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The Ray is for Killing Recap

At the Sentinel, Mike comes in to Britt's office and complains that all of the photographers are at a charity art auction. Britt says that the charity is at his home, and turns on a broadcast of Lenore expressing Britt's regrets that he couldn't make it. She extends Britt's appreciation to Thornton Richardson of the Richardson Gallery. As Thornton gives his introductory speech, four masked men break into the auction, guns aimed at the audience, take the paintings, and knock out the TV camera.

Britt calls the police and a car soon shows up at Britt's house. They shoot robber, but another one fires a ray gun out of the back of their van and shoots out the police car's engine. It explodes and the robbers drive off.

Britt returns home as the police secure the crime scene. He goes inside where Scanlon is questioning Lenore and Thornton. The techs confirm that the robbers used a laser gun, and Scanlon tells his officers to check the hospital for any gunshot reports. Britt tells Scanlon that the paintings were covered by a bond for $1.5 million, the value of the paintings. A man, Steve, calls and refuses to give his name. He tells Britt that the paintings are safe, and demands $1 million for their return. Steve says that he knows about the bond and hangs up, and Britt tells the others about the demand. He figures that he'll have to raise the million, even if it means selling the Sentinel.

That night, Green Hornet and Kato depart in Black Beauty to talk to the prisoner and "convince" him to reveal where his associates are.

Steve goes to the Century Hotel across from the hospital and takes a room. He confirms where the robber is being held and takes out the laser gun from his suitcase.

Green Hornet and Kato arrive at Metropolitan Hospital and Hornet approaches the prisoner's room. He waits until the doctor and nurse leave, and then knocks the security guard out with the Hornet Gun. Steve fires the laser gun and Hornet, going in, ducks out of the way just in time as the door is blasted open. He confirms that the prisoner is dead, while Steve quickly packs up the gun and leaves. Hornet returns to Black Beauty and tells Kato what happened, and they spot Steve leaving the hotel and driving off.

Steve drives to the Richardson Galleries and the heroes follow him. Hornet realizes that Thornton is involved in the theft. Inside, Steve tells Thornton that no one followed him but Thornton sends two men out to make sure. They spot Black Beauty, and Hornet and Kato knock them out and go inside.

As Steve tries to call Britt and gets no answer, Hornet blasts his way in with the Hornet Sting and disarms Steve when he goes for his gun. He tells Thornton that he's there to get his share of the money from the painting, and claims that Thornton got the paintings before he could steal them. Thornton refuses to split, and insists that he set Britt up perfectly. Hornet says that he'll be in touch when Britt pays and leaves with Kato. Thornton tells Steve that if Hornet tries to interfere, he'll kill him with the laser.

Later, Steve calls Britt and gives him until 10 the next night. He orders Britt to be at his office with the money and have Lenore with him because she's going to make delivery to assure them they don't try any tricks. The next day, Britt meets with science editor Dr. Karl Bendix and asks what can protect against a laser beam. Bendix says that there's a liquid that is used to coat space capsules against the heat of reentry, and it's manufactured by a local firm. Britt tells him to determine if they have the liquid.

Later, Scanlon uses his influence to get the liquid and takes it to Britt. Kato sprays it evenly on Black Beauty. Come 10 o'clock, Britt gives Lenore the $1 million and a direction finder disguised as a compact. Steve calls and says that they're sending a cab to get Lenore. Hornet and Kato follows the direction finder The cab pulls over and Steve comes over from another car. He tells Lenore that she's changing cars and she drops her purse when he pulls her out. The locator is broken, and Kato sends the scanner up. They spot Steve's car and take off after it. The cab driver sees them and radios in to Thornton that Hornet is following Steve. Thornton tells his men to get the laser ready.

Steve drives into the runoff viaduct leading to the pumping station. Black Beauty goes down the runoff after them, and they have no choice but to drive in. Thornton's men let Steve's car through and the thugs open fire on Black Beauty. The coating protects it and Kato pins the two men to the wall. Thornton tries to run and Hornet tackles him while Kato disarms Steve. Breaking free, the gallery owner runs down the runoff and is hit by the laser beam.

Later, Britt calls Mike in and Mike says that Bendix took a bunch of them out to celebrate his raise. He wonders why Bendix got a raise and he doesn't, and Britt says that Bendix's column does the community and Britt a great service. The publisher then distracts Mike by asking him about his current story.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

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