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The Preying Mantis Recap

In Chinatown, Jimmy Kee calls Britt and says that knows the Sentinel has been campaigning against the Chinatown protection rackets. He suggests that Britt send a reporter to the Golden Lotus Cafe as soon as possible, and hang sup. Britt tells Kato about the call, and tells him to get Black Beauty ready.

A gang of thugs led by Low Sing go to the Golden Lotus as it closes and put on masks. Jimmy runs out and says that Low Sing can't use the Tong anymore. Low Sing says that the Tong is his now and knocks Jimmy down. He and his men go in and the owner, Wing Ho, tells them to get out. He tries to fight but they easily subdue him and tear the place up. Wing's niece Mary Chang comes out and runs to her unconscious father.

Low and his men leave the Golden Lotus and drop a mask next to the unconscious Jimmy. Black Beauty pulls up and the Tong members run away. Kato goes after them and a masked Low knocks him into a garbage can. By the time Kato recovers, Low has run off and Kato goes back to Black Beauty. Hornet confirms that Jimmy will be okay and they drive off. Mary comes out and assumes that Jimmy was one of the Tong members as he wakes up. Police sirens sound and Jimmy tells Mary that he's innocent and runs off.

Later, Britt, Kato, and Scanlon watch a newscast about the restaurant attack. The Tong has increased their protection rackets, and the Sentinel believes that they're invading the Chinatown community. Britt figures that someone is using the Tong for his own purposes, and Jimmy knows who. Kato and Britt tell Scanlon that Jimmy was unconscious during the raid, and Britt figures that they need to find Jimmy before the Tong does and silences Jimmy permanently. Once Scanlon leaves, Britt has Kato talk to Mary and see if she finds out where Jimmy is hiding. Kato says that he wants his attacker to himself if they meet up again.

Low and his men watch a cage where praying mantises are fighting, and study their techniques. As Low emulates their style, Duke Slate and two of his thugs come in tells them that Wing is in bad shape. The gangster says that the Tong is supposed to get the shop owners to buy their insurance, not kill or maim them. When Low objects, Duke grabs him and reminds him that he's working for him. Low threatens to kill him, and Duke's men draw their guns. Duke then tells Low to find Jimmy, and Low says that the young men are with him except for Jimmy. As the gangster leaves, Mike pulls up and see them.

At the Sentinel, Mike tells Britt and Lenore what he saw. They figure Duke is expanding into Chinatown, and Britt tells Mike to keep a lid on the story for now.

Later, Mary calls Britt's penthouse and tells Kato that Jimmy is at the old Buddhist temple. He called and asked her to meet him, but she thinks that she's being watched. Britt tells her that Lenore will pick Mary up at the restaurant and take her to Lenore's apartment for safety. After Mary hangs up, Low and his men come in and abduct her.

Hornet and Kato go to the temple and Jimmy, seeing them, tries to run. He falls and stuns himself, and the heroes plan to take him to Scanlon so that he can testify.

Lenore arrives at the Golden Lotus and finds Mary's discarded shoe. She calls Hornet and tells him what she's found, and Hornet tells her to go home. He figures that Jimmy won't talk if they have Mary hostage, and Hornet figures that they can't turn Jimmy over to the DA.

Soon, Low meets with Duke and they listen to a radio broadcast about Mary's disappearance. The Tong member assures Duke that his plan will work. Hornet and Kato smash their way in and Kato recognizes Low's style. Duke feigns innocence, but Hornet figures that he'll kill Jimmy once Jimmy surrenders to him in exchange for Mary. Hornet offers Duke Jimmy for $25,000, and Low tells Duke to let him handle it. Duke tells him to shut up and agrees to the deal. The hero wants Mary as well to ransom her back to Wing, and says that they'll make the exchange at the temple. One of Duke's men attacks Hornet, who easily subdues him.

Later, Britt and Kato tell Scanlon that they've locked Jimmy up in a basement room and he has no idea where he is. They figure that they can handle Low and his men, and Scanlon says that he'll have his men standing by.

That night, Hornet and Kato drive a blindfolded Jimmy to the temple. Jimmy figures that Hornet is partners with Low, and Kato drops Hornet off and then proceeds to the temple. Duke tells his men to shoot them once they get out of Black Beauty, but Hornet ambushes them and destroys their gun. He takes them into the temple and Kato takes Jimmy in. The Tong members are waiting, and Jimmy calls Low a traitor to the Tong. He pleads with the other men to remember the Tong's honorable history and overthrow Low.

A Tong member brings Mary out, and Low knocks over the box with the money. Hornet blasts it, revealing that it's empty, and Low says that he doesn't pay tribute to anyone. The Tong members surround the Caucasians and Kato, who throws his darts. Low deflects one with a steel fan, and Hornet fights Duke's men when they try to make a break for it. Kato takes on the first few Tong members, defeating them, and Duke tells Low to hand over the money. Low says that he no longer takes orders from Duke, and Hornet says that they've gone far enough. The Tong leader wonders how Hornet will stop them, and Kato challenges Low to a gung fu fight. Low promises to kill Kato, but Hornet taunts him and says that he's a coward.

Low has enough and fights Kato. Kato finally takes Low down, and Hornet knocks Duke down when Duke goes for his gun. Jimmy declares that Low is finished and says that the Tong will return to the tradition of his father. Scanlon and his men move in, and Hornet and Kato quickly leave.

Later, Britt, Lenore, and Mike have a celebratory dinner at the Golden Lotus with Wing, Jimmy, and Mary. Mike takes a call and gets a tip that the police have Hornet trapped on a bank roof. Britt, unconcerned, says that he'll finish his dinner before checking it out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

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