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A State of Crisis Recap

General Hugh Morgan arrives at John's office with orders from the War Department that he's recalled to DC. Hugh has brought his aide Major Alvin and Slave Donovan with him, and Hugh explains that counterfeit money has been flooding the country and the Treasury Department has traced the source to New Orleans. His first job is to get the counterfeiting job and break them. Major Join Alvin comes in and says that Yancy is asking to speak with John. John explains that Yancy is a friend of his, and Yancy and Pahoo come in. Hugh informs Yancy that he's the new administrator, and John explains that he's been recalled to DC.

Later at the club, Yancy, John, and Francine share a drink and Join explains that he's been promoted. Fry has been relieved of duty as well, and Treasury Department agent Slade Donovan is replacing him. Join is leaving that night, and Francine kisses him on the cheek. Once she leaves, John tells Yancy that he should explain to Hugh that Yancy has operated outside of the law for the administration. Yancy warns that it won't be the same, and John says his goodbyes to Pahoo. Alvin comes in and says that he was told to ask for Yancy. Opal greets him, and Alvin says that he's there for a game of poker. John tells Yancy that they'll meet again and they shake hands.

Later, Hugh meets Slade and his men outside of the club. The general tells Slade not to frighten the club goers and there's to be no threats or violence. Slade says that Alvin is inside, and he'll signal them if he finds any evidence of counterfeit money.

Alvin and Yancy play poker, and Francine points out that Alvin keeps checking his watch. He says that there's counterfeit money in the club and at the game, and he's going to have to close them down. Slade and his men come in, and Hugh informs everyone that the club is closed until further notice. Yancy points out that it sounds like a robbery, and Hugh assures him that everyone will get a receipt for their money. When one of the agents tries to take the club's money, Alvin says that it belongs to the government. Yancy punches him and Pahoo draws a shotgun on Slade when the agent goes for his gun. Hugh arrests Yancy and Pahoo, and apologizes to Francine for the inconvenience. He insists that they're closing on every gambling house in the city, and leaves Alvin in charge. Francine tells Alvin to get out as soon as he's finished.

As Alvin and his men leave, Jody sees them and quickly ducks into the shadows. He bumps into a soldier bringing out the money and takes it, but Alvin spots the switch and fires a warning shot. He throws Jody a cell with Yancy and Pahoo, and Alvin explains that Jody tried to steal $50,000. Jody admits that he was weak and couldn't help himself, and Alvin tells Yancy that he'll stay in a cell until he cools off. Once the major leaves, the jailer slips Yancy a bottle of wine and apologizes for locking the cell.

Once Alvin leaves, Yancy takes Alvin's wallet from Jody, who pickpocketed it on Yancy's orders. There's counterfeit money in the wallet, and Alvin's ID shows that he's a master engraver and copies old manuscripts. Yancy figures that Hugh, Alvin, and Slade are all bogus, forging documents to give them authority to move in and take charge. They can then impound the real money and move out in 48 hours.

The total money--$300,000--- is taken to the administrator's office. Hugh tells Slade that next they'll move against the banks and the cotton marts. Slade wonders how they'll get away with it, and Alvin gives him a forged letter of authorization. They'll reassemble at noon and can't wait for anyone, and will meet in Omaha if they're separated. Alvin goes to check on Yancy. He arrives and finds the jailer and the guard tied up. The jailer explains that they overpowered them and claims that Yancy had a gun in his hand. Alvin leaves, neglecting to untie them.

Alvin goes out and finds Yancy , Pahoo, and Jody waiting for him. Jody removes the shells from Alvin's revolver and puts it back in his holster so he looks normal, and Yancy points out that Alvin isn't the government. Yancy explains about the criminals' plans, and shoots a cigar out of Alvin's hand when he tries to light it. He sends Jody to send a telegram to John telling him that all of the documents were forged. Once Jody leaves, Yancy tells Alvin that he's coming with them and if Alvin tries anything, Pahoo will blow his head off.

At the club, Yancy tells Francine that she'll get her money back. Jody returns with the proper parchment and seals, and Yancy tells Alvin how he found him out. He then has Alvin forge a release for all of them. When Alvin refuses, Yancy borrows Pahoo's knife and tells Francine to go into the other room so she won't hear the screams. Jody and Yancy follow her, leaving Pahoo to his work. Alvin quickly reconsiders and Yancy winks at Jody.

Later, Yancy goes to the administrator's office and presents the forged documents to an Army clerk. They show that Yancy has full authority, and the clerk says that Hugh and Slade went on an inspection tour toward Baton Rouge. Yancy realizes that it's a getaway and leaves with Pahoo.

Hugh and his gang head for Baton Rouge with the money. Slade complains that they left Alvin behind, but Hugh figures that their accomplice screwed up. He points that if Alvin doesn't make it to Omaha, they have less ways to split the money. Yancy and Pahoo ride after them and soon catch up. They ride out in front and Yancy presents his papers to the legitimate lead officer, Blythe. The gambler explains what's going on, and Blythe agrees to place Hugh and Slade under arrest. Blythe tells Hugh that Yancy has a commission signed by the President, and Slade fires at Yancy. Yancy returns fire and shoots the gun out of Slade's hand, and tells Blythe to put the two crooks in the calaboose while he returns the stolen money.

Later, Yancy returns to the administration office and finds Pearl Girl at the reception disk. She takes him to the new administrator: Yancy. Yancy and Francine are there drinking, and Yancy shows John the forged letter appoint him administrator of New Orleans. John tears up the letter, and Yancy offers John a job as undercover operative. Ignoring him, John knows all about the plan and admits that he's grateful to Yancy. Yancy resigns his commission and welcomes Join home, and John opens the door to reveal Francine, Opal, and Pearl Girl listening at the door. He says that he'll have a glass of sherry.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 17, 2017

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