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Framed Recap

Steve tells Dan, Mark, and Valerie that Fitzhugh and the others have spotted Giants with a camera--and lenses--on the edge of the city.

A giant photographer is taking photos of a model while Fitzhugh, Betty, and Barry watch. He sets one camera down near the hidden Earthlings, and then moves off with the model. The others arrive and they examine the camera, and Mark figures that they can recharge the solar batteries using the lens. Steve goes over with Fitzhugh to keep an eye on the giants while the others remove the lens.

The photographer tries to kiss the model, and she slaps him. He shoves her away and she hits her head on a rock, smashing in her skull. He confirms that she's dead and Fitzhugh inadvertently breaks a branch. The photographer spots them and comes over. Steve drags Fitzhugh into a nearby gopher hole The photographer reaches in but is unable to grab them and walks away.

When the others are unable to remove the lens, Dan sends Betty to find something to pry it loose.

The photographer returns with brush and starts a small fire to smoke out Steve and Fitzhugh.

Valerie, Betty, and Barry go back to Spindrift to get a crowbar.

Fitzhugh passes out from smoke inhalation. A drunken hobo stumbles through the area and the photographer sees him. The photographer hides and the hobo puts out the fire. He sits down next to the gopher hole, while Fitzhugh wakes up. They go outside to get air, and the hobo sees them and runs off, assuming that he's hallucinating.

Steve and Fitzhugh go back to the camera and tells Dan and Mark what happened. The hobo walks over and the four Earthlings hide. The giant finally sits down on a park bench and dozes off, still in sight of the camera. The photographer arrives and sees the hobo, and then runs off. Steve and Dan follow him and watch as he takes the rock the model hit her head on and wraps it in her scarf. When Steve figures that the photographer is going to frame the hobo, Dan wonders how and Steve leads him back to the camera. Barry and the women have returned, and Steve sends Barry and Betty to keep an eye on the photographer. The others throw rocks at the hobo to wake him up, but he's too unconscious to notice.

Mark and Fitzhugh figure that they should get the lens and leave. Dan points out that the hobo saved Fitzhugh's life and Steve gets an idea. Mark insists that they should leave before the photographer returns, but Steve ignores him and explains that they'll take a photo of the photographer framing the hobo. Valerie confirms that the hobo is in the viewfinder and the men turn the camera so he's centered.

Barry and Betty warn the others that the photographer is coming back. They get the camera position and hide except for Steve and Valerie. The photographer plants the model's money on the sleeping hob and tosses her purse nearby, and then sets the bloody rock on the bench. Steve takes the picture and the photographer hears the click. Valerie and Steve hide as the photographer comes over but sees nothing. Once he leaves, Mark asks what they're going to do with the photo now. Valerie says that she can develop the picture if she had a dark room, and Steve figures that they can use the one at the photographer's home once the giant returns with the police.

The Earthlings roll the film and open the camera, and Steve and Valerie hide inside. Meanwhile, the photographer returns with two police officers and Barry shouts a warning. Dan and Mark watch as the photographer takes the officers to the model's body. They then go back to tip Steve off on what's going on. Once they warn their friends, Dan and Mark hide with the others.

The police wake up the hobo, collect the evidence, and take him away. The photographer collects his gear and goes after them, and Dan radios Steve to say that they're following

That night at the police station, the Earthlings hide outside and wait for the photographer to leave after giving his statement. Fitzhugh tells Dan to call Steve on the radio and make sure that he's okay, but Dan points out that the police might overhear. As he prepares to go in, the photographer comes out without his camera case. Dan is out in the open, but the photographer lights a cigarette and tosses down the matchbook. The co-pilot hides under it, and the photographer starts to step on it. A policeman comes out and gives him his camera case that he forgot. Dan gets back to the others as the photographer cruses the matchbook, and he and the others follow the man.

The photographer goes home and takes out his cameras. He drinks and then angrily throws the flask away, and Steve calls Dan to tell them what's going on. There are photos of the model on the wall, and the photographer nervously looks at them as he pours himself a drink. He finally yanks one down and burns it, and Steve figures that they can get out using the crowbar once the photographer leaves. Instead, the giant picks up the cameras and takes them to his darkroom. He starts developing the film in the other camera, and Barry tells Steve that Dan went to find a way in because the others couldn't.

Valerie starts to panic, and Steve calls Barry. Dan and the others return, and Dan says that he has an idea of a way to get in. Mark and Dan then head for the apartment while Fitzhugh and Betty fill Barry in. The two men go to the patio and Dan climbs a trellis up to the doorbell. He rings it and the photographer comes to the door. Dan has climbed down and hidden, and meanwhile Steve pries open the camera from the inside. Barry sends Chipper across the street, distracting the photographer long enough for Dan and Mark to slip inside.

The photographer goes back inside and looks around nervously. Meanwhile, Steve pries the camera open, and he and Valerie climb out. They then start removing the film but are forced to hide when the photographer comes back in. He notices the opened camera and starts developing its film. Steve radios Dan, who says that he and Mark are stuck in the other room.

The giant finds the negatives showing him planting the evidence, then makes a print. Steve tells Dan and Mark to move in and play it by ear. Meanwhile, the photographer makes the print and confirms that it shows him planting the evidence. He cuts up the negative and prepares to do the same to the print. Dan and Mark knock over a can on the floor, and Mark goes to help Steve and Valerie get the print while Dan rustles the curtains and into the next room. The photographer goes out after him.

Mark tosses the grappling hook up to the table and climbs up.

The photographer calls the police and asks them to send some officers over, saying that prowlers have broken in and he thinks that their little people.

Steve, Mark, and Valerie get the print and the camera lens to the floor and climb down. As they hide, the photographer comes in and realizes that the print is gone. He finds the grappling hook and goes into the front room to look for the print. The photographer tosses aside a flash bulb, which rolls across the floor near Dan. Dan grabs it and hides, and then rolls it across the floor. The photographer sees it and the Earthlings sneak out of the darkroom behind him.

The police arrive and knock at the door, and the photographer tells them that the little people are all over his studio. Meanwhile, Steve and the others join Dan and Steve tosses the print out where the officers can see it. They find it and take the photographer away, and the Earthlings leave via the open door.

Later back at the park, Mark tries to use discarded glass to focus the sunlight. Nothing works, and he says that they needed the camera lens. The hobo returns and sets an old-fashioned camera down, and leaves. It's a box camera with no lens, and they figure that the hobo was grateful.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 14, 2017

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