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Pilot Recap

In the Maine forest, a soldier lies unconscious. He wakes up and finds a German Shephard watching him. He discovers from the dog's tags that its name is Rufus, and checks his own ID. His credit card says that his name is Bryan Huff. Bryan looks down at the forest and sees a bank of mist covering much of the land.

Bryan and Rufus make their way through the forest, and Rufus growls at something in the woods. He runs after it and Bryan goes after him into the mist. The soldier hears Rufus barking but loses track of him, and something moves in the brush. Rufus suddenly whispers, and Bryan sees Rufus' corpse on the ground, torn apart. Frightened, Bryan runs off.

At the Bridgeville high school, Eve Copeland meets with the principal, Mr. Kevin. Kevin complains about her sex education class and warns that some parents believe that it will lead to sex among the students. Alex says that she hopes they won't be knows that they do, and Kevin tells Alex that the board has placed her on administrative leave.

Later, Eve meets with her husband Kevin. She says that she told their daughter Alex and she wasn't surprised. Kevin tells her not to be sorry, and suggests that he get another job or they could move. He assures Alex that he would do anything for her and says that it's pretty, and Alex tells him if someone looks closely.

Alex and her parents prepare to drive into town, and their neighbor Nathalie is working on her garden. She tells them that short trips tend to pollute more. As the Copelands drive into Bridgeville, Kevin jokingly asks about Alex's newfound interest in high school football. He figures that it has to do with the star quarterback, Jay Heisel, and Alex insists that she isn't interested in him.

At the Garf home, Adrian asks his father if he can leave so that he can meet Alex after the game. Connor walks away from the dinner table, and Jay's mother says that her husband can't hear Jay when he's wearing makeup.

Later, the football team takes the field. As Alex talks to her friend Adrian Garf and looks at Jay, Eve glances over at a parent. Kevin asks his wife if she's one of the parents that got him fired.

In a barn, a farmer is kicking a tied and gagged Mia Lambert and demands to know where it is. He ungags her and Mia says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. The farmer says that Rob told him that he could do whatever he wanted to Mia as long as he made her talk. Mia says that Rob is dead now, and the farmer doesn't believe her. He tells her to call Rob and find out, and works at the duct tape tying her up. She breaks free and kicks the farmer in the groin, and finally kills him with a pitchfork. Before she goes, Mia grabs his gun.

Bryan runs out onto a road and sees a road sign to Bridgeville. He looks behind him and sees the mist building up, and runs to town.

At the game, Connor is talking to his friend when the Copelands come by. Kevin tells his brother that his nephew Jay can throw a ball, and the friend says that Kevin doesn't know what a man is. Before Connor can say anything, Jay comes over and says that the team is celebrating that night. He invites Alex to the party, and Alex says that she's not old enough for a party.

When the Copelands return home, Alex storms off to her room. Kevin tells her that they should have discussed it first, and suggests that Eve shouldn't say no. He says that she should go, but Eve insists that Alex is still only 16. Her husband tells her that she has to let Alex go, and Eve walks away without responding. Kevin goes to Alex's room and tells his that Eve just wants what's best for Alex. Alex says that her mother has no idea what love is, and Kevin says that Eve's love is different, and she doesn't understand their kind of love. He tells Alex to wait until Eve is asleep, and then go and take Adrian with her.

Later, Alex and Adrian go to the party. Adrian says that he didn't bother asking his father for permission to go, and she half-jokingly suggests that Adrian move in with them. She insists that her family would love it. They arrive at the party and Alex promises that she'll go wherever Adrian goes when he falls in love with someone, and he reluctantly goes into the house with her. One of the girls offers Alex a drink, and Alex says that she doesn't drink. Adrian takes it, turns up the music, and dances with her as everyone stares.

One of the players comes over and wants to know why the faggot is there. He starts shoving Adrian around, and Jay comes over and breaks it up. Jay apologizes for his friends and tells Alex that he's glad that they came. Alex agrees to have a drink to shake off the experience, but insists that it's just one.

