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For Love and Money Recap

Kirsten goes to the house and looks at her mother's old Stitching equipment.

Cameron arrives at the house and Camille complains that he didn't bring anything to eat. She finally asks how he and Kirsten are, and says that Kirsten is an emotional virgin. Camille asks about his hands shaking the day before, and Cameron dismisses it as fatigue.

A man, Nic Comenko, wakes up and calls to Sabine. He goes outside to the pool to look for her, and finds her floating dead in the water.

Cameron arrives in the lab and asks Linus how his mother is holding up. Linus says that he's good and goes up to talk to Maggie. He asks about Ivy and Maggie immediately tells him no. She doesn't trust Ivy and they don't know what her connection is to Daniel, and Linus suggests that they just ask her. Maggie dismisses him.

Kirsten comes in and Cameron tells her that he reviewed the lab video and he didn't say what Kirsten heard in the Stitch. He suggests that the time Kirsten spent in the Stitch affected her senses and wants to run some tests, and Kirsten insists that he's fine. Cameron suggests that they have dinner and talk about the two of them. Before Kirsten can answer, an alert goes off that they have a new stitch.

Camille briefs the team on Sabine Colt's death. She drowned, but there were signs of a struggle. Quincy is checking out to see who is paying Nic's bills, and they prepare Sabine for the Stitch. Cameron fusses over her until she cuts him off, and Camille asks Cameron if he's fine. He insists that he is and they begin the Stitch. In Sabine's memories, Kirsten sees Nic and Sabine having drinks. They have sex and Kirsten's vital signals go up in response to what she's seeing.

Linus directs her to a memory hot spot and Kirsten finds herself on a street in NYC. Everything's foggy, and Kirsten sees a man give Sabine a phone and saying that her parents will be taken care of. Kirsten then sees Sabine asking about a big contract Nic's father was supposed to get. When she sees Sabine dialing a phone number, Kirsten calls the numbers out and then finds herself in a field. Sabine has a messenger bag but Kirsten can't make out what's in it. There's another memory of Sabine and Nic having sex, and Kirsten starts to react again.

The Stitch jumps to the death memory, and Sabine is in the pool watching Nic go. someone then grabs her and drowns her, and Kirsten bounces. She says that Sabine was spying on Nic for the guy in NYC, but she doesn't think Nic killed Sabine. Camille suggests that Nic's father Victor did it, and soon brings up the file on the man. He's a powerful businessman and his company just landed a huge steel contract with the Russian military. Camille says that Victor never leaves Russia because he survived three attempts on his life. He never travels without private security, and runs his operation himself. The only person Victor trusts is his so Nic. While they bring Nic in for questioning, Kirsten and Cameron go to search Nic's house and find the messenger bag.

Linus goes to the school where Ivy is teaching. He thanks her for helping him call his mother, and asks if she's still working with Daniel. Ivy tells him that she isn't, and says that her father is psychotic. Linus promises not to grill her anymore and says that he believes her, and Ivy would like to build a relationship with Kirsten. As he goes, Linus asks if she wants to hang out later. Ivy says that he can pick her up at 8.

Quincy and Camille question Nic, who insists that he loved Sabine. They ask who she was talking to on her secret phone, and Camille says that she was taking about Victor. Nic refuses to answer any more questions and tells them that he's going to St. Petersburg and they can't stop him.

Soon, Maggie gets word that the Russian embassy has intervened and Nic is going home. While she tries to stop it, Maggie wants Camille to check in with the program's new medical examiner and see if she found any DNA on Sabine's body that might have belonged to the killer.

Cameron and Kirsten search Nic's place and find nothing. They kiss and then Cameron stops and says suggests that her amorousness might be some reaction to the Stitch. Kirsten says that she's just excited, and Cameron says that they need to figure out what her first emotional relationship means to them. Cameron admits that's why he wanted to have dinner with her that night, and points out a piece of modern art. Kirsten remembers seeing it in the Stich and finds the photo in a compartment in the base. She tries to remember the passcode but doesn't remember it, and realizes that the phone will break after four failed attempts. They figure that Linus can open it.

Camille goes to the morgue and checks a corpse. The ME, Amanda Weston, comes in and introduces herself. She knows that she sends the program recent corpses, and says that the pool water washed away most of the DNA. Amanda refuses to put a rush on the DNA analysis, pointing out that people will wonder why she's doing it, and has Camille write her phone number on her hand.

Back at the lab, Camille tells the team that Amanda comes across more as a biker than a ME. Meanwhile, she's discovered that Sabine's family has made a series of bad investment. Quincy figures that Sabine was trying to raise money for her family by selling inside information about Victor's company, and the she didn't want to be involved anymore. Cameron gives Linus the encoded phone, and Linus says that he'll work on it in the morning. Maggie insists that he do it that night, and Kirsten remembers that she heard carousel music and an animal screeching noise when Sabine was in the field. Camille plays it and says that it's the love cry of a peacock, and there are two of them near one of the ten carousels in LA, at the zoo. Maggie insists that Cameron and Kirsten check it out, interrupting their date. Amanda calls Camille and she takes the call outside. The ME says that she'll only discuss it in person, and tells Camille to meet her at an address at 9 that night.

