Flash of Two Worlds

The team's visitor, Jay Garrick, explains that he comes from a parallel world and was a speedster there, but lost his powers transitioning over. Now he insists that Barry needs his help fighting a new metahuman, Sand Demon, who came from Jay's world. Meanwhile, Officer Patty Spivot tries to join Joe's Metahuman Taskforce.


By Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

Jay assures the group that he means them no harm, and says that he knows all of their names. He says that their world is in danger, and explains that when they created the singularity, they created a breach connecting their two Earths. The reason that there were two Al Rothsteins is because the Rothstein from his world came through the breach. Barry wonders how Jay knows all of it, and he explains that he was the Flash on his Earth. The newly-arrived speedster explains that he was in a fight…

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Episode Discussion

marsters posted 3 years ago

I dont know why but something missing about season 2.

I liked season 1 after episode 15th but now i dont know not same

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Just watched the episode, the ending was kind of intriguing :)

JAGUARDOG posted 3 years ago

OK, I see that Zoom has a voice now however I never heard a voice without a body so what part of this episode did I miss and what did Zoom presumably say anyone?

Also did Tony Todd not appear in at least 1 maybe more episodes of Smallville or am I thinking of the wrong person?

cobraa posted 3 years ago

really enjoying this series..

TheHarryManback posted 3 years ago

This show gets better every episode. I really like how they are using things from the comics and creating something good but no entirely equal to the comic universe.

teros posted 3 years ago

Great episode! Nice twist with this all earth 2 thing. I am not really anxious how the script is going to play out, i just enjoy the development of the story as it goes letting it suprise me as it should.

cairns1986 posted 3 years ago

Really good episode, I thought Zoom was destined to be Wells, but after the ending I'm not so sure. Could it be Thawne? Or Barry himself from Earth 2?

Gadfly posted 3 years ago

They've selected someone to do the voice, and the actor is listed here since the character had dialogue tonight. If and when he has an alternate identity on the show remains to be seen.

Luciano_Messina posted 3 years ago

JAGUARDOG, you can see in the link below who has been cast as the voice of Zoom, although there is no information about who will be playing the role of Zoom.


JAGUARDOG posted 3 years ago

Ok, I have a question for any Flash Fans? If this so called "Zoom" is mentioned in Episode 1 and again today in Episode 2 when will we finally see this guy/gal? I have read the episode summaries for the next 5 episodes and no mention of them anywhere. Have they even selected someone to play this role yet as I have search all over the internet and cannot find 1 mention of who is going to play zoom and when we will finally see them? I'm sure the producers have gone through a lot of trouble keeping their plans for Zoom under wraps. I however hate that we are going to be strung along for months before we get anything! - JAGUARDOG

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