In the small Maine town of Bridgeville, teenager Alex Copeland is apparently raped at a party. However, the crime--and the townspeople's belief that she's lying--is nothing compared to the mysterious mist that soon settles over the town... and the people who die in it.



By Gadfly on Jun 23, 2017

In the Maine forest, a soldier lies unconscious. He wakes up and finds a German Shephard watching him. He discovers from the dog's tags that its name is Rufus, and checks his own ID. His credit card says that his name is Bryan Huff. Bryan looks down at the forest and sees a bank of mist covering much of the land. Bryan and Rufus make their way through the forest, and Rufus growls at something in the woods. He runs after it and Bryan goes after him into the mist. The soldier hears Rufus barkin…

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Episode Discussion

ojuditho posted a year ago

I struggled through this episode...honestly the only thing that got me through was Brocke's quote of "does antifa write scripts now".... the script is heavy with sappy dreck... nothing is suspenseful, exciting, interesting, or compelling. Literally everything about this episode was a chore to watch. The only reason I finished the episode was because the entire season aired, so I assumed it must have gotten better. This might be the worst show I've seen on TV in years. There is literally nothing redeemable about it...from the horrible acting, to the flat characters, to the pie-in-the-face social commentary. It's garbage. It's irredeemable garbage.

jerry1970 posted a year ago

The acting was OK but the script - urgh! Very bad dialogs and illogical moves, nothing was unexpected. A whole town cannot be this stupid and cliché. Second episode (my better half wanted to give it another chance) was slightly better.

ozarkbaguio posted a year ago

I watched until episode #5 and then let this one drop off my watch list. It's not bad, but there are enough shows that are better that this one isn't worth the memory in the DVR.

eyn posted 2 years ago

This might have been the worst piece of television I have ever seen. The acting was abysmal, the cgi ugly, the conflicts tired and cliché (and this is coming from a liberal as well as a feminist - the blatant pandering to today's extreme left, on so many occasions to boost, was cringey af), the characters were one-dimensional at best and offensively stereotypical at worst (also, everyone aside from the soldier was blindingly white), everything was predictable and just very, very dumb.

I'm gonna go read the novella and never come near this series ever again.

Kenmaz posted 2 years ago

A great premise and novella by Stephen King taken over by SJW and antifa scripting and characterization. Very disappointing.

Brocke posted 2 years ago

The atmosphere is good and the acting is above average. If you can get past the rabid SJW script you might enjoy it. In the first twenty minutes you are assulted with: Regressive Liberal sex education in grade schools. LGBTQ+ teen angst. Cuck male roll model. Non-consentual (alcohol) rape. A black soldier jailed for tying to raise the alarm. Privelaged white male bullies.

Does ANTIFA write scripts now?

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

yes, also enjoyed it, the set up is made for some tense situations there!

springfield45 posted 2 years ago

Enjoyed the opening, so much better then the cheesy childish stuff the SyFy network presents. This had decent acting.

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