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Diaspora Recap

In Portland, Abigail drives to a rendezvous She drops her case and it splits open, and she drops a computer disc beneath her truck without realizing it.

At the compound, Jackson tells Tessa that Abigail bombed them on the same day that they found a new hybrid. He figures that she targeted the hybrid, and Jackson insists that they have to find her. Tessa agrees and goes to get some extra ammo.

In New York, the fire department cleans up after the explosion at the station. Logan finds Danica, who says that they're trying to identify the wave symbol on the hard drive with the ignition device. He tells her that he knows where the hard drive came from.

The jet flies to Siberia, and Clementine shows Jamie where Mitch is supposed to be. Logan calls Jamie's phone but she doesn't notice.

Clem-2 tells Mitch that he doesn't have to talk, and he asks where he is.

Jamie has a friend retask a Chinese satellite to check the area, and notes that there are no records of anyone going in or out. When she wonders how Clementine knows Mitch is there, Clementine shows her the photos of Mitch in the stasis tank. She explains that Lt. Myers called and said that an IADG survey team found Mitch in the compound. Myers sent her the photo confirming that Mitch is there.

Clem-2 says that she thought Mitch was dead.

Clementine insists that Mitch is alive, and Jamie asks who else knows about it.

Myers and Dallas come in, and Dallas asks Clem-2 if she asked Mitch yet. Myers checks the brain scan readings and warns that it may be days before Mitch can talk. Clem-2 suggests that they let Mitch right, and Dallas agrees. However, he warns that a storm is moving in and he doesn't plan to be there when it hits. After the men leave, Mitch grabs Clem-2's arm and asks her to stay. She agrees and takes his hand.

Tessa, who knows Jackson as Dylan Green, finds Jackson checking news articles about Shepherd hunters. There's a fake picture of someone else substituted in for Jackson. She assures him that the Shepherd hunters will find Jackson and make him pay, and "Dylan" has saved hundreds of lives. Jackson agrees but Tessa doesn't believe him, and they head out to search for Abigail.

Leanne Ducovney, the chief executive officer, reports to her Reiden superiors that that their experiments are getting results. They've achieved ovulation, and they hope to bring a child to term. As the Reiden members conference among themselves, Leanne's assistant Ted Lanson comes in and asks how it's going. The head of the board, Cal, comes back online and tells Leanne that she has their backing. Once she signs off, Ted warns that they're nowhere close to ovulation. Leanne insists that all that matters is that Cal thinks they do. Ted shows her a protein structure that they've found, and the formula works. He explains that one of their contacts, Jonah Sutton, got it from Abe.

At home, Abe is analyzes the biological sample that Jackson sent them, and realizes that Daniela is worried about Clementine. He assures his wife that Mitch can handle them, and Daniela worries that they're riding the bench. Abe assures her that they're raising their son. Something moves outside and Abe goes to check it out, figuring that it's a tree branch. A hybrid charges the house and Abe shoves the doors shut just in time.

Danica tells Logan that they identified the bomb accelerant and it's the same as the one used in Portland. No one is running the case in Portland, and Danica brings up a photo of the evacuation force. Logan sees a photo with Jackson in the background and calls for priority air transport to Oregon.

Jackson and Tessa find Abigail's truck and check it for clues. He finds the disc beneath the truck but neither one of them recognize it.

Abigail is monitoring them via a hidden camera, and recognizes Jackson.

Daniela gets Isaac to the safe room in the basement and Abe grabs the guns. They can't get a clear signal out due to interference, and the hybrid growls at the window. The alarm goes off on the monitor hooked up to the growing sample, now an embryo, and Abe goes over and confirms that it's grown into a baby hybrid. He figures that it's calling for help and the hybrids have come for it. Abe has seen similar communication in mutated lions, but it wasn't as powerful. He refuses to leave it, figuring that the hormones responsible could let him reversing the TX gas' effects.

The couple hears the storm moving in and Daniela tells Abe to get Isaac to the truck while she lures the hybrids to the backyard. Abe warns that it's too dangerous and pulls out a metal box.

Clem-2 explains to Mitch what has happened since he was "killed," and says that the IADG figures that Mitch knows how to stop the hybrids. Mitch doesn't remember how he got in the tank, and then says that he remembers the numbers 79 and 60: the amount of the parking ticket he got when he almost missed Clementine's birth. He swears that he won't miss another second with her, and Clem-2 tells him that they need answers about a program, Blue Diaspora. They came for Mitch because of it.

Jackson and Tessa return to the safe house in the zone, and Logan arrives at their door. Logan knows that Jackson is using the name Dylan and uses it to maintain his cover.

Myers checks on Mitch and asks Mitch what he remembers about Blue Diaspora. Mitch says that he doesn't know anything about it, and Myers tells him that his team tells him otherwise. They need Mitch to help the IADG, and Mitch points out that they were trying to kill every animal on the planet. Myers insists that now they're trying to protect humanity, and Mitch tells him that he has no memories. The lieutenant tells him that's all right and goes to get some meds. Clem-2 tells Mitch that the mercenaries are Shepherds, not IADG, and Mitch shouldn't take anything Myers gives him.

