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Welcome to the Terra Dome Recap

In Yucatan, vulture hybrids smash into the ground near around the cabin. Mitch discovers that the summoning device doesn't have an off switch, and the group heads for the door as the hybrids start smashing in through the windows. Logan and Mitch provide cover fire, and explain that they're tracking Abigail. They get to the chopper just in time to watch it sink into the earth. Jamie leads them to the truck and they drive off just in time. Abigail watches them go on her monitors, and she figures that Jackson will miss the big show.

The truck boards the jet and they realize that it's damaged. Jackson points out that Jamie has made a fortune off of people's pain, and doesn't want to hear her apology. The jet shakes and they spot a volcano nearby going off.

In Ann Arbor, Abe and Daniela go to a diner and discuss whether to bring Clementine in. Abe figures that if it helps them get Isaac back then it's worth the risk. Daniela points out that they only know what Leanne told them about Clementine, and Abe doesn't have an answer.

The jet takes off safely and Mitch suggests that the hybrids started the volcano. Jackson explains about Abigail, and Jamie says that she's a Shepherd. Mitch can't remember the word "beacon," and Jackson figures that the more hybrids that Abigail attracts with beacons, the more that they will spread. He notes that the hybrid population has increased inside the quarantine zone on the west coast. If Abagail gets a beacon east of the barrier then they will spread through the world. According to the calculations, they will cover the earth in 90 days.

Interviewer Jack Jenklow talks with Leanne about the abductions of thousands of children. He notes that there has been mounting pressure on Reiden to let the government inspect the camps. Leanne insists that the program is a promise, not a punishment. Abigail watches a recording of the interview.

Mitch asks the team how his funeral was, and Jackson points out it was the last time they were all together. After Mitch died, things weren't the same. Jackson moved to the quarantine zone and says that he had to get away. Once Mitch leaves, Jamie apologizes to Jackson and wants to explain, but Jackson doesn't want to discuss it.

In the lab, Mitch and Jackson examine the body of a hybrid caught in the truck. Jackson realizes that the hybrids are using Abe's frequency to communicate. He explains that Abe thinks that the hybrids are the key to solving the world's sterility. Mitch says that he's going to need a grace period to take everything in, and suggests that they find Abe.

In New York, protestors gather outside of Reiden's office. Cal warns that people want their children back, but Leanne warns him that the hybrids aren't going away. Cal tells him that the board has unanimously voted to have Leanne bring in the government for an inspection. Once he leaves, Leanne tells ad to double the security.

As the jet arrives in Ann Arbor, Clementine asks Jamie what went on with Jackson. Jamie says that five years ago Jackson went into hiding after her book was published. The book said that Jackson was innocent and used a pseudonym, but the Shepherd hunters figured out who he was and went after him. Jamie works with the hunters but isn't a member of their organization. A text comes in for Jamie, and she tells Clementine that everything is fine.

Abe and Daniela arrive at the jet and Abe tells his wife to let him do the talking. Jackson greets them and asks how Isaac is. Abe merely says that the situation is being handled, and Daniela warns that it's complicated. Once Daniela goes inside, Abe wonders why Jackson left his life with Tessa. Jackson says that he told Tessa everything and she wasn't happy.

Jackson and Abe join the others and Clementine apologizes for ditching the couple. Abe claims that Isaac is safe with his aunt, and Jackson clearly isn't convinced.

Later, Clementine is working on the damaged truck when Daniela charges her. Daniela asks her what it's like being back with her dead father, and Clementine admits that it's weird. The older woman says that they all have their regrets and secrets, and Clementine says that her regrets are behind her.

Abe feeds the signal through the hybrid's brain, synthesizing a call. Mitch discovers that his scientific knowledge is ten years out of date, and goes to get a drink.

Abigail watches a broadcast of Leanne's statement to the press and works on another summoning device.

Mitch examines the dead hybrid and finds an extra set of muscles that have nothing to do with flying. He figures that there were enough hybrids causing vibrations that could trigger volcanic eruptions. An alert goes off as they locate a beacon in response to the signal. It's moving toward New York, and Logan calls the department to set up barricades. Abe warns that there are people east of the barrier who haven't seen the hybrids before. Jackson says that they have to go there and keep the East Coast from falling.

