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Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1) Recap

In the hidden bunker, Harley is ranting about how they turned him into a zombie. Major arrives with a tranq gun and a brain-mash tube and tosses the tube to Harley, and after a moment he eats it. As he does, Major shoots him with the tranq gun and wonders why they didn't take him to Fillmore graves. Clive figures that they should handle it themselves, and that Harley should be okay there until they figure out something better. They then lock Harley up in the freezer.

Liv returns to the morgue and tells Ravi what she's been doing. He shows her the tabloid with her on the cover and the article about zombies in Seattle, but doesn't mention that he knows the writer. Katty comes in holding the tabloid, and says that she and Ravi need to talk. Liv hides under the desk, and Katty points out that the writer has a source in the ME's office. She figures that it's Ravi and that he got fired from the CDC. Ravi claims that he was speaking in the abstract, but Katty insists that they're dealing with the new "emotion flu" and it's a medical crisis.

At Fillmore Graves, Chase calls Major into his office and tosses him a gourmet brain tube. Major has no choice but to eat the brain mush to keep up the charade that he's a zombie, Chase then brings up Shawna recent posting of the intimate details between her and Major. He points out that Shawna didn't become a zombie after having intimate contact with a zombie, and figures that Major is human. Chase tells Major that he put zombies at risk and he can't allow it to continue, and fires him from Fillmore Graves. Major asks him to put him to work doing anything, but insists that the company is his family. Chase thanks him for his service and dismisses him.

As Major packs, the zombie mercenaries come in and ask Major if it's true. Major says that he is, and they congratulate him on going through everything they did when he was human. They plan to give him a proper sound off at the squad house on Friday, and Major agrees.

At home, Peyton tells Liv that Baracus is the one involved with Weckler's death. Liv points out that there are twenty other men on the dominatrix tape, and insists that they're not freezing the new mayor. She notes that she's Seattle's only identifiable zombie, and Peyton assures her that it looks like a photo of a monster.

Liv calls the morgue and gets his coffee order, just as Rachel comes in She says that she kept his name out of it, and Ravi tells her to leave because she used him. Rachel tells him that she has a few more questions, just as Liv arrives with coffee. Liv has dyed her skin and wearing a wig to look normal, and a call comes in for a body. Rachel says that she'll call Ravi later, and he tells her not to bother.

Clive is at the crime scene--an alley--and is questioning the two men who found it in the dumpster. Iv and Ravi arrive, and Clive shows them the corpse. The cause of death is apparently blunt force trauma to the head, but there are a few stab wounds and no signs of blood on the scene. The victim had a key card for the hotel around the corner, and they Ravi realizes that it's Katty.

Back at the morgue, Ravi admits that he's never done an autopsy on someone he's slept with. He tells Liv that he had grudge sex with her, and warns Liv that after she consumes Katty's brain, she might find herself attracted to him. Clive arrives with Meg Nevins of the CDC and says that Katty was working on the "flu" outbreak. Meg briefs them on what Katty was during: in-person epidemiological data assembly, tracking a vector of the Aleutian flu cluster. They traced the first cases to a flight from Paris to Seatac, and Katty was tracing passengers in first class. She had four passengers left to interview. Meg leaves and the trio goes over Katty's notes on hotel cocktail napkins. Clive figures that she was going to interview the last four people on the day she died, and there's a reference to 17D. They figure that it's a seat number, and Ravi says that the CDC fears that the outbreak was caused by bio-terrorism. Clive wants Ravi to sit in on the interviews because they need his expertise.

The trio interviews the first passenger, and she says that she asked Katty to leave at 2:50 before her news show started. The woman says that Katty was fine but a little stand-offish, and Katty asked her what she ate and drank on the flight. When Ravi drops his pen beneath the table and bends over, Liv has a memory-flash of Katty and Ravi having sex. Nauseated, she shoves Ravi away and begs for it to stop, and Ravi realizes what happened. Clive tells him to continue with the questions, and the woman says that she told Katty about a suspicious man sitting next to her. He was Sikh, and according to her he seemed like a person with no regard for human life. They bring in the man, Jimmy, who is taking care of his baby. Liv tells Ravi to stay away from her, and Jimmy tells them that he told Katty about a barking dog and the lady next to him freaking out.

Peyton finds Baracus in his office, and he shows her the tabloid and tells her that the secret of zombies will leak out and they need to prepare. Baracus needs Peyton to be her chief of staff because she understands the whole thing, and Peyton brings up the Weckler case and she wants to stay on it. The new mayor says that he might be on the dominatrix video, and tells Peyton to think over his offer over the next couple of days.

