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Return of the Dead Guy Recap

A woman, Bitsy Boss, is talking on the phone to her lawyer about how her husband disappeared and she wants the money he set aside. Boss sneaks in behind his wife and goes to the garage, and takes out a hidden suitcase with currency, diamonds, and fake IDs inside. He goes through it and leaves.

Major and Shawna are having sex when Ravi calls. Ravi claims that his parents have decided to renew their wedding vows and surprised him with a ticket to London. He asks Major to get word to Liv and Major agrees before going back to Shawna. Meanwhile, Ravi tells Harley and the other truthers that his agenda is clear. They take his phone and Ravi says that he's there of his own volition to study a zombie in the flesh. He then checks on the Romero'd Don E, who is unconscious and strung up in a room. Harley goes with Ravi and says that they they're going to put on the greatest show on earth.

Ravi confirms that Don E has a very slow heartbeat and is holding steady. Meanwhile, the truthers in the next room set up cameras to stream video of Don E to the world. Bo is ready to use a cattle prod on Don E, but Harley tells him to wait until they have enough views and then they'll go to work.

Liv and Peyton look at news photos of Baracus protecting his son during the shootout at the reception. When Liv asks if Peyton is going into the office, Peyton figures that Liv wants the place to herself. She asks how things are going with Justin, and Liv admits that they haven't had sex yet. Peyton offers to clear out any night Liv wans as long as Liv does her a favor: eat Weckler's brain and learn what is going on. Liv finally agrees, even though Weckler spent time at a mental institute.

At the morgue, Liv chops up Weckler's brain and eats it. Peyton comes up and asks if she's had any visions yet, and Liv tells her to have patients.

At Shady Plots, Blaine is on the phone to Angus' former contact in Bangladesh while Tanner and the others make brains. Tanner complains that life as a zombie isn't as fun as he expected. Blaine wonders where Don E is, and Tanner admits that he's on lots of blue brain.

Don E wakes up and relives more of the memories from the World War II pilot brain that he ate. Ravi tells Hayley that he has no idea why Don E is acting the way he is. Don E sings The Star-Spangler Banner and Bo removes his hat.

At home, Liv has Peyton dress as a dominatrix to trigger a vison, and gives her a fly swatter to use as an improvised whip. Peyton reluctantly goes along and Liv taunts her into hitting her harder. Liv has a vision and goes into a blue brain trance for a minute. When she comes out of it, she tells Peyton that Roxanne caught Weckler as he was stealing the camera memory card, and he panicked and strangled her. Liv also saw Weckler's dead wife. Drake appears to Liv and she tells Peyton what she's seeing. Liv figures that she's hallucinating Drake because she feels guilty about shooting him in the head.

Major orders pizza and when it arrives, he shares it with Shawna. They talk about how they went to the same summer camp together, and Shawna takes video of him singing and puts it on her Tumblr account.

The blue brain wears off and Ravi prepares to give Don E enough sedative to keep him docile. Once they're alone, Ravi tells Don E to pretend that he doesn't know him. He explains that Don E is on a livestream, and they're going to starve him until he goes Romero. Ravi gives him a fake injection and tells him to act sleepy, and promises that he'll be back.

At the morgue, Liv checks the drawers for another brain to eat and stop Drake from haunting her. She "finds" him in a drawer, and she insists that Drake went full-Romero and she had to kill him. Liv claims that he's a sex fantasy, just as Clive comes in. She tells him that she ate Weckler's blue brain, and Peyton comes in. Liv goes into a blue brain trance, and Clive and Peyton wait until she snaps out of it. She tells them that in her vision, Weckler was being hanged. Liv says that she saw the shadow of the man killing Weckler, and he was a guard.

Clive and Liv talk to the guards who were working the night Weckler died. None of them saw anything, and Peyton tells them that Weckler plays a call that Weckler made to his daughter Tatum from ail the day before he was murdered. Tatum figures that "they" made him confess, and Peyton says that they need to find the memory card that Weckler stole from Roxanne's dungeon. She suggests that they get dinner, and Liv says that she has plans but tells them to go back to Clive's apartment and stay away from the house. Peyton tells Clive that Liv has a boy coming over, and Liv quickly leaves.

Later in her room, Liv and Justin have sex. She hallucinates Drake in bed with them, and she tells Justin that she's hallucinating her ex-boyfriend. Justin asks Liv to ask Drake to give them some privacy, but Drake refuses and they all lie down together.

At Shady Plots, the doorbell rings and Blaine answers the door. It's Boss, who shoots Blaine twice in the chest and walks in. As he prepares to shoot Blaine again, a zombie Candy comes downstairs and distracts Boss long enough for Blaine to grab the man who shot him.

Liv goes to Major's home and Shawna answers the door. Shawna says that she's Major's "friend," and Liv tells her that he came to get Ravi's key. She sees the fort they made out of blankets in the living room that they named "Fort Lust." Major comes in and, embarrassed, gives Liv Ravi's supply key. Drake says that it reeks of sex in the fort, and Liv tells Major and Shawna to have fun.

