prison then they'll kill her. Will spots an air vent in the prison van and pries out a slat to open the hand cuffs. Nomi brings up a street map and Amanita finds a big intersection coming up. Will assures San that she'll survive the crash easily, and Amanita routes the cross-traffic into the police van. Sun gets out and Puck pulls up on a motorcycle. He's visiting via Riley and drives off with Sun.

Later, Nomi collapses in bed next to Amanita. She admits that it's been an intense few days, and wonders if that's their life now. Nomi asks Amanita if she's okay with it, and Amanita says that she didn't have any more choice than Nomi did. They kiss and then Amanita says that what's happened to them has been terrifying and exciting... and proposes to Nomi. Nomi takes out her own engagement ring and proposes to Amanita. They agree and put on the rings, kissing.

Capheus wakes up to find Shiro cooking. Four members of another cluster appear to Capheus, having made eye contact with him at one of their rallies. They say that they heard him.

Rajan returns home she starts to tell him about what has been going on with her. Her husband starts to do the same, and notices Ajay's present. When Kala says Ajay suggested that they open it together, Rajan asks Vikram if the present has been x-rayed. The guard says that it's safe, and Rajan opens the present. There's a Ganesha sculpture inside. Rajan tells Kala that he's been in Delhi, not Bangalore, working with Agent Singh on an investigation into political corruption and Ajay is part of that investigation. He explains that he's been trying to protect her--and their marriage--and Singh warned him that he might need to move his family. Rajan has purchased a flat that no one knows about, and asks Rajan to hold off on her issues for the time being. He begs her to go and hugs her.

At her hotel room, Sun watches the newscast. Puck and Riley are there, and Puck tries to get it on with Sun. Sun breaks a toe and tells him to sit in the next room. The reporter confirms that Mun is alive, and interview Tae Park, the Minister of Strategy and Finance. He calls Sun a psychopath and insists that no one will be safe until she's off the street. Will assures Sun that the police know about Joong-Ki's crimes, and says that they need information from Puck. The women ask Puck how many sensates he's connected with. When he flirts, Sun twists his finger until he says that there are 387. They explain that they need the connections to fight, and Puck starts to leave. Will tells them to not let him go but not hurt him. Puck says that he's a lover, not a fighter, and a woman visits Puck from his cluster and tells him that they need to be on blockers 24/7. He tells the others that he's been quarantined because the Cannibal--Whispers--is hunting.

Wolfgang is in his apartment packing. Kala is in her bedroom, packing. They visit and Kala admits that she hasn't told Rajan yet. She explains that he's in a corruption investigation, and Wolfgang points out that both of the men in her life are criminals. Kala says that before they meet face-to-face for the first time, she needs to know that he loves her, and knowing it would help her admit that she loves him. They kiss and Kala says that she'll meet him in Paris.

Lila enters the visit and realizes that Kala is with him. She says that she found out how badly Whispers wants Wolfgang, and BPO men break in. Wolfgang shoots one of them but the others taser him and Kala feels it as well. Whispers comes in and greets Wolfgang, and a BPO man sedates Wolfgang. Lila tells him that she wants the last face he thinks oft to be her.

Kala recovers and tells her clustermates what has happened. Will says that had a plan but they'll need blockers. Kala goes to her lab and mixes them, while the others pack to get to London. Devi tells Kala that she has to leave if she's going to make her flight, and Kala packs the blockers away.

Wolfgang wakes up in a BPO lab and an echo of Angelica appears to tell him that she's sorry. Whispers says that he's ready to get started, and explains that it's the Traceworks and Angelica helped BPO develop. He explains that acute pain produces the clearest echoes and jabs a syringe into Wolfgang's neck. He then has a tech apply paddles to Wolfgang's chest.

Wolfgang's clustermates feel the same pain that he does, and Whispers tells Wolfgang to tell him the first thought that comes to his mind. He makes eye contact with Wolfgang and visits with him, seeing Kala and identifying her from her passport.

Nomi and Amanita take a plane to London.

Shiro asks Capheus what's wrong. Meanwhile, a tech gives Wolfgang another injection. Lila appears to Wolfgang and asks if he has regrets, and assures him that they will come. The tech shocks Wolfgang again and after a moment, Wolfgang passes out.

Hernando finds Lito on the floor and has Dani call an ambulance. Lito tells his lover that he can't go to a hospital, and that he has to get to London.

A disguised Sun takes a plane to London.

Capheus takes a plane to London.

Whispers returns to the lab and tells Wolfgang that eventually he'll tell him the id3entity of his clustermates.

Will asks Jonas how they stop it, and Jonas tells him that he should cooperate with BPO. He warns that there's only one way to end it, and Will remembers Angelica killing herself. Will visits Whispers in an interrogation room and says that he'll give him anything he wants as along as Riley is safe. Whispers tells him that one by one he's going to hunt the cluster no matter what Will does, and kill Riley. Will tells him that there's one problem with his plan: Will. With that, he hits Whispers and Whispers realizes that he's actually there. Jonas tells Will to stop it, and realizes that Will is on blockers. Will tells him to choose what side he's on, and Jonas tells him that he won't understand the choice right now.

Jonas disappears and Will continues beating Whispers. Once Whispers passes out, Will makes a call and says "Now." he then starts tearing up the interrogation room.

Jonas calls the Secretary to warn him that they have an emergency at the Parliament facility. Sun and the others arrive at the door and Sun knocks Jonas out. Will, Riley, Lito, and Kala then enter the facility using Whispers' key card, wearing biosuits. When a guard can't read their IDs, they knock him out and take the other guards prisoner. They then grab a man in a black body bag on a gurney and get him into a stolen BPO van. They meet up with the others, who have a hooded Jonas with them, and get him into the van. Capheus drives them off and Will tells the unconscious Whispers that if he wants a war then they'll give him a war.

Written by Gadfly on May 27, 2017

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