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Shed Your Skin Recap

Wynonna and Doc are in the shower cleaning up after visiting the trailer park and finding nothing. They discuss having to sign up for Black Badge in blood, just as Lucado comes in and reads their report. She points out that she needed the creature's body because she's stuck in Purgatory until they kill every creature that came through the barrier into the Triangle. Jeremy also complains and quickly leaves when he realizes that Wynonna is naked.

A construction worker, Jesus, is in the porta-potty at a condo site texting when something shakes the small structure. A few seconds later his coworker Kowalski opens the door and screams at what he sees.

Later, Kowalski is filing a report with Nicole with Waverly comes in and waves to Nicole. Nicole tells the worker that she worked the entire site but found nothing. She agrees to file a missing-persons report but there's nothing else she can do. After Kowalski leaves, Nicole tells Waverly that she's doing her job even if it isn't that exciting and gives her the file on the worker's disappearance. After Nicole leaves, Waverly grabs the service bell from the desk and leaves.

In Dolls' old office, Lucado and her people are organizing the place and Lucado tells Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly that things will be different now that she's in charge. Jeremy is developing an algorithm to track down the entities in the Triangle, but he admits that their movement is random. Wynonna figures that they should hunt them the old-fashioned style, but Doc says that he has a prior commitment. Nicole wants to check out the construction site, but Lucado tells her that they have procedures. She tells Wynonna to try and keep her sass mouth in check and shoot Peacemaker, Waverly can get coffee, and wonders what Doc does.

As Wynonna gets coffee, Lucado confronts her and says that they have to start producing or Moody will pull the plug on the operation... and all of them. She tells Wynonna to kill her a demon and walks out, and Wynonna checks the file on the site... and discovers that Mercedes Gardner is the owner.

At the site, Mercedes gets out of her SUV and approaches Mercedes. They hug and reminisce briefly about when they were students in high school together, and Mercedes explains that she's buying back Purgatory piece by piece. Real estate has hit rock bottom, and Mercedes mentions her friend Willa. She apologizes for bringing it up, and they notice a worker hosing out a port-potty. Wynonna asks about Jesus, and Mercedes figures that he ran off the job. She agrees to let Wynonna look around the old school that she's remodeling.

Inside, a worker tries to run. Wynonna corners him and puts Peacemaker to his head, and she realizes that it's Earl. He says that he needs a place to hide, and Wynonna smells Willa's perfume. She turns and sees a wraith-like creature in a black dress, and fires Peacemaker. The creature disappears, and Earl runs for it. Wynonna goes into the stairwell after him, and stumbles into Jesus' corpse, cocooned in webbing.

At the station, Wynonna brings the cocoon in and calls Doc. She gets his voice mail, and asks him to come in. She then cuts open the cocoon and smells the perfume. Wynonna turns and attacks when there's a tap on her shoulder, and discovers that it's Waverly with coffee.

Doc goes to Shorty's with Neadley and figures that the place will do. Neadley says that if Doc cleans the place up then it's his. Doc wonders what's in it for him, and Neadley says that it attracts the dregs of Purgatory that he needs to keep an eye on. He says that if Doc pays the taxes then it's his, and Doc tells him that if he can find a way to raise the money then he'll do it.

Waverly opens the cocoon and wonders why Wynonna is in the lab when it's Jeremy's job, Wynonna explains that Lucado wants her out there hunting for demons, and that their new boss is dangerous. She says that Doc is distracted and wondering what he's busy with. Wynonna says that there'll always be a team, with or without Dolls. Waverly assures her that Dolls will make it through, and Wynonna realizes that things aren't going well Between Waverly and Nicole. Her little sister admits that it's for Nicole's own protection, just as a dog-sized spider crawls out of the cocoon. Wynonna quickly slams a garbage can on top of it and Waverly sits on it.

Wynonna tries calling Doc again but gets no answer. Jeremy also isn't picking up, and Wynonna shoots the spider when Waverly flips over the can. She tells Waverly to call Doc in case he answers her calls, and then they'll go to the Homestead for a meeting. As for the spider, Wynonna tells Waverly to put it on Lucado's desk.

A woman, Rosita, is taking out garbage at the bar where she works when Doc steps out of the shadows. He asks if she needs more time, and Rosita tells him that it's too expensive. He turns on the charm and she asks where he's getting the goods when they're illegal, and if it's for Wynonna. Doc says that it isn't, and he asks Rosita for a pen. He writes down his final offer on her hand and says that it's his final offer... and something she does need. Doc picks up when Waverly calls, and Rosita discovers that Doc wrote the word "protection".

At the Homestead, Wynonna finishes her shower and finds Jeremy in the kitchen. He brought the spider with him and tells Wynonna that Waverly said if he came over then he could examine it. Wynonna isn't thrilled with Waverly adding Jeremy to the team, and asks if Waverly reached Doc. Jeremy asks if he should wait outside, and Wynonna eventually tells him to go outside. She looks at a photo of the three sisters on the refrigerator.

In Willa's bedroom, Waverly shows Nicole a photo of Wynonna and Willa as children, and a diary entry about Willa complaining that Waverly would never be one of them. Waverly explains that Willa never thought she was an Earp, and neither did Bobo. Nicole warns Waverly not to believe Bobo, but Waverly insists that there was a side to him that wouldn't lie to her. Her lover assures her that she's an Earp and they kiss. Wynonna comes in and realizes that she's interrupting, and Nicole quickly excuses herself. Once they're alone, Wynonna says that Willa is haunting her and wonders why. Waverly suggests that Willa can't leave and they need to exorcise her by burning her things.

