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The Hunters and the Hunted Recap

Green Hornet and Kato hit the streets to meet with a man, Mel Herk, who has asked for a meeting in the park. They pull up and go to the carriage house, and Herk says that they're both on a list of big racketeer guys that someone wants to take out. He refuses to provide specifics despite Hornet's threats. As Hornet and Kato walk off, someone uses a blowgun to shoot Herk with a dart, killing him. the shooter fires another dart and Kato pushes Hornet out of the way just in time. The killer drives off and the heroes pursue in Black Beauty to follow their target. By the time they catch up to the killer, they discover that he's crashed and died. The police arrive and the heroes have no choice but to drive off.

The next day, Mike visits Britt and says that several major racketeers in the two have been died. One was killed with a bow and arrow, another with a garrote, another with a spear, and Herk with a poison dart. After Mike leaves, Scanlon calls Britt and says that he has an ID on the killer. He's A.J. Clark, an accountant with no criminal record. Britt knows him as a yacht club member, and figures that it's connected to the person Herk bought the list from.

That night, racketeer Bud Crocker takes over now that Herk is dead. Once he hangs up, Hornet and Kato break in and easily take out Bud's bodyguards. Hornet figures that Bud knows who killed Herk, and Bud finally guesses that Herk got a call from a jockey, Michael Tabor. Satisfied, the heroes go to Tabor's apartment and find him dead. They search the room for clues and find several matchbooks for the Explorer's Club.

At the club, three men tell Quentin Crane that killing Tabor wasn’t on their schedule and he was just a waiter there. Quentin reminds them that Tabor was responsible for the death of their fifth member, Clark. Tabor was a waiter at the club and heard parts of their conversations. He tries to blackmail Quentin, but Quentin tosses him out. However, he figures that Tabor sold his information to Herk. Quentin insists that one day they'll be recognized for ridding the city of the arch criminals. He then proposes a toast to the next criminal on their list: Hornet.

Later, Britt arrives at the club and tells the bartender that he's done big game hunting and exploring, and wants to join. The bartender brings in Quentin, the head of the membership committee. Britt asks about the unusual weapons used to kill the racketeers. Quentin says that he figures someone is trying to implicate the club, and offers to check the membership applications and call Britt if he finds anything. Once Britt leaves, Quentin calls Bud and tells him that he wants Britt taken care of. Bud warns that killing Britt could blow open the town, but Quentin tells him that Britt is close to answers. He insists that Bud do it as payment for Quentin setting him up.

That night, Britt is reading when two of Bud's men break in and attack him. Kato spots them and takes them out, and they recognize the men. Hornet and Kato soon pay Bud another visit and claim that they watched Tabor die... and he whispered a few last words.

Bud then calls Quentin and says that Hornet told him that Tabor claimed that Bud is on the kill list. Quentin insists that he took care of Tabor himself and Tabor couldn't have said anything, and figures that Hornet is trying to divide them. he then gives Bud instructions on what to do.

Soon, Bud leaves his apartment and the heroes follow him in Black Beauty.

At the club, the other club members tell Quentin that the traps are set for Hornet.

Hornet and Kato realize that Bud knows that they're following him and it's a trap. They continue anyway.

Quentin turns on a monitor showing the gate and watch first Bud and then Black beauty come in. As the club members prepare for the hunt, Quentin tells them to use bows and arrow so no one hears any gunshots. The heroes spot a camera and realize that their enemies know they're coming, and head into the woods. The club members shoot at them, just missing, and Hornet figures that they're guiding them toward a trip wire. He triggers the wire, releasing the first spear trap. Quentin tells his men to heard the heroes toward the snare.

Hornet ambushes one of the club members and knocks him out. Kato takes out two others, but Quentin draws on him. Hornet runs over and attacks him, and Quentin runs off while Kato takes out Bud. Quentin grabs one of the spears and throws it at Hornet, missing. Hornet destroys the other one with the Hornet Sting, and the heroes move in on Quentin. He tries to offer Hornet a deal but Hornet refuses, and when he runs he steps into the snare and is yanked up Hornet and Kato leave him there and go to call Scanlon.

Later, Britt reads Mike's story about Quentin's activities. Bud is confessing to Scanlon and has tied Hornet to everything. The reporter figures that once the investigation is over, there won't be a game for Hornet to play and Britt hopes that he's right.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 19, 2017

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