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Tony Pepperoni Recap

At the camp, Owen is hanging up clothing when he hears something moving in the brush. He dismisses it as random noise, and someone throws a bag over his head. When his captor removes it, Owen realizes that it's Rosa and he's back at her camp. She says that they need to talk about what happened between them. Owen apologizes about hitting her in the head, and Rosa says that she's pregnant and Owen is the father.

Owen insists that it can't be happening, and points out that they used protection and it was only two weeks ago. Rosa says that she took a pregnancy test and holds up a stick. Owen isn't convinced, and Rosa figures that she's trying to get rid of her. She draws a knife on him and threatens to castrate him, and tells him that he needs to take responsibility or she'll filet him. Owen asks her what she wants, and Rosa is disgusted at the thought of him being a father. She tells him that she needs him to find a clinic so they can have it taken care of.

Todd's injury heals and he grabs Chet and prepares to beat him to death for having sex with Jess. Jess runs up and insists that they were broken up at the time and Chet didn't do anything wrong. Todd isn't convinced, and starts fighting. Chet decks him with one punch.

Owen runs out of the jungle and tells Florence that he ran into Rosa and needs Florence to perform a fake abortion. He explains that Rosa is going to kill him if he doesn't get her into a clinic in one hour, and Florence figures that she can handle it. She insists that she can do it and it will be impressive.

Todd wakes up and asks Jess if he murdered Chet. Chet apologizes, and Todd grabs his leg. Jess tells Todd that he and Chet are going to talk it out or he can find someplace to sleep other than with her. She walks off and Todd throws away the water that she gave him rather than let Chet have a sip.

Owen takes Rosa to the "clinic" and Florence welcomes her. Rosa remembers that she held Florence hostage in camp with Owen, and then apologizes that she didn't know Florence was a doctor. Florence assures Rosa that she's not alone and makes up credentials, and Owen tries to cut her off. She tells Owen to step outside while she talks to Rosa privately, and Rosa asks him to bring the car around for afterward.

Todd spits on Chet, who says that he understands. Chet says that he was in Scottsdale, and Todd admits that he's from there as well. He figures that they never met, but Chet says that he had a condo and a great life. Then one day it all changed.

Chet returns home from his business and sees clothes scattered on the floor. He hears his wife and the man she's cheating on in the next room, and pounds on the door.

Remembering, Chet says that the guy ran off before he could break in, and the he self-medicated ever since. He tells Todd not to make the same mistake that he did in the Kitzman Villas.

Todd cheats with Chet's wife, climbs out the window, and runs back to his condo.

Todd is shocked at the thought of what happened and walks off.

Rosa talks about how she hoped her pregnancy would be on her own terms. She rants about how things in her life have never gone well, and admits that she's a little crazy. Florence tells her that there are no wrong choices, and Rosa says that she's ready. They go to where Owen is waiting, and Rosa says that she's decided to keep the baby and Owen will be the dad. She explains that when talking to Rosa, she realized that motherhood was a path she was meant to go down. Owen talks to Florence privately, who says that she had to respect Rosa's choice. He points out that Rosa isn't pregnant, but then realizes that Rosa is insane and tells Owen to follower he lead.

Florence tells Rosa that she looks a little flushed and takes her pulse. She pours some water out from a bottle and says that the baby is coming early. Florence says that it happens with mothers who are fit and attractive, and Rosa goes into labor.

Todd finds Jess and says that he sorta worked things out with Chet. She tells Todd that he's a good man, and Todd reminds her of when they were officially split up during March Madness. Todd says that he hooked up with a girl, and Jess tells him that she doesn't care.

Florence helps deliver the baby, and Owen plays along. As Rosa screams, Florence picks up a rock and says that it's a baby. Rosa stares at it and says that it's beautiful, and Florence picks up a stick and says that the blood test shows that Owen can't be the father. Rosa says that she slept with Javier, and Owen feigns outrage.

Todd approaches Chet and tells him that he banged Chet's girlfriend at Kitzman Villas.

Owen fakes shock that he won't be a baby, and says that he can' visit it because it would hurt too much. Rosa goes into "labor" again and delivers a golf ball.

Todd admits that he broke the bro core and invites Chet to hit him. Chet hugs him and admits that it takes a big man to confess to having an affair. He then says that a black man was banging his girlfriend.

Chet breaks in the door and watches the man fall off the balcony.

Todd realizes that there were multiple guys walking in on multiple affairs all over Kitzman Villa, and figures that it's Scottsdale.

Rosa tells Florence and Owen that she and Javier are going to try and give it a go and move to the other side of the island. She says that she named the babies Florence and Tony Pepperoni. They say goodbye to Rosa and quickly leave, and hug each other in relief. They then moan at the thought of Rosa carrying a golf ball inside of her and go back to the camp.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 12, 2017

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