At the sheriff's station, one of the deputies sees a bug on his food and stomps on it. Bryan comes in and says that there's something in the mist and it's on his way, and it killed his dog. Sheriff Connor comes out and asks if he's done any drugs. Bryan sees the armory and says that they have to get guns. The officers throw him into a cell, and Bryan yells that it's coming.

Mia drives to a house and goes inside. A man comes up and asks why Mia is there. She asks about her mother, and the man says that she died two months ago and he lives there. Mia apologizes and says that she left some things in the shed. The man says that all of Mrs. Lambert's things were moved to ha storage unit downtown, and there's nothing in the shed but old furniture. Mia has no choice but to leave.

The next morning, Kevin wakes up and goes to check on Alex. Her bed hasn't been slept in, and Eve comes up. She calls Alex's cellphone and sees Alex sitting out on the yard. Eve and Kevin go down and try to get Alex to tell them what happened. She explains that she went to the party and got drunk, and the last thing she remembers was someone helping her upstairs. Kevin tells Eve that he told Alex she could go, and Alex says that when she woke up she realized that she was raped. Eve breaks into tears and hugs her, and assures her daughter that it was never her fault. Alex says that Adrian knows what happened, and he said it was Jay. Kevin says that they have to take Alex to the police.

As Kevin goes out to the car, Eve confronts him and says that he went behind her back. She insists that she has her reasons for keeping Alex locked up, and tells Kevin not to talk to her. Once she walks away, an angry Kevin knocks the tools off the workbench.

Connor goes into Bryan's cell and asks who he is. Bryan gives his name and doesn't remember anything. Connor slams him into the bars, sees the Arrowhead army base patch on his uniform, and says that he's calling them. Kevin and Eve come in, and Kevin figures that they should talk to someone else.

Later, the deputies go to the high school and tell Jay that he needs to come to the station. Jay wonders why, and they finally tell him that he's being investigated for sexual assault.

Nathalie is working on her garden by the lake, and finds a large mutated bug. Toads hope out of the lake and Nathalie looks up at the nearby mountain. One of the toads eats the bug on Nathalie's hand. Her husband Benedict comes out, and he and Nathalie stare at the mountain.

At the hospital, Dr. Sing doctor tells the Copelands that she should see a therapist as soon as possible. Alex comes out and Eve goes to her, and Sing says that there are signs of intercourse but no violence. There were also traces of a roofie in her blood, and they took a DNA test but it won't show if Alex was raped or not. She asks if there was a witness.

That night, Adrian comes over and sits with Alex. She tells him that she can't do anything because it will always be the first thing that happened to her after she was raped. Adrian tells her that she can't let the jocks win, and figures that the whole town will say that it was Alex's fault.

In the kitchen, Kevin apologizes for going behind Eve's back. She says that she's had to put up with 16 years of Alex hating her and loving him. Teenagers throw a rock through the kitchen window and drive off, and Kevin discovers that they've written the word "whore" on the driveway.

As they drive home, Connor tells jay that their lawyer Ron knows what he's doing. He assures Jay that he's not going to jail, and Jay wonders why he's talking to him like he did it. Connor ignores his question and insists that Jay isn't going to jail.

At her motel room, Mia shoots up and then looks at the gun she took from the farmer. She then goes out and goes to the shed at her mother's house. Mia breaks in and digs in the corner, revealing a bag. The owner comes in and says that Mia has no business being there. He slams her against the wall and draws a gun on her, and sirens sound in the distance. The man opens the bag and finds passports and money. Mia kicks him and runs off across the backyards into a nearby cemetery. The police car arrives and Mia whispers that she's not sorry as the deputies order her down on her knees.

The deputies take Mia to the sheriff's station and shove her into a cell next to Bryan. Bryan rants about the mist and says that they have to warn people.