Clementine finds a secret room in the jet and enters it. There's a man in the cage and he asks who Clementine is. Jamie comes in and tells Clementine that she shouldn't be there. Clementine demands an explanation, and Jamie says his name is Greg Mansdale and he's a Shepherd. He's been giving Jamie information that she's used to track down the other Shepherds. Clementine asks Greg if he knows anything about Mitch, and he realizes that Clementine is Mitch's daughter. Jamie knocks him back with a cattle prod and opens the door, and shows him Clementine's photo and the more recent surveillance footage. Greg finally says that there's a shadow of an open hangar door, which means someone is already there. Jamie warns that they have to be ready for the Shepherds and continues jabbing Greg with the prod.

Leanne makes a video talking about the breakthrough that they've made that will end the sterility plague.

Abe uses the metal box to make a Faraday cage and put the embryo inside to block its signal. The hybrid starts to break through the window, and Abe seals the box. The hybrid runs off and the couple head to the truck with Isaac.

Clem-2 tells Mitch that she had to team up with the Shepherds to get him back, and they wanted a familiar face to get the information from Mitch. An alarm goes off and the soldiers realize that a plane is coming to get Mitch. Meanwhile, Mitch tells Clem-2 that they're leaving, pulls out the IV, and she helps him there.

Logan talks to Jackson privately and assures him that he'll keep his secret. However, he advises Jackson to come clean with Tessa. Tessa comes over with beers and Logan says that he wants the person who bombed their camp and his station. Jackson describes Abigail and shows him the disc. It has the wave symbol on it, and Logan demands to see it. Jackson refuses and says that he has to get back to the camp.

The soldiers board the plane and move in. they find the cage with Greg in it, and he tells them to run. Jamie shoots them with tranq darts.

Dallas finds Clem-2 taking Mitch out and draws his gun. He shoves Mitch down and prepares to shoot Clem-2 to motivate Mitch.

Abe and his family move through the house, and he has Daniela holds the cage. He opens the door and finds two hybrids outside, A third one comes in through the back but doesn't attack. Daniela suggests that they give it the egg, but Abe insists that it's too important. The hybrid growls, startling Daniela. She drops the cage and the embryo falls out. Abe grabs it and the hybrid knocks Abe down, then snatches the embryo out of his hand and walks out. Abe tells Isaac and Daniela that he's okay.

Back at the camp, Jackson tends to the wounded. Abigail calls him and says who she is, and tells him that he can keep the disc so he'll remember her when his world collapses. Jackson demands to know who she is, and Abigail says that he destroyed her world once and now it's her turn. With that, she hangs up.

Dallas tells Mitch to give her Blue Diaspora in return for Clem-2. Clem-2 begs Mitch to tell her, and Mitch says that he doesn't know what it is. She breaks free and knocks Dallas down, and Mitch grabs a pair of cables and electrocutes Dallas. They head for the entrance, and Clementine comes in with a gun. Mitch aims the gun that he took from Dallas her, and Clementine says that she's his daughter. Clem-2 insists that she's his daughter and tells him to shoot Clementine so that they can escape.

Clementine says that she came there to rescue him, and Mitch yells at both of them to stop talking. After a moment, Clementine puts her gun on the floor and offers to show Mitch proof that she's his daughter. Mitch shoots her in the shoulder and drops the gun, and goes to her. Clementine is holding the parking ticket, and Clem-2 demands to know everything Mitch knows about Blue Diaspora. Jamie arrives and shoots her, and compliments Mitch on his beard.

Jackson tells Logan that Abigail called him and it was personal to her. Logan says that he ID'd Abigail with DNA from the disc. The preliminary results show that Abigail and Jackson are siblings.

Back on the jet, Jamie treats Clementine's wound. Mitch apologizes for not recognizing her as his daughter. Jamie gives Mitch his glasses, and Clementine leaves the two of them alone. They figure that whoever saved Mitch didn’t do it out of kindness, and they kept Mitch away from Jamie and the world for ten years. Jamie promises that she's going to find out who did and why, and make them pay.

The next morning, Daniela gets Isaac to sleep. There's a knock at the door, and Abe answers it. There are soldiers and the team leader says that they're not there about the hybrid attack. She says that an emergency government protocol has been initiated and shows them the video. It's the video that Leanne made, and she says that sacrifices will need to be made for the greater good. They have selected Isaac for their pilot program, and he'll be safe in their custody. Daniela and Abe go to the living room and discover that the other soldiers have taken Isaac. He's being driven away in a truck with dozens of other children.

Once she's alone, Clementine takes out a stethoscope and listens to the heartbeat of her unborn child. She confirms that it's alive and unharmed.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 7, 2017

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