Major is at home unpacking when Natalie texts him. She asks him to get together with her, and meets him at his front door. They order takeout and Major tells her what has happened to him. Natalie asks him what he's going to do about it, and then says that since she took the cure she's found the perfect place to call home: Italy. She came back to move her stuff into storage and thank Major for what he did for her, and heard what happened to him. Major offers to help her move.

Liv is at the hotel bar where Katty was, watching a news broadcast by Johnny Frost featuring Liv's photo from the weekly. Parents are refusing to let their children attend school unless they conduct blood-pressure screenings on students. The bartender comes over and Liv explains that she's looking into Katty's death. He says that he doesn't recognize her but he's filling in for the regular guy. A man at the bar catches Liv's eye, and liv asks the bartender for a vodka tonic. The man comes over and asks Liv if she wants company. She accepts and they talk about his work as a salesman. The bartender announces last call, and the man suggests that they go to his room after he calls his wife. As she goes up to the man's room, Liv wonders what she's doing. She turns and goes.

At the bunker, someone breaks open the freezer as a truther calls in to ask Harley why he hasn't gotten back to them.

The next day at the morgue, Liv avoids looking at Ravi as they work. She says that she's just having a weird day, and Ravi boasts that most women think of sex when they look at him. Peyton comes in and tells them about Baracus' offer. Liv figures that she should take the job, because she can keep an eye on Baracus if he's guilty and help the first zombie mayor if he isn't.

That night, Liv goes back to the bar and figures that she's drawn there because of Katty's murder. The same bartender brings over a drink another man, Seth, bought her, and Liv sits with him. Seth says that Liv looks out of his league, and they soon end up in the elevator kissing. When Seth gets out to go to his room, Liv says that she can't and takes the elevator down.

Later at home, Liv calls Justin over and desperately hugs him when he arrives. She says that she's happy to see him and asks what they are together, and wonders if they're exclusive. Justin assures her that he is, and Liv admits that she hasn't had the best luck with boyfriends and figures that she's been keeping Justin at arm's length.

After he finishes helping Natalie pack her things, they go back to Major's place. She massages his sore back and he invites her to kiss him. They make love, and afterward Natalie invites Major to come with her to Italy. She says that it's Major's chance to start over, and he agrees after his squad gives him his sendoff.

Two of the truthers, Huntsman and Billy, go to the bunker to look for the Johns brothers. They figure that Harley is dead, unaware that he's a zombie, and that the zombies captured the other brothers. Harley wakes up and attacks them.

Clive decides to check out the bar and goes to the bar. The regular bartender is there, and the staff greets Liv and says that she's there early. The regular bartender says that Katty was I there every night and she was memorable because she left the bar with a different man every night. Clive says that he'll send a police sketch artist over, and as they leave he figures that one of the men Katty picked up killed her. He's talking to another of the passengers, and Liv says that she isn't available because she's going to a party with Justin.

At the station, Clive questions the passenger, Reese. Edsall. His wife was in coach on the flight due to a screw-up, and Edsall switched seats with the girl sitting next to his wife so he wouldn't have to listen to her bitch about him abandoning her. Clive realizes that the seat was 17D.

At the send-off, Major arrives and introduces Natalie to everyone. Justin tells him that Liv is running late, and they start drinking.

Liv goes back to the bar and Chase arrives and recognizes her, and sits down with her. They make up stories about the other customers and their sex fantasies, Chase explains that he's been staying at the hotel since he returned from Tripoli, and admits that he wants to have sex with a beautiful woman in his room. He invites liv to match it, and she starts with her being naked.

Cavanaugh brings Clive a fax from the CDC: a passenger iD request. The detective asks Clive if he's seen Harley recently, because the whole Johns clan disappeared. Clive claims that he hasn't, and gets the name of the passenger in 17D.

Liv and Chase go to Chase's room to have sex.

Clive goes to Tatum's house and asks to see Patrice. When she comes to the door, he asks if she flew to Paris recently and changed seats. Clive asks her if Katty approached her, and explains that Katty was murdered. Patrice claims that she didn't see her, just as Carey from Fillmore comes over. Clive realizes that Patrice is her daughter.

Zack offers a toast to Major and everyone joins in. Major tells them that he'll miss them, and Justin asks to talk to him privately. They go outside and Justin says that he can't get hold of Liv and she's two hours late.

At the hotel, Chase shows Liv his dog White Fang and says that he's getting his own place the next day. He invites Liv to stay and have some brain tubes, and she tells him that she should go. Liv finds one of Katty's napkin notes on the bed stand. She hides it and Chase comes out and asks if he can talk her into staying.

Harley wanders into the party, and the mercenaries confront him. The truther starts ranting that zombies are abominations, including himself, and yanks open his jacket to reveal that he's wired with explosives. As Justin and Major turn back to the house, it blows up.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 21, 2017

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