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Perfect Recap

Cameron goes into Maggie's office and looks at the desk. Kirsten comes in behind him and tells him that Maggie's chair won't bite, and he finally sits down. Kirsten sits on his lap and kisses him, and Cameron thanks her for taking him to her mother. She says that it was like taking him to meet her for the first time, and Cameron suggests that they get some coffee from Maggie's secret stash. They leave, unaware that inside a cabinet, the name "Mark Broden" has appeared on a readout.

Linus is texting Ivy when a hungover Camille comes in. Kirsten joins them and Camille says that she was out. When she realizes who Linus is texting, Camille yanks the phone out of his hand and texts to Ivy to let her know that Maggie btich-slapped her for saying that she trusted her. Camille tells Linus that they're not okay because she said she trusted his new girlfriend, just as Cameron comes in and says that they have a new victim, Mark Broden. He asks Camille to run down the case, and Camille points out that Maggie gave her the case file ahead of time. Cameron stumbles through the briefing as best he can and Camille finally takes over and reports that Mark was shot to death in his sleep. He was a divorce lawyer in the middle of his own divorce with fashion model Barbara Broden. Mark represented a lot of high-power politicians, and they head out to run the Stitch.

Once they're alone, Cameron complains to Camille that he made her look like an idiot. He says that he didn't ask Maggie for it and they should work together, but Camille isn't impressed. Cameron then finds Kirsten and says that he's worried about what has been happening to her in the Stitches. She tells him to let her do what she does, and Cameron snaps at her, saying that he'll bounce her if he doesn't like what he says. He then asks Kirsten for some support rather than attitude, and Kirsten apologizes as they begin the Stitch.

Kirsten sees Mark and Barbara arguing and Mark saying that he did it for Barbara. Barbara tells him to give her a divorce or she'll kill him, and then sees Mark arguing with a different woman wrapped in bandages. The woman accuses Mark of cheating on her, and Kirsten then sees him at his apartment with a third woman. Linus picks up a patchy neurosync, and reports that Mark's brain is flooded with oxytonin. Cameron's hands shake, and he says that Kirsten should bounce. She says that all she can tell from the Stitch is that Mark thinks the third woman is perfect, and they move into the death memory. Mark is in bed with the woman and complains that he can't breathe. When Kirsten starts to react, they tell Linus to move her directly to the death memory. Kirsten suffers from respiratory failure, and she bounces. Cameron asks if she's okay, and Kirsten asks if he's okay. He says that he is, and Kirsten tells them that Mark died of asphyxiation. They still have no idea who killed him.

Camille continues doing research on Mark and determines that he had a lot of wins. His divorce was a closed proceeding, so only he and his mistress knew about it. Quincy reports that the ME is still working on the tox screen, and the detectives found a 9mm in Barbara's apartment. Cameron finally says to bring Barbara in to question her. When Camille snaps at him, Cameron approaches her and she apologizes. He asks her to pilot the next Stitch. She asks if hit has to do with his shakes, and Cameron tells her to do it.

Barbara tells Quincy and Camille that she was never good enough for Mark, and he was always trying to improve her. She complains that she got a boob job to make him happy, but he had an affair with her plastic surgeon. Quincy points out that security footage placed her at Mark's apartment tat the night of her death and they found a gun in her home. She admits that she went into Mark's apartment and shot him, but he was quiet even though he snored. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Sophia Torres, is a possible suspect as well. Quincy goes to the apartment to see if the forensics miss anything, Camille goes to check with the ME about the tox screen, and Cameron sets up a meeting with Sophia.

Cameron calls Kirsten into his office and she assures him that she'll be supportive of him. As they kiss, Linus comes in and says that the neurosync is off because of oxytonin levels in Kirsten's brain. The Stitches trigger her oxytonin levels, and the more Cameron and Kirsten are intimate, the higher the levels. He says that he can program a filter but tells them to slow down a lot.

That night, Quincy goes over Mark's apartment and finds a leaking bottle of coconut water in the fridge. When he examines it, it explodes in his face and he starts washing it off and calls to have Camille send a decontamination unit over because he thinks that he's been poisoned.

Later, the group meets at the house and Camille explains that Mark liked coconut water. She says that the coconut water was injected with a toxin used to create botox. When injected it causes asphyxiation. Kirsten tells Camille about the oxytonin effects on Stitching, and they figure that Sophia slipped the botox into the coconut water. Cameron and Kirsten are meeting with her the next day, and Kirsten says that she's going to bed and walks off. Cameron goes home to take a cold shower.

The next day, Cameron and Kirsten go to Sophia's office and they talk about how they spent the night apart. Kirsten says that they can do, it. As they wait, Cameron points out that there was no one in the waiting room. Sophia comes out and says that she heard what happened to Mark. She tells them that she didn't think Mark was capable of an emotional connection. Sophia's face is swollen with botox, and she says that Mark kept pushing her to change her look and be perfect. She says that her face was bandaged up, and now no one is going to want a plastic surgeon that looks like she does. Mark left her for someone perfect. Camille calls Kirsten, and Kirsten figures that Sophia was the bandaged woman. The ME has reported that there's no trace of botulism in Mark's body. He never drank the botoxed coconut water.

