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Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (2) Recap

At home, Liv, Peyton, and Ravi are watching the news about the explosion. Major and Justin come in, and Major tells them Natalie and most of their squad is dead. They're only alive because they were outside when the blast went off. Justin asks Liv where she was, and she privately tells him that she slept with Chase. She explains that she ate the brain of Katty, who had anonymous sex, but Justin says that zombies can fight a brain's influence if they really want to. Furious, Justin storms out

At Scratching Post, Don E tells Blaine that choreographer blue brain is a big hit and they should up the price. Blaine reluctantly goes out and watches all of the zombies dancing after eating the blue brain. Dino comes in and says that there were Feds at the brain drop who intercepted their dropped, and Tanner got clipped.

At the morgue, Liv and Ravi are putting together the body parts of the explosion victims. Malcolm comes in and says that Patrice is Carey's daughter, meaning there's a Fillmore Grave connection. Katty interviewed Patrice, who was on the Paris flight, but Patrice claimed that she didn't see Katty. Malcolm doesn't believe Patrice's claim, Chase asked Patrice to pick up his dog in Paris to fly it to Seattle, and Malcolm figures that it's somehow connected to the flu outbreak in Seattle that Katty was investigating. Liv notes that if a deadly flu swept the city then they could get surplus brains from the corpses. Ravi suggests that the dog had an anti-barking collar that was rigged to distribute the virus. Liv says that the dog was wearing the collar as of the night before, and Katty knew Chase. She tells them that she saw Katty's room number written down on a napkin in Chase's hotel room, and Malcolm asks how Liv saw it all. Liv admits that she was in Chase's room and saw the napkin, and that she slept with Chase while she was on Katty's brain.

Two women are walking their babies in the suburbs. One of the mercenaries, his legs blown off, crawls toward them and a truck runs him over.

Blaine goes to Fillmore Graces and meets with Chase. He explains that his business is importing brains from third world countries, and he can supply the company with them. Chase isn't interested, and Blaine points out that his men are regulars at the club. The executive says that the mixed personalities are putting his men in jeopardy, so the Scratching Post is off limits to the mercenaries. Chase says that he has his brain situation under control and dismisses Blaine. As Major comes in, Blaine goes out and recognizes him. Major asks for two minutes of Chase's time, and says that he wants back in. He asks Chase to make him a zombie, and says that he knows what becoming a zombie is. Chase tells him that he doesn't know, and Discovery Day is on them. No one knows how the humans are going to react, and Major says that they'll be terrified. Chase warns that Major had better be sure whose side he's on, and Major holds out his arm

That night, Liv and Malcolm go to Chase's manor. They can hear the dog barking, and Ravi has told them that they can test the collar for Aleutian Flu residue. Malcolm finally agrees and Liv drinks some Max Rager and leaps over the wall. She falls into the pool and Chase comes out. he figures that she's not there for a booty call.

Once he ushers Malcolm in, Chase dries Liv's clothes and asks what they're up to. Liv says that they think Chase used the dog to cause the Aleutian Flu outbreak. Malcolm explains that Harley wasn't the shooter in the Tuttle-Reid murders, Liv ate Harley's brother's brain and knows Harley wasn't the shooter. She explains that she ate Katty's brain and Chase had her room number. Chase asks if they're going to charge him, and Malcolm says that they're done there.

At the Scratching Post, business is down since all of the mercenaries are gone. One zombie starts dancing because he's on blue brain, and Blaine shuts off the music and goes to his desk.

Peyton arranges a meeting with Baracus and Dr. Smith of the CDC, and brings in Ravi to provide translation for the science speak. Smith warns that within a month, Seattle will be looking at a death toll in the tens of thousands. The flu strain has mutated and is resistant to antivirals, and the dying will be spilling out into the streets. Smith tells them that they need to begin mass-scale vaccinations immediately.

That night on the news, Johnny reports on Baracus' press conference that everyone get vaccinated against the flu virus. At the morgue, Liv, Ravi, and Malcolm watch the news and Liv says that Peyton told her that the vaccinations are coming in that night at a secret location. Malcolm wants to get the vaccine ASAP, and Liv has a vision of Katty in the trunk of a car. Carey opens the trunk lid and seems surprised that Katty is still alive. They figure that Carey moved the body to the hotel to frame Chase, who was living at the hotel. Malcolm and Liv go to find Carey.

Chase calls Carey into his office and reminds her that they had a plan to quietly build Zombie Island and move their population there. He points out that Carey set Plan B--their doomsday plan--into motion without approval. Carey denies it, and tells her Malcolm and Liv's suspicions. The dog was a welcome-home gift from Carey. Chase asks if she had to kill so many zombies to make her plan work. He points out that Tuttle sent an email wanting to talk to Chase about a disloyal faction within the company, and Carey killed him and his family to keep him silent. Carey then framed the truthers for the Tuttle-Reid murders, and killed Vivian when she resisted Plan B. Chase calls for a security detail, and tells Carey that he hasn't decided what he's going to do now. He admits that it's too late to undo Plan B, and maybe he'll put Carey in a freezer until they can vote on what to do with her.

The security detail comes in, and Carey says that Chase is the traitor. She insists that Zombie Island would have gotten them killed when someone nuked it, and Chase realizes that the security detail is on Carey's side. Carey tells her men to take Chase outside and shoot him in the head, and Chase shoots them all dead. He shoots Carey in the head just as Malcolm and Liv come in. Chase explains that Carey was committing mutiny and ordered the Tuttle-Reid deaths. He says that it would be best if he took care of the mess in-house, and Malcolm tells him to be his guest.

