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Flash of Two Worlds Recap

Jay assures the group that he means them no harm, and says that he knows all of their names. He says that their world is in danger, and explains that when they created the singularity, they created a breach connecting their two Earths. The reason that there were two Al Rothsteins is because the Rothstein from his world came through the breach. Barry wonders how Jay knows all of it, and he explains that he was the Flash on his Earth.

The newly-arrived speedster explains that he was in a fight with a villain named Zoom, and Barry remembers that Atom Smasher mentioned Zoom's name. They were racing through Jay's city and Zoom beat him. Suddenly the breach opened and Jay was pulled in. Jay lost his speed and doesn't know how, and it took him six months to piece everything together and follow them to learn their identities. Barry agrees to hear Jay out, once they run some tests to confirm he is who he says.

Zoom brings a man, Eddie Slick, through a breach. The villain then says that Eddie can go home... if he kills the Flash.

As Caitlin takes blood tests, Jay explains that he has been the Flash for two years and was exposed to heavy water fumes. She's pleased to hear that he's a scientist. Meanwhile Martin discusses the possibility of parallel worlds with the others. He dubs their world Earth-1 and Jay's world Earth-2 and speculates that there are an infinite number of worlds: a multiverse. Joe heads back for the station, and Martin says that they have to find the breach. Caitlin comes in and admits that she doesn't have proof that he's a speedster. However, she did test his autonomic reactions and confirmed that he's telling the truth. Barry worries that Jay is a villain and tells Caitlin to keep running test.

At the station, Joe gets a text and ignores it. Officer Patty Spivot comes over and introduces herself, and asks if he has positions on his Metahuman Taskforce. Joe warns that everyone has quit, and Patty says that she's interested. He warns that she wouldn't be a good fit for the job, and Patty explains that she's a top candidate. Joe refuses and refuses to give Patty a chance to present her case.

Barry locks Jay up in an accelerator cell, and Jay insists that he just wants to help them. He warns that Barry will need his help if Zoom is involved. Cisco tells Barry that there's a fire alarm at the docks, and Barry takes off to investigate. At the docks, the Flash douses the flames with a vortex and gasps from the effort. A blast of sand slams into the Flash and then reabsorbs itself into Eddie. He launches another attack but the Flash speeds past his fist and punches him... only for Eddie to dissolve into sand. He speeds back to the lab and tells Cisco that they need to figure out what's going on.

Later, Barry is checking the fire when Joe arrives. He shows Joe gasoline burns everywhere and confirms that the sprinkler wasn't working. Patty comes over and introduces herself to Barry, saying that she's a huge fan of his forensic reports. She shows them the point of origin of the fire, and a cable that was sandblasted through. Patty has lifted a fingerprint and Joe tells her that the answer is still no. Once he leaves, Patty tells Barry that she's trying to join the Metahuman Taskforce. She asks Barry for advice, and he admits that he doesn't have any.

At the lab, Jay is running on the treadmill. Caitlin is watching him and Iris suggests that her interest might be more than scientific. Meanwhile, Cisco and Barry are analyzing a sample of sand from the dock. Jay comes in and says that they're bioorganic and belong to a metahuman named Sand Demon. Cisco goes to analyze the sand, and Jay says that he knows how to stop Sand Demon. Barry doesn't want his help, but Jay offers to teach him how to beat the metahuman. He figures that Zoom sent Sand Demon there to kill Barry, and Barry points out that if Jay was so good then he would have caught the villain already.

Cisco finds Martin working on the chalkboard. He's come up with a way to test the breach theory using exotic matter, which will leak from one universe to another. Martin goes to the fabrication room to get the kit that they need and Cisco puts the sand sample under the microscope. He suddenly gets a flash of a woman in a speedster's costume, talking to a man who is saying he thought it would be harder. Cisco snaps back to reality and wonders what's happening to him.

The next day, Joe tracks the prints to Eddie's new address. The detective calls Barry just as Eddie spots Joe and walks away. Joe goes after Eddie and finds Patty holding a gun on a stunned Eddie. She asks if she can be on the task force.

At the station, Joe interrogates Eddie and reminds him of the fire he started. Eddie denies it and says that he always uses something hard to trace to start the fire. Joe suspects that he's a metahuman, and Eddie says that if he had powers then they wouldn't have captured him. He tells Joe to confirm that he was in Blackgate Penitentiary during the explosion. On the other side of the one-way mirror, Barry and Patty watch. She admits that Joe hasn't let her join the task force and Barry offers to put in a good word for her. Joe talks to Barry outside and says that he wasn't in Central City during the explosion. He suggests that Barry fought Eddie's doppelganger.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco reports that Eddie has human cells. Barry still doesn't trust Jay, and the others admit that they haven't found anything to confirm Jay's story. He wonders why they're so accepting, and Iris asks the others to leave. She then asks why Barry is so paranoid, and figures that Jay reminds him of Harrison. Barry points out that they all trusted Harrison for months, and Eddie and Ronnie are dead. He refuses to let them make the same mistake again, and Iris reminds her friend that he defeated Harrison because he believed in people. If he doesn't believe in the others then they won't believe in Barry.