After Doc arrives, Jeremy dissects the spider. Doc asks for help with his voice mail, just as Wynonna and Waverly come through with Willa's belongings and tell Doc to meet them outside in five minutes. Jeremy goes to the door and watches the sisters starting a fire. Doc goes out to join them, and Jeremy goes back to work.

At the old school, Mercedes is on the phone to her sister when she hears something moving. The wraith moves silently behind her, and Mercedes hangs up as something skitters in the darkness. The temperature drops and Mercedes panics and runs.

Wynonna and Waverly drink and burn things, and a drunken Wynonna runs into the barn where Doc is waiting. She explains what they're doing, and says that she can't lead the team. Doc assures her that it's okay to miss Dolls, and warns that he can't come back there because it's the first place Black Badge will look for him. Wynonna says that she wouldn't have kissed Dolls if she thought Doc was alive, and Doc tells her that she's free to kiss who she likes. She starts to kiss him, and Doc turns away. Wynonna wonders how he can turn his emotions on and off, and Doc says that he has other business to tend to. She tells him that they have to play ball with Black Badge or they're dead, and he says that he doesn't see a point in sticking around to see her go soft. Angry, he storms out.

After Wynonna goes back to the shower, Jeremy runs out and says that the creature was a baby and he figures that it has siblings. Mercedes calls Wynonna and begs Wynonna to come help her, as two spiders close in on her.

Wynonna and Waverly arrive and Wynonna kills the spiders. Mercedes tells Wynonna that she always believed her but was too chicken to say it, and Waverly takes her to safety while Wynonna searches the place. She calls to Earl as she walks through the hallways, and he runs out of a room. The doors are locked, and Earl says that he isn't responsible for the spiders. He tells her that he dreams of not running anymore now that Bobo is dead, and points out that they're both cursed. Earl says that he could stay there and protect the place, and explains that it's almost as old as him. His eyes start to turn red, and Wynonna gets him to focus on and asks if there's anything of the original site before the school was built. Earl admits that there's a few nooks and crannies that no one uses.

At the Black badge office, Lucado opens a hidden safe and finds one old-fashioned cigarette inside.

Earl takes Wynonna into the school subbasement and explains that it's a chapel. He touches an old section of wall with a door and tells Wynonna that she's not worthy of its glory, When she starts to kick down the door, Earl attacks her and Wynonna knocks him out. Waverly runs up and Wynonna tells her to stand back.

As Doc sets up Shorty's, Lucado comes in and says that she knows that he stole classified documents from the safe. She tells him to hand them back or she'll have him arrested, and Doc threatens to release the documents and tell Moody that Lucado is hiding mercenaries behind Moody's his back and she used them to terminate Dolls. He tells her to provide cash for Shorty's in return for the documents, and Lucado asks if that's all she wants as she flirts with him. Doc says that all he needs, and she points out that he could have asked her to call off the hunt for Dolls or lay off the Earp girls. As Lucado goes, Doc tells her that's what he brings to the team.

Wynonna and Waverly find the spider eggs and smash them. they then walk out and join Mercedes, who is impressed. She explains that she had to come in and clean up her siblings' mess when the wrecked the family fortune. As they walk out, two of the wraiths watch them go.

Later at the office, Wynonna and Waverly decontaminate the goo and report to Lucado. Lucado is distracted texting and walks off. Jeremy explains that the spiders are typically submerged in water, and they figure that something is still there.

Rosita goes to Shorty's and tells Doc that she's make it work. He says that is' for a friend, and Rosita tells her that she's tired of running and hiding. Doc promises her that as long as she works for him, she doesn't have to. Rosita asks to see his real set-up.

Wynonna and Waverly go back to the school and find Earl's corpse and a glowing crack in the wall. They figure that when they destroyed the eggs, they left a path for the real monster. As they look around, Wynonna figures that she has to give Dolls up but they're not, and they came to fight.

Later at the Homestead, Nicole arrives and finds Waverly redecorating Willa's room. She assures Waverly that girlfriends fight but it was the worst, and gives Waverly all of the documents that would prove she's an Earp... or not. Nicole promises that she'll be by Waverly's side no matter what, and they have makeup sex on the bed.

At Shorty's, Wynonna comes in and demands whiskey. They agree that Shorty's is good the way it is, and Wynonna asks if they're okay. Doc just chuckles and they share a drink. She says that Lucado is off their ass, but Doc warns her not to turn her back on Lucado. Wynonna says that it feels like something coming and it's bad, and Doc checks his phone and says that he has to lock up to do inventory. Doc goes downstairs and Rosita tells him that she'll need better ventilation and a dedicated generator. She warns that reverse-engineering it will take dedicated work.

Wynonna comes in and tells Waverly that she finished burning everything. Waverly puts away Willa's diary and wonders if the wraith was really Willa's ghost. She says that she's glad to be rid of Willa because she was so angry, and Wynonna admits that she hoped she wouldn't have to kill Willa again. She tells Waverly that Willa is still their sister, and Waverly says that Nicole is upstairs. Waverly sends her out and opens the refrigerator, her eyes turning black. She then takes the spider out of the jar and eats it.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 17, 2017

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