Linus drops in on Ivy and asks for a rain check. Ivy offers to help, and then realizes that it's NSA business. She wonders if them having any kind of relationship is a bad idea, and Linus explains the situation to her. Ivy goes to work and tells Linus to get them Korean barbeque takeout.

As Cameron and Kirsten go to the zoo, Kirsten points out that Cameron has been jumpier than usual lately. He says that he's concerned that something is going on with her that he doesn't understand. Cameron wonders about what Kirsten had heard and why the Stitch was foggy, and Kirsten wonders if he's a worried boyfriend. She sees where Sabine tossed the messenger bag behind some rocks, and figures that she'd better look or Maggie will be PO'd.

The address Amanda sends is a bar, the Lowdown and Camille arrives there. The ME is DJing, and comes down to greet Camille. Amanda tells her that only Nic and Sabine's DNA was found on Sabine's body. Camille points out that Amanda could have told her that over the phone, and Amanda invites her to have whiskey.

Linus and Ivy try to work out the code, They figure out the code and Linus tells Ivy to go for it. The code works and they find the last number that Sabine dialed. Linus dials it and the phone rings... on a corpse in a NYC alley.

After they find the bag, Kirsten and Cameron return to the lab. They call a drunken Camille in and she admits that she's been drinking. Quincy comes in and they show the team the bags of coke in the bag. Linus arrives and explains that Ivy figured out the code. He tells Maggie that she's wrong about Ivy, and he didn't tell her about the case. Camille confirms that the phone number is registered to Jack Dalliford in NYC, and he just turned up dead in an alley. Maggie goes to have the body brought in.

The next morning, Linus goes to the house and offers Camille a ride to work. As he goes to check the fridge for breakfast, Amanda calls and tells Camille to meet her at the Lowdown that night. When Camille hesitates, Amanda tells her to creep her Instagram and decide. Linus overhears them talking and after Camille hangs out, figures that she's flirting with someone. He tells her that she's amazing and deserves someone equally amazing. Camille tells him the same and he convinces her to call Amanda back.

When Cameron arrives at the lab, he tells Linus about how Kirsten heard him say something that he didn't say. Linus agrees to keep an eye on it in the next stitch. They begin the Stitch on Jack, and Kirsten sees Jack on the street receiving a call from Sabine that Victor got the contract. Jack says that he'll be in touch, and then calls someone and tells them to buy as many shares of Victor's company as they can. Kirsten is pulled to a memory of Jack in a room beaten up by a man, Bulldog, demanding to know how Jack knew about the contract.

In the Stitch, Jack explains that Sabine is providing him with inside information, and warns Bulldog that planting drugs wasn't part of the deal. Bulldog then kills Jack and Kirsten bounces. Kirsten figures that Sabine was killed because she didn't plant the drugs on Nic, and Quincy suggests that doing so would have gotten Nic detained. That gives Bulldog the opportunity to get at Victor when he came to LA to get Nic out of town.

The team confirms that none of Victor's jets have left Russia in the last 24 hours. Camille has gotten Victor's aliases from the Interpol registry database, and then discovered that tickets were issued to one of the aliases. Maggie calls LAX to have them hold the Comenkos, and congratulates Camille on her work. Camille tells Cameron and Kirsten what she's found, and Kirsten figures that Victor wouldn't fly commercial. Cameron figures that Victor would hire local security, and they figure that they have to hack Victor's banking records and see if he's hired any LA-based security. Kirsten has an idea and leaves.

Quincy soon calls and says that the tickets were a smokescreen. Kirsten brings Ivy in and tells Maggie that they need her expertise because she knows how to navigate the international banking system. Cameron doesn't think that it's a good idea, but Camille figures that everyone deserves to be trusted. Maggie reluctantly agrees and Ivy goes to work. She soon identifies the security company that Victor has used in LA, and Camille determines that they've been dispatched to a private hangar at the Santa Monica airport. They figure the Comenkos are at the firm's HQ, and Maggie tells Ivy that it's time for her to go.

A security team escort Victor and Nic out of the building. The team arrives, identifies themselves as NSA, and Maggie tells Victor that they are being detained. She warns that her life is in danger, and Kirsten spots Bulldog dressed as a homeless man. He draws a gun and opens fire, and Quincy takes him down. Victor is wounded, and Kirsten tells Nic that Sabine showed her how to get there.

Later at the lab, Maggie says that one of Victor's competitors tried to have him killed to reopen negotiations on the contract. Victor is stable and grateful for their help. Maggie warns that they have to protect themselves until they know where Ivy's loyalties are. She says that she'll be in DC occasionally and needs to appoint someone to take on her responsibilities. Maggie says that Cameron is the only one capable of doing the job. Cameron demurs but Maggie insists that he'll be great. Camille, who was expecting to get the job, glares at him.

Later, Camille goes to Maggie's office and asks why she didn't select her. Maggie tells her that her first job is to protect the team, and Camille accepting Ivy was a mistake. After a moment, Camille leaves.

As Kirsten and Cameron leave, Cameron says that he needs to know that Stitching is safe for her. She realizes that he doesn't know if he can trust her, and says that she has a better idea than dinner.

Camille goes to the Lowdown and when Amanda comes over, kisses her.

Kirsten takes Cameron to the lab and shows her her mother's Stitching equipment. She takes his hand as they look at it.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2017

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