Johnny goes to one of vaccination centers to get footage of people's nerves fraying. He shoves his way to the front and gets a shot as a "demonstration."

Malcolm returns to the station and finds Dale there. She says that she was at the docks a few nights ago intercepting a crate of smuggled goods from Russia. Two men came to get it, and one got away. The other man, Tanner, told her that she's Malcolm's CIs. Dale takes Malcolm to the interrogation room where Tanner is, and Dale explains that a few years ago, Tanner was a ward of the state and Major was his case worker. That morning, Tanner called Shady Plots with his one phone call.

Dale demands to know what's going on, and Malcolm closes the shades and turns off the camera. He then punches Danner, and he goes Romero. Malcolm tells Dale that Tanner is a zombie, and they live in a city full of zombies... and if she puts Tanner in jail then he'll start a zombie apocalypse. He admits that he had to make the same choice with Major, and promises to tell her everything.

In the morgue, Ravi tells Liv that he found two bottles of tainted Utopium in Katty's stuff. There's enough residue for him to use as a cure. As Liv presses the release valve, she has a vision of Katty going to Carey's house, seeing Carey and Tatum together, and running off only to trip and fall.

Liv goes to Carey's house and knocks on the door. There's no answer, and Liv looks in the garage and sees a tanning chamber. She opens it and finds a phone with text messages between Tatum and Patrice saying that Seattle are tricking the CDC. Her phone battery is dead, and Liv goes inside to call Peyton. As she does, she looks in the refrigerator and finds several brain tubes, and pockets one. Liv reaches Peyton and explains that the zombies plan to steal the vaccine. Peyton gives her the location at an elementary school and says that she'll send more police, just as Tatum comes in. Liv hangs up and introduces herself, and says that she knows Tatum is a zombie. She asks what happened, and Tatum says that she went to the boat party with Patrice and they were both turned into a zombie. A week later they told Weckler that if he didn't do what they said, they wouldn't give him brains.

Patrice comes in and attacks Liv. Tatum shoves her away and says that she heard Liv on the phone and she's on the human's side. Patrice tells Liv that they've already lost, and both girls attack Liv. Liv Romeros and knocks them both out.

At the school, dozens of Fillmore Grace mercenaries are preparing syringes of the vaccine, infecting it with zombie blood. Liv sneaks in and sees them, and then tries to get out. Justin finds her and sounds the alarm, and Liv runs out to her car and drives off.

At the vaccination center, Malcolm and Dale wait in line for their shots. As Dale says that she's surprised that Malcolm convinced her to turn a zombie loose, Liv calls Malcolm but the reception is poor. He steps outside and Liv tells Malcolm what she's discovered. Malcolm runs inside but is too late to stop dale from getting her shot.

At the news station, Johnny is with his makeup artist and she asks if he's dying his hair white. Liv comes in and tells Johnny that they need to talk, She says that she knows why he's craving brains, and says that everyone who gets a vaccination shot is a zombie. Liv takes out the tube of brain mush and .Johnny can't resist eating it. As he does, Liv tells him what he has to say.

When Johnny goes on the air, he reports that every person who received a vaccination shot is becoming a zombie. As everyone in the city watches, he tells people who have not received the shots to not take them. Johnny describes the symptoms, and people at the centers panic. He concludes by saying that all of the zombies are still their friends and family, and help is on the way.

People riot and steal guns.

After the broadcast, Johnny wonders what's next. Chase and his mercs break in and Chase tells the producer to run a video he has. When the producer refuses, Chase shoots him and asks for someone else to run it. Chase's video goes on the air and he explains that most of his soldiers and support staff have been zombies for the last two years.

Fillmore Graves mercs go through the city, securing houses.

Malcolm tends to Dale.

Chase says that they welcome new zombies. By the end of the next day, Aleutian Flu will be eradicated and no disease will threaten them ever again.

Major goes to a hospital and administers the tainted vaccine to dying patients, turning them into zombies.

Chase says that there are no plans to harvested brains from the living. Their brains will come to them from willing donors upon their death. As long as the government provides them with brains, they will stay in Seattle. Chase warns that if zombies go hungry, there's no way to predict where they will go. He hopes that Seattle's zombies will be happy zombies.

Blaine watches as the club's business booms as he gets a rush of zombie customers.

Human objectors advance on the mercs who are handing out brains. Justin and Major fire warning shots, but the humans keep coming and they have no choice but to gun them down.

Chase assures people that the city infrastructure will continue to function. There will be a special zombie force to deal with zombie-related crimes.

Peyton is at a school where Baracus is reading to school children. She gets a call and tells Baracus.

At the news station, Liv realizes that Chase's plan all along was to get people infected with the zombie virus. He says that he didn't have a choice, and that he likes Liv's new look. Chase is glad that she finally got onboard.

Liv goes back to the morgue and Ravi tells her that he harvested enough tainted Utopium to create a vaccine for zombieism. He eats it as a test, and asks her to infect him. Ravi insists that he wants it to be Liv, in the morgue where it all started. He wants to feel like he left the world a better place and make billions of dollars. They say that they love each other, and Liv scratches Ravi's arm.

Later, Ravi growls menacingly... and chuckles. Liv tells him not to be a dick.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 28, 2017

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