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The Pawnee Strip Recap

Pete oversees Joey and the workers as they dig out a wagon. They notice a nearby house and Joey talks about how he could envision retiring there. Corky and Tim come over and Tim tells them to get the wagon rolling. Soon, the wagons arrive in Pawnee and they notice lots of activity despite the fact that it's night. Corky brings over Harry Garth, who asks what they plan to do. When he hears that they're going to put on a show, Harry laughs and explains that he's in the real estate business. He says that all oft he townspeople are going on the land rush in the morning when the government opens up the Pawnee Strip. Harry wants to buy horses for his boys that are riding out to get land for him, but Tim says that they're not in the horse business.

As Corky looks around town, he sees two children: Matt and Annie Simmons. The children tell Corky that they snuck out of their wagon and are lost, and Corky takes them back. Meanwhile, their father Luke and his friend Ben Otis go looking for the children.. Once they leave, Corky brings Xxx and Annie up. Annie wonders if Corky is a soldier because of his circus uniform, and Corky explains that he belongs to the circus. He offers to take them to the children. They find the wagon and the children explain that Corky brought them home. Annie kisses Corky on the cheek as he takes her to her wagon. Their mother Sarah thanks Corky for his help and invites him to stay and eat with them.

Later, Corky returns to the wagons and tells Tim, Joey, and Pete where he's been. He explains that the Simmons lived back East but lost their farm in a flood so came West to find new land. The men explain that they can't give a show because the townspeople are going on the land rush. Corky suggests that they get in the land rush and become farmers. Tim points out that they're circus people, but Pete and Joey figure that it's their chance to set aside some land so they're ready when they retire.

The next day, Tim and the others go to where the land rush participants are lining up. There are hundreds of people, and the Army is preparing for the start. Meanwhile, Harry's henchman Jake tells him that he and his men have sabotaged the fastest wagons. Corky waves to the Simmons. The Army announces the start of the rush and everyone takes off to claim land.

The Simmons wagon loses a wheel and Corky tells Joey to stop because his friends are in trouble. Joey says that they can't stop and they soon find a piece of land to claim. Corky is still worried about the Simmons family, but Joey tells him that it was a race and someone has to win and someone has to lose. Pete and Tim ride up and say that they got some of the best land on the strip. They beat some of Harry's riders and they're not happy about it, but Tim figures they still got plenty of land. Tim goes in to file their claim at the land office, and the others wait.

Tim finally returns and tells them that to prove their claim, they have to clear the land for plowing, erect a shack on each form, and put up some corrals. They have to do it immediately or the land reverts back to the government. Tim points out that they'll miss their next booking, but Joey insists and Tim gives in. They work and soon pick up a set of aches and pains. Corky goes to check on the Simmons, and Harry and Jake ride up. He dismisses his boys as "high-spirited," and says that he's there to deal. Harry warns them that it will take a lot of hard work to claim the land, and offers them money for their land. He'll form a cooperative and lease it out to farmers who lost out on the land rush. Harry will take a small percentage of the crop but claims that his satisfaction will come from contributing to the country's growth. Pete and Joey agree to deal, and Harry dies into town to get the papers and the cash. Joey suggests that Harry look up the Simmons.

Corky rides Bimbo to the Simmons camp and apologizes for not getting them into the show because there won't be a show. He asks what they're going to do since they were shut out, and they figure they'll work something out. Harry and Jakes ride up and asks if they want to sharecrop for him: he gets sixty percent and they get forty. Otherwise, they can buy the land at $300 an acre. Luke refuses to sharecrop on Harry's terms, and Harry orders them off of his land. When Ben loses his temper, Jake draws his gun and escorts Harry away. Corky figures that something is going on and goes to find out.

Harry goes back to Tim and the others, and says that after five years the land goes to the farmers. Corky runs up and tells them that the farmers will work for Harry. The men believe Corky and refuse to sign. Harry tells Jake to "convince" them, and he and Tim fight. Tim makes short work up of Jake, and Harry warns that he's a poor loser and they'll meet again. Once Harry and Jake leave, Corky suggests that they go with the circus, and the farmers should be there growing things. He walks off to tell Luke that he can have Corky's piece of land. When Joey offers to go after the boy, Pete figures that Joey would give away his share of the land as well and goes himself.

When Pete arrives at the Simmons' camp, Annie greets him. He picks her up and goes to talk to Luke, and finds Sarah making apple pie.

Later, Joey wonders why Corky and Pete haven't come back yet. When he rides of and doesn't come back, Tim goes to the camp and finds Joey performing for the farmers. Joey tells Tim that they worked out a deal: Ben and Luke will take their land and farm it, and they get pie and baked chicken. Tim says that he already has everything he wants: the best circus west of the Mississippi. Corky suggests that they put on one show before they leave, and Annie asks to wear Corky's hat. He agrees and says that the children will ride with him on Bimbo in the parade.

Written by Gadfly on May 31, 2017

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