Later, Liv is feeding Ravi's rats and talking to herself about Fort Lust when Clive comes in. She claims that Drake is there and she's talking to him, and Clive says that a prisoner, Jin, claims he can ID the guard who killed Weckler. However, he wants to deal and he's in for beating up a cop. Liv and Clive come in as Peyton tries to cut a deal, and Liv and Jin recognize each other. Jin wants to go back to jail rather than deal with Liv, and tells his mutant that Liv is a mutant. The lawyer is less than convinced, and Liv says that she just kicked Jin's ass and Jin is just giving her superpowers to make himself feel better. His lawyer tells him to deal, and Jin says that he saw Gary Oberman hanging Weckler with a belt. Jin hasn’t seen Gary since that night, and Liv points out that they didn't talk to Gary with the other guards.

Clive and Liv go to Gary's home and find a wake. They tell Mrs. Oberman that they're looking into a case at the county jail that involved Gary. Mrs. Oberman says that a couple of weeks ago Gary surprised her with a cruise trip to the Mexican Riviera. He fell overboard, and nobody saw it happen. Mrs. Oberman says that Gary had several drinks and a witness saw him on the bow. Clive gets a call from Tatum's grandmother. She tells him that Tatum moved in with the family of one of her friends so she wouldn't have to change schools. They figure that someone tried to cover up Weckler's death by killing Gary.

Ravi and Bo sit at the truther gun range and Bo says that soon they'll be ready to go viral. Bo explains his theory that the Shah of Iran was building an army of zombies, and then the Ayatollah got his hands on the zombie virus. Ravi humors him and then injects Bo with a sedative. He then goes to Don E and asks where his phone is. He says that it's taped between his butt cheeks and Ravi tries to fish it out. Don E tries to eat his brain, and when Ravi backs away, Don E says that the phone is in his socks. Ravi calls Liv but can't remember her number. Don E says that he has Blaine's number programmed in, and Ravi dials it but gets Blaine's voice mail.

Boss wakes up and discovers that he's tied up in a coffin. Blaine comes over and Boss asks how he's still alive. When Blaine says that he's a zombie, Boss doesn't care and says that he'll give Blaine a fortune to let him go. Blaine says that he has his case with the money. Candy comes in and says that Don E is calling. It's Ravi, who quickly explains what's going on. As Blaine says that he's in the middle of something big, someone starts coming into the range. Ravi goes to the couch and pretends to be asleep.

Blaine tells Boss that he has several options. One is being buried alive, and another leaves Boss alive with a remarkable business opportunity

Harley brings in Rachel and she stares at Don E in shock. As the views come in, Ravi claims that Bo is passed out drunk. He figures that it's almost showtime.

Blaine shows Boss a brain and explains that it's worth $25,000. Boss secretly grabs a knife, and Blaine says that zombies are about to make a thing. He explains about the zombie virus, and Boss stabs him in the neck and says that he's going to pass. Blaine continues with his pitch. He wants Boss to help him bring in the brains from overseas, pulls out the knife, and Boss asks when he starts.

Liv and Clive go to Tatum's current location and she doesn't want to talk to them until Liv says that Weckler didn't kill himself. Clive asks her who "they" is, and Tatum makes sure that they're alone and then claims that she was talking about the voices in her father's head. Liv asks what prison guard it was, and Tatum tells them that they should go. Clive gives her his card and says that they can meet somewhere more comfortable for her. Once they leave, Tatum's friend Patrice joins Tatum, says that zombies work for the police now, and they both eat tubes of brain mush.

Back at home, Liv talks to Drake as she prepares for another date with Justin. She apologizes for shooting him and says that she was so haunted by how Drake died that she dove into other brains to avoid living inside her own head. Drake says that he's feeling a little better, so Liv figures that she's feeling better and says that it's goodbye. She kisses him, and Peyton and Liv come in and find Liv kissing empty air. Peyton leaves them alone, and Justin wonders if he should be jealous. Liv assure him that he shouldn't and leads him to the bedroom.

After sex, Liv hears someone knocking at the door. She answers it and finds Blaine there. He asks if she wants to go kick some ass.

As the hunger sets in, Don E starts to Romero. Ravi, Rachel, and the others watch from the next room. Rachel asks Ravi if there's any way for Don E to come back, and Ravi admits that he isn't. The hits come in and Harley tells his brothers that it's time to show America about their zombie problem.

Liv and Blaine arrive at the gun range, and Blaine jams the cigarette lighter into Liv's hand to get her to Romero. She responds by slamming his head into the dashboard repeatedly until he Romeros as well, and they both charge in screaming.

The truther site gets 100,000 hits, and Rachel asks if they're sure they want to take Don E viral. Harley insists that Don E is just a brain-eating corpse like the one who killed his brother. Ravi says that zombies feel pain and says that he needs more time to study Don E and save the human race. Harley doesn't care, and Don E taunts them from the next room. Ravi insists that Don E is a person even if he's a zombie, and the brothers prepare to shoot Ravi.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 7, 2017

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