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Welcome to the Terra Dome

The team reunites to stop Abigail from leading the hybrids to the East Coast... and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Jamie gets a lead on the Falcon, and Abe and Dariela disagree on how to rescue Isaac.

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By Gadfly on Jul 21, 2017

In Yucatan, vulture hybrids smash into the ground near around the cabin. Mitch discovers that the summoning device doesn't have an off switch, and the group heads for the door as the hybrids start smashing in through the windows. Logan and Mitch provide cover fire, and explain that they're tracking Abigail. They get to the chopper just in time to watch it sink into the earth. Jamie leads them to the truck and they drive off just in time. Abigail watches them go on her monitors, and she figures t…

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casper1701e posted 4 years ago

Except for this ludicrous, demented and twisted psycho sister business, Season 3 is off to another decent start.

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