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The Frog is a Deadly Weapon Recap

A woman, Nedra Vallen, goes to the dock and arrives at a yacht, the Lady Capri. She nods to a man, Nat Pyle,, who leaves as she comes aboard and goes to the cabin of Charles Delaclaire. Charles kisses her on the cheek and he says that he has a business problem that will be solved shortly.

As Nat sits on the dock and smokes, two scuba divers grab him and pull him down into the water.

Soon, Mike is meeting with Britt in Britt's office when the reporter gets a call. He tells Britt that they fished a private eye--Nat--out of the marina bay. Britt agrees to hold the story, and says goodbye to Britt's date Elaine Carey. The publisher begs off on their date, and a disgusted Elaine leaves. Britt calls Lenore in and says that he figures that it's no coincidence that Nat was there earlier trying to sell information on Glenn Connors. The publisher figures that it's time to talk to Scanlon, and asks Lenore to check out Nat's office and go in as a photographer looking for a picture of the dead man.

Once he's alone, Britt triggers his signaller to Scanlon. Britt then goes to his apartment and he and Kato meet with Scanlon. The publisher figures that Nat was murdered, and shows the DA a three-year-old story about Connors' disappearance. Nat was in Britt's office earlier asking for $25,000 in exchange for information on Connors' whereabouts in the city. Scanlon calls the city morgue and confirms that the death was apparently accidental. However, the autopsy showed a high blood-level content suggesting he was drunk when he fell overboard. Scanlon dismisses it as an accident, but Britt points out that Connors was one of the men who framed his father.

After they don their costumes, Green Hornet and Kato take off in Black Beauty. They go to Nat's office and discover that the door has been forced and someone tore the place apart. Kato finds Lenore's discarded shoe and a canister of microfilm.

At Charles' boat, Lenore claims that she's Nat's secretary. Charles asks how much Nat told Britt, and tells Lenore that Nat had an accident earlier that evening. Lenore feigns ignorance, and Charles says that Nat told him that he had information. The man knows that Nat didn't give the information to Britt, and tells Lenore to lock Lenore up. Charles figures that Lenore knows too much and tells Nelda that they'll take a cruise and return the next evening... without Lenore.

As the thug locks Lenore up, she tosses her other shoe into the water.

The next morning, Britt arrives at the marina he notices that the Lady Capri is gone, and a worker explains that Charles cast off before dawn and said that he'd be back before dawn. The harbor police arrive and say that they've picked up a girl's corpse, and Britt figures that it's Lenore. When they bring in the corpse, Britt checks it and discovers that it's not Lenore. The fisherman who found the body says that it's Nelda, a friend of Charles'.

Later, Scanlon comes to Britt's penthouse and tells him that the Lady Capri is under constant surveillance. Britt found a photo of the Lady Capri on the microfilm at Nat's office, and a photo of Nedra with Glenn. There's also a list of construction firms, and they're all owned by Charles. Britt figures that Charles and Glenn are the same man due to plastic surgery. The publisher then tells Mike to lay out the front-page story about whether Glenn is dead.

Soon, Green Hornet and Kato head for the docks. Meanwhile, Glenn receives the Sentinel and figures that Nat did sell his information to Britt. Green Hornet comes in and address Glenn y his real name. He says that he has a proposition if Lenore is still alive, and Charles admits that she's still alive. Charles explains that no one knew the reclusive Charles except for Nedra, and his men who searched Nat's office found evidence that she was working with the PI. Now Glenn will liquidate Charles' holdings and runs. Green Hornet says that he'll eliminate Britt and demonstrates his Hornet Sting on the wall. He demands one-third of the take, and Glenn agrees. Green Hornet says that Britt is going aboard his boat later, and secretly attaches a bug to Glenn's desk.

Back at Black Beauty, Green Hornet switches to Britt and goes to his boat. Glenn watches through binoculars as Britt goes into the cabin. The Hornet Sting sounds and a few seconds later, Green Hornet emerges. Satisfied, Glenn goes back to his cabin and waits with Lenore. Green Hornet comes aboard and collects Lenore, and says that he'll know when Glenn has liquidated the holdings. Once they're on the dock, Green Hornet tells Lenore to run. The frogmen emerge from the water and attack Green Hornet. Kato arrives along with more frogmen, and the two of them defeat the frogmen. Glenn grabs his money and runs, but Kato knocks a frogman into him and they both fall into the water. Glenn drowns and Lenore returns and tells them that she's called Scanlon. The three of them get to Black Beauty, let the police go by, and drive off.

The next day, Mike demands to know how Britt got the story on Glenn taking Charles' place and Scanlon capturing Glenn. Britt leaves with a waiting Elaine to go sailing, and Mike grumbles that Britt isn't concerned about catching Green Hornet.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 1, 2017

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