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Conspiracy Weary Recap

Harley outs his gun to Ravi's head, but finally tells his brothers to keep their cool. He then asks if Ravi really thinks the zombies have human emotions, then pistol-whips Ravi and says that the zombies killed his brother and will kill them all. He has Bo taze Don E for the camera, and someone pounds on the door. Geoff goes to check it out, and a Romero'd Liv grabs him through the window and knocks him out. Blaine drops a tear gas grenade into the room and then drops through the skylight and kills Bo. Ravi takes attacks Hayley, and Rachel lets Liv in. Harley shoots her and Rachel runs out and away as two SUVs of mercenaries pull up.

Harley manages to get out of the door and slams the door shut, and then prepares to shoot Blaine dead. However, he realizes that he's out of bullets. Meanwhile, Geoff and his other brother run out and the mercenaries order them to surrender. They charge forward and the mercenaries gun them down, and Harley sees the entire things from inside. Sobbing, he runs out.

Liv goes back to normal and the mercenaries run in. Major is with them and Liv asks him to tell his friends to stop pointing their guns at them. The team goes outside and Chase tells them that he wanted to take them alive. Blaine thanks him for helping them and introduces himself, and Chase explains that one of his people intercepted the viral stream. Liv tells Chase that Harley escaped, and Blaine asks Chase to come by the club to hear his business proposition. Chase says that they'll see, and Blaine goes to check on Don E.

Major finds Ravi looking for Rachel but there's no sign of her.

Chase asks Liv if she knows about the Johns family compound outside the city. He asks her to use police resources to track it down. Before she can arrive, Justin comes up and says that they found guns in Harley's trucks. They're the same models as the ones used in the Baracus assassination attempt and the Tuttle-Reid murders. Liv says that she'll get Clive to track down the Johns property and check the ballistics on the guns to make a match. Once Chase leaves, Liv asks if Justin wants to come over later and he agrees. First she wants to check on Don E.

Don E and Blaine are inside eating Bo's brain when Liv arrives. They invite her to join them, and Liv accepts so that she can get a vision from the brains and find out where Harley is hiding. Ravi comes in and sees her feeding with the others, gets nauseated, and goes to wait at the car.

Later at home, Ravi sees Major's Fort Lust and tells Major that Harley made him call and give Major the excuse about the London trip. Major explains about Shawna and says that she has qualities other than sex. Rachel arrives and asks Ravi what they saw. She sees Major's ex fort, and wonders how Ravi escaped. Rachel hugs Ravi in relief and after a moment he tries to call her. She pulls back and says that the timing is bad. Major comes in and Rachel recognizes him as the Chaos Killer. She leaves before Ravi can explain.

Later, Shawna joins Major in his bedroom and says that he's going to take her dancing. Major says that he doesn't go out much in public because of how people think that he's the Chaos Killer. Shawna tells him that he can't let other people dictate his life, and Major agrees to give it a shot. As they prepare to have sex, Shawna insists on using a selfie stick to take a photo of the two of them together.

Peyton wakes up to find Liv sitting next to her bed. Liv says that the guar dis dead and Weckler's daughter Tatum was evasive. She figures that the shadow government is involved and starts talking about the Illuminati, and Peyton figures that she's on paranoid brains. Liv confirms that she ate Bo's brain and Peyton wonders how much of what Liv said is best.

Later, Liv arrives at the morgue where Clive is apologizing to Ravi for having him go undercover. She's carrying a bundle and looks around suspiciously, and then turns on the music and gestures the two men over. She shows them the guns from Harley's truck, and a frustrated Clive finally turns off the music. Ravi realizes that Liv ate Bo's brain and that he was paranoid. Liv explains about the guns and says that they should run ballistics on them, and Clive says that they'll have to do it off-the-books so Cavanaugh doesn't found out. He's requisitioning the records to finds the Johns compound, and Liv suggests that they wander around wham Bam so that she can get a vision. Ravi says that he has a suggestion to triple their odds.

At the Scratching Post, Blaine and Don E are discussing conspiracy theories. Liv and Clive arrive and Liv starts arguing about them. Clive finally gets them to focus and go over to Wham Bam.

Peyton receives Weckler's effects from prison and goes through his wallet. There's a photo of Tatum... and a key. Baracus comes in and Peyton quickly hides it before he can see it. He says that he's up two points, and Peyton wishes him luck.

Chase is getting a human-tan spray and Carey reports to him that heir disinformation campaign has convinced people that the video stream is a leak from a horror movie. Chase warns that the troops don't think that the zombie island will be ready in time. A mercenary comes in and reports that he ate some of Bo's brains and knows where to find Harley at the cabin. Chase tells him to get ready to go in thirty minutes... and Carey not to notify Liv.

Peyton brings Tatum in and shows her the anti-depressants that were among Weckler's belongings. She explains about the missing memory card and how someone in the footage may have killed Weckler. Peyton asks about the key and says that it's for a safe deposit box. Tatum refuses to let her come along when she opens the box, but admits that she doesn't know what bank it belongs to. Peyton says that she can have it located with her resources, and assures Tatum that once she has the memory card, Tatum will never see her again.