Joe and Patty cut Eddie loose, and Joe warns her that nothing is as it seems. He ask why she wants to be on the taskforce, and Patty asks him why he doesn't want her there. Eddie walks up and hits him with a fist of sand, revealing that he's Sand Demon. Patty shoots him but the bullets pass through his body. Sand Demon grabs him and says that she'll do the trick.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells Jay that Sand Demon captured a woman he knows. He releases Jay, who tells the others that they need to look for structures that promote humidity. Without humidity, Sand Demon's body will dry out. He always creates a diversion and then strikes from a different distraction. Barry wonders how he can stop someone who can slip through his fingers, and Jay says that he has to use lightning. He wants Barry to use the lightning that he generates when he runs, turning Sand Demon into glass. Barry sees Joe checking his phone and talks to him, and blames himself for Patty getting taken because of him.

At an abandoned grow house, Patty tells Sand Demon that Flash is coming from him. She warns that he can't beat her, and figures that he's building a concussive bomb to help him. Sand Demon explains that the bomb will kill her and he'll kill the Flash. Angry, Patty insists that he was only at the right place at the right time, and gaining powers didn't change who he is. Unimpressed, Sand Demon says that she and the Flash are going to find out exactly what he is.

Caitlin and Martin check the city buildings but don't find one that matches Jay's description. Cisco says that they have to do whatever it takes and excuse himself. He goes to his workshop and tries to summon a vision, concentrating on the sand sample. This time he sees the greenhouse and hears Patty and Sand Demon talking. Cisco sees a logo and a bomb, and snaps out of the vision as Martin comes in. Martin asks what he's doing, and Cisco says that he's had a hunch of where Patty is.

Jay and the Flash go to a warehouse and Jay trains the hero in how to project his lightning energy. The older hero tells him to relax and let the energy pass through him, and says that he believes in him. Barry removes his mask and says that the last man who helped him murdered his mother and betrayed him. Jay says that he isn't Harrison, just as Cisco and Martin come in and tell them where Sand Demon is. Cisco suggests that Sand Demon might use a concussive bomb, and Jay confirms that Sand Demon has used a similar bomb against him. Barry suggests that they use a diversion against Jay and that the villain doesn't know that Jay has lost his powers. They give him his helmet, which fell out of the singularity when they opened it, and Jay dons the rest of his costume. He explains that his father gave it to him during the War of the Americas, and he and Barry clasp hands.

Sand Demon rigs the bomb to Patty's chair and the Flash runs in. Jay steps out of the shadows and tells him to let the girl go, and Sand Demon warns that he isn't fast enough to save him. The veteran Flash manages to land a blow, but Sand Demon then punches him repeatedly and realizes that he doesn't have his speed. The Flash runs in and pulls Patty off, and the bomb goes off a half second later... knocking him away. Sand Demon's body absorbs the blast, and Sand Demon chokes Jay. Jay nods to Barry, who runs at top speed and summons the lightning. He releases it in a blast and turns Sand Demon's body into glass. The villain's body falls and he shatters into a thousand pieces. Patty wakes up and both Flashes go to her.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin binds Jay's wound and says that he was courageous standing up to Sand Demon without his powers. Jay admits that it's hard dealing with the loss of something important to him, and Caitlin says that she's been through the same thing... and it gets easier every day. She says that he has to find a new way to live, and apologizes on Barry's behalf as Barry comes in. Once they're alone, Barry thanks Jay for being patient with him, and Jay warns that it will be a lot harder to take down Zoom. He explains that Zoom showed up the same time that Jay got his powers, and Jay spent two years tracking him down. Jay warns that Zoom was obsessed with destroying him, and now he will destroy Barry to make sure that he's the only speedster in any word.

At the station, Patty shows up for work. Joe apologizes for involving her and says that he checked her background and discovered she was connected to Mark Marden. He asks why Patty wants to do it, and she admits that Marden killed her father before he got superpowers. Patty wants to stop metahumans even if she doesn't have powers, and Joe is the only person she knows who also wants to do that. Satisfied, Joe tells her to show up for work the next Monday.

As Joe leaves, his ex-wife calls his name. He wonders why she's there, and she says that he didn't return her calls and she wanted to see him and Iris.

At the lab, Martin and Cisco continue their search for the breach. Martin asks what's going on with Cisco and his "hunches," and Cisco says that he's having visions of horrible things. Each time he gets a vibe and then a vision of what has happened. Cisco says that he just wants it to stop and doesn't want anyone to know. He tells Martin that Harrison said he gave him the power, but everything he did was evil. Martin promises not to tell anyone, just as their search results come up.

Later, Martin and Cisco tell the others that they've detected 52 breaches scattered throughout the city. The most significant breach is one inside S.T.A.R. Labs. Martin suddenly collapses in mid-explanation and the others go to him.

On another Earth, a guide welcomes visitors to S.T.A.R. Labs. The founder comes by: Dr. Harrison Wells.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

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