Kirsten hears a crash and runs back into the office. Sophia is holding a syringe to Cameron's neck, and admits that she injected the botox into Mark's coconut water. She says that she isn't and Mark killed the real her. Kirsten explains that Mark never drank the water, but Sophia doesn't believe her and says that she and Cameron are walking out and if anyone tries to stop her, she'll pump Cameron full of botox. The receptionist comes in and Kirsten grabs the distracted Sophia.

Back at the lab, the team reviews the case and the fact there's only one suspect left: Miss Perfect. Camille pilots the Stitch and tells Kirsten that Cameron's worries are bothering him. She then asks Kirsten and Cameron to go out because she has someone coming over. They begin the Stitch and Kirsten tries to identify Miss Perfect. She reviews the death memory again and Cameron tells Camille that he should take over. She says that she's got it and keeps Kirsten in the moment. Kirsten sees Mark force Miss Perfect into a hidden space in his apartment. Camille tells Kirsten to make the bounce, and she exits the Stitch. She tells the team that Mark held Miss Perfect hostage, and they realize that the woman is still in there.

Quincy and Camille go to the apartment and open the door to the compartment. Miss Perfect falls out and they discover that "she" is a blowup doll. Kirsten figures that Mark wanted her to be real so that's why she saw Miss Perfect as real in the Stitch. The doll is equipped with audio and video recording capabilities, and Kirsten suggests that she recorded what happened to Mark. Linus confirms that the video data goes to a cloud-based storage system. Camille checks the serial number on the CPU and discovers that it belongs to a company, Valley of the Love Dolls.

Cameron and Kirsten go to the company and talk with Julie Underhill and her husband, Sam. They explain that they want to look at the video uploaded to their server, and Julie says that their clients expect them to protect their privacy. Kirsten says that they'll come back with a warrant, and Julie shows them to the workshop where they make their companions. Sam explains that he started it as a hobby and Julie turned his pastime into a business. They start arguing about Sam ended up fighting a man who insulted her, and Julie goes over to talk to an employee, Jennifer. Sam explains that Mark wanted enhancements at the last minute and spun everyone out until he was satisfied. He insists that they're artists, not killers.

That night at Cameron's apartment, Cameron and Kirsten share a drink and Kirsten explains that Camille is having company. She says that she didn't think it would be so hard, and Cameron points out that her comment is insulting. He figures that her heart isn't breaking over the fact that they can't be together the way that his is, and they agree to take the night off from each other.

At the house, Amanda is playing guitar for Camille. Camille admits that she plays a little, and it's not something she shared because she wanted one thing just for her. Amanda tells her to play, and Camille nervously does so. Once she's done, Amanda kisses her.

Kirsten goes to Ivy's place and asks her sister if she's busy.

At the lab, Linus puts the doll in the corpse cassette to run an analysis. He comes up with something shocking.

Ivy does reps and tells Kirsten that Linus is coming over that night. She asks about Cameron, and Kirsten says that they had a fight. Ivy suggests that they have makeup sex, and Kirsten explains that they can't. They admit that they like doing the sister routine, and Kirsten gets a call to the lab. When everyone gets at the lab, Linus says that Miss Perfect killed Mark. Mark had a severe allergic reaction to the latex that Miss Perfect is made from. Camille brings up the order form and discovers that Miss Perfect is the second doll Mark ordered from the company. He returned the first one because she wasn't beautiful enough, and the second one didn't contain the latex because he knew he was allergic to the material. Kirsten checks the orders and discovers that the first model, "Desert Flower", looked like Julie. They figure that Mark was sleeping with the artist at the company. Cameron, Kirsten, and Quincy head for the company.

The trio calls ahead and has Sam meet them at the company. Sam says that they decommissioned the model that Mark returned, Cameron points out that Julie looks like Desert Flower, and Sam admits that she was the model. He admits that he was mad when Mark sent it back, and Cameron says that he can understand how that made Sam feel. Sam grabs Cameron and holds a syringe filled with silicon to his carotid artery. He rants that Mark didn't deserve a companion like Julie. Cameron tells Quincy to shoot, and Quincy shoots Sam in the shoulder, knocking him down. Cameron hits him with a doll arm, tired of being jabbed in the neck.

After the police take Sam away, Kirsten figures that the Underhills were far from perfect. Quincy tells them that no couple is perfect, and he got back with Stephanie to find out if they could still be happy.

Linus and Ivy kiss.

Camille and Amanda make love.

Once Quincy leaves, Kirsten tells Cameron that she still can't go home. She says that her heart is breaking because she and Cameron can't be together. They go back to Cameron's apartment and lie in bed watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. She thanks him for holding off until she saves her mother, and Cameron says that it's the most important thing. They roll over from each other and go to sleep.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 20, 2017

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