Soon, Peyton locates the bank and she and Tatum go there. A music box belonging to Tatum's mother is inside, and there's a memory card among the jewelry. Peyton thanks Tatum for her help, and Tatum says that there's a bus that will pick her up. She suddenly has a vision, and Peyton recognizes what it is although Tatum dismisses it as a brain freeze.

Liv, Don E, and Blaine are discussing conspiracy theories about Tom Cruise being a zombie when they all have a vision. When they snap out of it, they realize that it was Justin attacking Harley's truck. Clive sends Blaine and Don E to continue the search, and asks Liv to focus. She has a vision of Harley telling Bo that his truck is bugged and they're going to use it against them to take a few out.

The mercenaries, including Major and Justin, move in on Harley's supposed position. Liv sends them a text that Harley knows about the bug, and Major warns Chase that their intel is bad. He orders everyone to move back, but two men go in and a mine blows them to pieces.

Ravi wakes up in his office at the morgue, and Liv is sitting next to him in the dark. She tells him about the two dead mercenaries and figures that Harley is actually black ops. Ravi tells her to separate the facts from her conspiracy theories, and Liv wonders why he's sleeping there. He says that Major has been having a lot of company and she's very loud. Liv doesn't trust Shawna, and insists that there's something off with her. She checks Shawna's Tumblr page.

Later, Liv shows Major Shawna's Tumbler page with photos of her and Major together. The texts that they sent each other are also there, as well as the video that Shawna took of Major. Liv figures that Shawna is a trained CDC zombie hunter, but Major says that she's just a crazy stalker using him for some notoriety.

Rachel comes to the morgue and tells Ravi that he's living with the Chaos Killer, and wonders if Ravi is a zombie. He assures her that he isn't and has her check his pulse./ Once Rachel does so, she asks Ravi to help her wrap her head around what is going on. Ravi tells her that zombies are real and eat brains, but they're not monsters.

Liv tells Clive that once the mercenaries got into the cabin, they confirmed that no one has been there f. Cavanaugh brings a man, Axel, in, and explains that he's the ballistic guy. Axel says that the ballistics of the guns match the ones at the crime scenes, and then notices a man staring at them and wonders what's up.

Shawna arrives at Major's place to go dancing, and he says that he saw her Tumblr page. When he says that he's exploiting her, Shawna says that she's trying to show people the real Major. Major says that he just wants to go back to when nobody knows who he is, and Shawna tells him that ship has sailed. She offers to take the posts down and suggests that they have sex, and Major tells her that he can't see her anymore. Shocked, Shawna storms out.

Later at Fillmore Graves, Chase tells Major and the other mercenaries that they're running D-Day simulations, and they should all vote for Baracus. He shows Major that he's wearing a shirt with a photo of Major and Shawna printed on it, and Major tries to laugh it off.

Peyton is watching the poll results when Liv comes in and gives her a burner phone. Liv sits down and Peyton explains that she got the memory card. She runs the video, which shows Weckler calling someone after killing Roxanne. He says that the person at the other end made him do it, and then takes the memory card. Peyton tells Liv that Tatum is a zombie, and Liv figures that Baracus is the one who would know that Tatum needs brains. Baracus prosecuted Weckler's B&E arrest when Baracus was an ADA, and he turned Tatum into a zombie to blackmail Weckler by keeping Tatum supplied with brains. When Weckler screwed up and killed Roxanne, Baracus had Oberman kill him and then killed Oberman.

On the news, Baracus is declared the winner. Clive calls Liv and says that they had a recent noise complaint about heavy machinery going on at the cabin's address eight weeks ago. He tells her that they're heading there the next morning.

Reporters are pitching stories and Rachel shows up afterward. She says that she has some developments on her zombie story and her editor will want to make room on the front page.

The next day, Liv and Clive go to the cabin and Clive finds a new outhouse in the back as well as a toilet inside. They check the outhouse and notice that it doesn't stink. The toilet conceals a ladder leading down. Clive and Liv climb down and find a doomsday shelter. Harley is on the couch sleeping, and Clive wakes him up and charges him with the murders. The man says that he didn't do it, and someone calls over the radio. Liv has a vision of Bo and Harley outside of the Tuttle-Reid horse. They hear gunshots and drive off. When she snaps out of it, Harley goes for his gun and Clive is forced to kill him. He admits that it doesn't feel good even though he thought it would, and Liv tells Clive that Harley was innocent. Clive is shocked that he killed an innocent man, and Harley comes back to life and they realize that he's a zombie.

Major drives to Fillmore Graves and listens to people on the radio saying that he's scum. Inside, the mercenaries are holding a wake for their dead comrades. Major joins in with the drinking and dancing.

The next morning, Ravi sees a newspaper with a front-page story about zombies in Seattle.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 14, 2017

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