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Eat, Drink, and Be Dead Recap

At Dirk's Dairy in the countryside, Henry Dirk asks an "associate" if he'll consider his offer. The man refuses and drives off, and Dirk goes to a waiting helicopter. He boards it and the pilot takes off, and they fly over the departing car. Dirk drops a bomb on the car and it tries to evade. The crook drops another bomb and blows up the car.

At the Sentinel, Britt does a TV broadcast to say that earlier that day, two men were killed gangland fashion. They're connected with the bootleg operation plaguing the city, and the men responsible must be stopped. Dirk and his associates are watching, and Dirk agrees that they have to arrange an exotic end for Britt that will leave them free of suspicion.

That night, Scanlon visits Britt and advises him to ease off on the bootleggers. The DA admits that he doesn't have any leads and figures that they're using one small still. Britt figures that they're using one big still, Green Hornet and Kato soon go to a bar working for the bootleggers and orders drinks from the owner, Brannigan. He quickly pours Green Hornet a drink, and Green Hornet asks where he gets his supply. He promises to protect Brannigan, and Brannigan says that they call him. His next pickup is the next day, and Green Hornet advises him not to try anything brave.

The next day, Dirk drives to his dairy and the scientist in charge, Carney, assures him that the cows are producing at 100%. It's time for the customers to make the pickup, and Dirk tells Carney to handle it. Brannigan gets the call and says that he'll be there. Once he hangs up, Britt calls and asks for the pick up ;location that night.

Later, Green Hornet and Kato go to the location drive to the countryside and send out the aerial scanner. They spot the bootleggers using milk trucks Once the trucks leave, the heroes follow one truck to the dairy. The place is surrounded by electronic bugs, making entry almost impossible. Lenore calls and tells Green Hornet that an anonymous call came in warning them to kill the bootleg story... and they have Mike.

That night, Dirk calls in the others and say that it's an emergency. He says that Green Hornet has contacted him and is coming to meet with them. Kato cuts the power momentarily and Green Hornet enters via the window. He demands a silent partnership and %5 of the operation. In return he'll turn Britt over to them. Dirk agrees and Green Hornet says that he'll drop Britt off at the dairy the next night.

Later, Britt meets with Scanlon and tells him to keep his men clear of the daisy to keep Mike alive. He'll drive in delivering something... but not what they expect. Kato drives Britt to the dairy, tosses him out the car door, and drives away. Dirk and his men capture Britt and Dirk says that Green Hornet will take the blame for Britt's disappearance the police will focus on Hornet. Dirk and his men then take Britt in to where Mike is being kept.

Kato drives back to the dairy and opens fire on the main building. The guards notify Dirk, who locks Britt and Mike up and go outside. Kato plays a recording of Green Hornet's voice, telling Dirk that he's now demanding 25% or he'll blast the place apart.

Britt knocks out the blindfolded Mike and then uses a concealed explosive in his belt to blast open a tank. He then tells Kato to blast open a hole in the back wall. Kato does so and Britt carries the unconscious Mike out to Black Beauty.

Dirk gets in the helicopter and bombs Black Beauty as Kato drives it away. The chauffeur takes evasive action while Britt changes into his costume. Dirk misses with the first three bombs, but the fourth one apparently stops Black Beauty. The pilot lands the helicopter and then goes over to the car with Dirk. They find Mike unconscious in the back seat, and Green Hornet and Kato ambush them. Kato cuts the smoke projectors and the bomb goes off, destroying the dairy. The heroes call Scanlon and drive back to the city.

Later at the Sentinel, Britt, Mike, and Scanlon read the latest edition with a story about Hornet breaking up the bootlegging ring. Scanlon dismisses it as an accident that Hornet helped them, and Mike says that he'd like to get the guy who clobbered him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 1, 2017

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