The next morning, Kevin tells Alex that she and Alex are staying at Eve's sister. She tells Kevin that he's staying there, and says that she's spent her entire life around people like Jay and knows what they're like. Eve says that she can't be with Kevin and they can talk in a few days.

The mist approaches Bridgeville.

Nathalie and Benedict go to the library and Benedict warns her that her doctor told her that she shouldn't check conspiracy theories on the Internet. His wife says that she's checking the Bridgeville Post, and finds a reference to six people being killed in a bear attack. Other animals came down from the mountain in large numbers, and some locals feared that it was a Black Spring.

Kevin drives to the sheriff's station to file a complaint against the teenagers. Office Pundik brings in Adrian for questioning, and Connor tells Kevin that he can either talk to him or wait until Pundik is done. A car crashes outside and the men go out. They see the mist swallowing up one end of town.

Eve drives Alex through town and tells her daughter that it's for the best that they go to her sister's. She insists that everything she does is to protect her, and Alex tells her that she's controlling her. Alex says that she won't do what Eve did, and Eve demands to know what she means. Her daughter says that it's a small town and everyone knows that Eve was a slut. Eve slaps her and then rives to the shopping mall to get some Valium for Alex. Alex ignores her and Eve goes inside alone.

Connor realizes that the mist is moving against the wind. Alex calls Kevin and asks him to come with her. She says that they're at the mall and don't want to leave. The mist sweeps over them and Kevin's phone goes dead. As Kevin and Connor go back inside, Pundik stays behind to take a photo for his wife. He takes selfies of himself, and bugs land on him and sting him.

Inside, Connor and Kevin hear Pundik screaming. They run back outside and Connor finds him lying on the ground. He tells Kevin to get in the car, but Kevin goes to get Adrian.

At the library, Nathalie and Benedict go outside and find the town covered in mist. Hey go out into the mist to get their bikes, but soon lose their bearing. A man steps out with a gun and asks if they're real. He shoots Benedict in the head, apologizes, and shoots himself. Shocked, Nathalie staggers to the nearby church and goes inside. Father Romanov greets her and asks if she's okay. He realizes that something terrible has happened and hugs her.

When Kevin reenters the station, Bryan calls to him and Adrian. He says that there's something in the mist and it will kill them. Mia asks Kevin what he's going to do with them, and he'll never be able to live with himself if he leaves them behind to die. She promises that they'll help him if he lets them out, and Kevin goes to find the keys. When Mia says that he's a freak, Adrian says that if she doesn't apologize then he'll tell Kevin that she threatened him. Mia grabs him and says that he's better off with a verbally abusive bitch protecting her. She lets him go and Adrian walks away.

Connor finally drives off.

At the mall, Eve finally gets the Valium from the pharmacist. The woman from the football game, Mrs. Carmody, tells Eve that she should be ashamed of herself. Carmody tells Eve that she should leave her child Eric out of it, and Eve tells Carmody that she caught Eric watching porn on his phone the other day.

Out in the car, the mist moves over the parking lot. When Alex sees it, she gets out of the car and a man runs past her, screaming.

Inside the mall, the power goes out. People are staring out the doors at the mist.

Alex makes her way through the mist and finds a man's corpse on the ground. Eve finds her and says that they have to get inside. They enter the mall and Alex tells Carmody and Eric that there's something in the mist. Carmody doesn't believe the girl who she says lied about getting raped, and walks out with her son. A few seconds later, Carmody screams and Eve goes to the doors. She peers out into the mist, and a bloody Carmody slams into the doors, screaming... and then is yanked back.

After he releases Mia and Bryan, Kevin finds a gun and tells Mia that she's not getting one. They go out to the squad room and a bloody Pundik slams into Kevin. He's missing one eye, and he and Kevin struggle until Mia shoots Pundik dead.

Eve talks to one of the customers, who says that there's no phone signal.

Mia asks Kevin if he trusts her now.

Eve tells Alex that things will be fine and Kevin will come for them.

Kevin says that he trusts Mia.

Alex looks over and sees Jay in the mall.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2017

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