As the team heads for New York, Mitch asks Jamie who the Falcon is. She explains that there are two Shepherds that she hasn't been able to contact the ghost: Duncan and the Falcon. Mitch asks what happened to her, and Jamie says that she got sick of not seeing justice done so she went and did it herself. Mitch says that it seems dark for her, and Mitch says that there wasn't a lot to look forward to. He asks if things have changed and they kiss.

Daniela talks to Abe and says that they have to find another way now that she's talked to Clementine. Abe warns that if the deadline passes then they lose their chance.

Abigail irons the uniform of a cop that she killed in his apartment.

After they finish kissing, Jamie says that there's something she has to do. She finds Jackson, and he says that Abe sacrificed everything to keep Jackson save. Jackson hopes that Jamie's best-selling book was worth it, and she takes him to see Mansdale. Jamie explains that she's been protecting Jackson all along, gives him a gun, and tells him to either shoot her or one of the men who ended the world, or he can accept that what's past is past. Jackson shoves the gun at her and walks away.

Jackson approaches Mitch and asks if he knew Jamie was keeping a prisoner in the plane. Mitch admits that he did, and Jackson says that they need to keep an eye on her.

Daniella calls Leanne and says that the deal is on. By the end of the day, Leanne will have Clementine.

Jamie receives a text from an unknown sources saying that they know where the Falcon is

At Reiden in New York, Abigail arrives outside the building carrying a case and makes her way through the protestors. The police unwittingly let her through.

The jet lands in New York and Abe gives Mitch a device to track the beacon and signal dampeners. Mitch, Jamie, and Logan follow the beacon signal to Reiden.

Daniela finds Clementine in the cargo bay preparing to head out on a motorcycle. She insists on handling it on her own and leaves.

The trio realizes that Abigail is sending off the signal inside Reiden Tower. Logan leads them past the cops and as they go inside, Mitch tells Abe and Jackson at the jet what's going on. Abe figures that they need to boost their hybrid signal to match the intensity of the beacon. Jackson points out that Abe lost a lot because of Jamie, and Abe tells Jackson to stop using him as an excuse. He's glad that they're back together because they're all family. Jackson wonders what his friend isn't telling him, and Abe says that he needs to talk to Dariela.

Dariela is looking at photos of Clementine as a child when Abe finds her. He says that she was right and there's no way they can betray Mitch and Clementine. He insists that they'll find a way to get Isaac back together, and hugs Dariela.

The trio spot Abigail and go after her. She runs and they split up to find her. Abigail heads up the staircase and Mitch follows her. She stops and aims a gun at him, and calls him by name. Abigail activates the beacon and says that she's going to create a new world and bringing her hybrids with her. She tells Mitch and he can choose between the old way and the new, and tosses the beacon down the stairwell. Mitch goes after it and tells Logan where Abigail is.

Clementine goes to the garage, and two mercenaries knock her out. They load her into a waiting van and drive off, and Dariela calls the leader Erica and says that she'll send payment once Leanne has her.

Mitch finds the beacon and his tracker shows a flock of hybrids heading for them.

Logan corners Abigail just as the hybrids smash into the room. As they attack him, Logan shoots Abigail in the side as she runs.

Mitch takes the beacon to a storage closet and finds some ape. Logan arrives and says that he lost Jamie and Abigail, and they have to leave. He shoots the beacon but fails to deactivate it, and then loads the beacon on a drone. They send it off for the Atlantic and the hybrids follow it.

Outside, Abigail realizes that she's bleeding.

As Logan and Mitch leave, an officer says that Logan should come with him.

Jackson and Abe realize that the drone can't handle the extra weight and it's losing altitude. Abe wonders if Jamie still has the crossbow harpoon on the plane.

The officer takes Logan and Mitch to Leanne's office. Someone shot her dead, and the officer notes that she was killed while the building was in lockdown. They have a suspect in custody, and they bring Jamie in. Jamie says that she did it and would do it again, and Leanne was the Falcon. Logan has no choice but to arrest her.

Erica gets no answer from Leanne or Dariela, and her black market contact has told her that there's a bounty on Clementine that is quadruple what Daniela was paying.

Abe, Dariela, and Jackson take the jet up and tie a line to Jackson, and then open the cargo bay. Once they're close enough, Jackson shoots the drone and snags it, and the hybrids come after it... and the jet.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2017

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