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Silent Screams Recap

Tressa and two of her friends, Ilene and her daughter Melissa, go camping in the swamp when they pay her a visit for their college reunion. Ilene talks about one of their classmates, Stacy, and they wake up Melissa. A snake slips into their camp, unseen, and it finally bites Tressa. Panicking, Melissa and Ilene run away from the camp into a nearby pond... and disappear. When Tressa goes after them, she hits an invisible force field and bounces back. Calming down, Tressa applies a tourniquet to her leg.

Ilene and Melissa are trapped within the field, unable to escape. They can see Tressa, but she can't see or hear them. Meanwhile, Tressa tries to break through the field without success using a rock, and goes to get help.

At the Arcane plant, Arcane watches Ilene and Melissa on a monitor. General Sutherland calls for a status report, and Arcane quickly takes the call. Arcane reports that they have Silent Screams and the test has worked on the chosen subjects. Sutherland warns that it's not the same as concealing troops on covert operations, and says that their client Commander Hammer will join Arcane to finish the test. Arcane suggests that he implement Phase 2 while Hammer is there, and Sutherland agrees. Once Arcane signs off, he tells his assistant Alexander that Phase 2 may cause some discomfort to their subjects.

Tressa goes back to the camp and checks the bite. She then yells to her friends that she's coming back with help, while Swamp Thing listens. He goes to where the shield is but is unable to break through. Meanwhile, Tressa returns to the house and discovers that the power and phone are out. She can't find the snake bit kit and her car won't start. As the storm picks up, Tressa runs down the road.

Will and Abigail go to the camp to warn Tressa and her friends that the town is evacuating because of the storm. There's no wind there, and Wills tumbles into the field.

At the plant, Arcane shows Hammer the field on the monitor and explains that they can also use the field to suffocate anyone inside of it. The field creates the storm around the perimeter due to ozone compression.

Tressa runs into Houma and discovers that everyone is gone. A sign crashes down due to the storm, and Tressa faints.

Abigail realizes that something is wrong inside of the field. Meanwhile, the two women see the pond water bubbling and something pulls Melissa under the water. Arcane, watching, doesn't know what is going on. Alexander reports that the shield has sprung a leak, and Arcane assures Hammer that there's nothing that could have saved Melissa.

Swamp Thing emerges from the ground near the pond, holding an unconscious Melissa. He goes back for Ilene.

Arcane and the others see Melissa on the monitors, and Alexander reports that something burrowed under the shield and pulled Melissa to safety. The scientist figures that it was Swamp Thing and tells Alexander to drop the shield 200 fee below the surface.

Dr. Hollister finds Tressa and wakes her up, and tells her that the entire town is evacuated. He gave her a shot of anti-venom, and she explains what happened. He wants to take her to the hospital, warning that she's too weak to go anywhere. Tressa seemingly agrees, and asks him to get her purse. Once he turns his back, Tressa runs off.

Abigail climbs up a tree to try and get over the shield, but has no success. They hear Melissa calling and find her. She explains what happened and Will figures that Swamp Thing rescued her. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing emerges from the ground as Will comes over. Swamp Thing explains that they've lowered the field and warns that Ilene doesn't have much time. He goes to the field and tells Will that he may be able to create a crack in the field, and Will will have to get Ilene out.

Tressa returns and Will joins them.

Swamp Thing channels the force of the storm's lightning into the shield.

Alexander reports that they have a major breakdown and Arcane has him increase the output.

The shield disappears and the others can see the unconscious Ilene. Snakes surround her, and Abigail gently prods them into leaving. Will gets Ilene out, and Arcane increases the power. The field reforms... trapping Abigail inside. Swamp Thing rechannels the lightning, blowing out Arcane's generator... and dropping the field. Swamp Thing walks out as Will and Abigail take Tressa to the hospital for treatment.

The field generator blows out, and Hammer irritably leaves. Arcane goes after him but Hammer says that he's not interested in work in progress. He tells Arcane that he heard good things about Arcane from Sutherland but they were clearly incorrect.

The next day, Ilene and Melissa prepare to leave. They promise to get together again and say their goodbyes.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

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