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Walk a Mile in My Shoots Recap

Swamp Thing finds Will unconscious and tied up in the swamp, laying next to a bomb. He tosses the bomb up into the sky so it blows up harmlessly, and Arcane steps out from the shadows. Arcane admits that he lured Swamp Thing there and triggers a device. Their minds switch bodies, and Arcane/Swamp Thing knocks Swamp Thing/Arcane unconscious. Arcane/Swamp Thing figures that he can extract the secrets of the bio-restorative formula from his new body and leaves.

Returning to his base camp, Arcane/Swamp Thing tries to deal with his larger body. He's unable to enter the correct access code for the computer because of his larger fingers, he uses a metal tool type in the code and Graham says that Sutherland wants to talk to him. Sutherland says that Arcane wasn't authorized to perform another test, and notes that he's wasted two of the three materials that his people grew. Arcane assures him that they now have enough data to confirm that transference is possible, and Sutherland will soon be transferred to a new body.

In the swamp, the injured Swamp Thing/Arcane wakes up and staggers over to Will. He frees the teenager and Will punches him, assuming that he's Arcane. Swamp Thing says that he needs Will's help, but Will starts to walk off... and then comes back and helps Swamp Thing up.

Arcane/Swamp Thing extracts a sample from his new body. Graham calls and says that Sutherland has sent the body he wants to be transferred into it. Arcane tells Graham to call Sutherland and say that the new body died and will have to be disposed.

Swamp Thing/Arcane asks for a break, and tells Will what Arcane did. Will doesn't believe him, and Swamp Thing warns that the transfer is permanent after 24 hours. The teenager isn't convinced and they continue on.

The next morning, Tressa is cleaning when Will and Swamp Thing/Arcane arrive. Will goes to get the first aid kit, and Swamp Thing tests his now-human senses. He sniffs at Tressa, saying that it's been a long time since he's been able to appreciate the smell of a woman. She tells him to stay away from her and quickly leaves. Swamp Thing looks at himself in a mirror and complains about Arcane's hair. He eats some green sludge from the fish tank that Tressa was cleaning, and Will comes back with the first aid kit.

Arcane/Swamp Thing extracts more samples, trying to find the formula's secret.

Swamp Thing/Arcane bandages his injuries and says that he needs Will's help to get to the compound because of the pain. Abigail arrives and Swamp Thing admires the flower that she picked. He tastes a petal and says that Abigail has given it too much nitrogen, and she goes off. Will asks who he'll find if he goes out in the swamp, and Swamp Thing says he'll find the truth but it will kill him. Undeterred, Will leaves.

That night, Graham tells Arcane/Swamp Thing that a team brought the transformer back. Will comes in and realizes that what Swamp Thing said was true. He grabs a shotgun and blasts Arcane back and then runs. Injured, Arcane goes to Houma and finds Dr. Hollister. He holds Hollister so that the doctor can't see him, and demands medical supplies. Once Hollister gets them, Arcane knocks him out.

At the Kipp house, Abigail and Swamp Thing talk. Swamp Thing realizes that it's dark and says that he has to go. He sends her in to get a sweater, and Will returns and tells Swamp Thing what happened. Swamp Thing figures that Arcane doesn't know how to heal his body and could die, so they need to find him. He sends Will to borrow a truck, and Abigail comes back out and gives him the flower. Swamp Thing impersonates Arcade, telling her that he has no time for a simpleton like her and slapping the plant out of her hands. Once she goes back inside, Swamp Thing admits to himself that he had to show Arcane how uncaring he is.

Arcane/Swamp Thing enters the compound and the computer doesn't recognize his voice to let him in until he threatens it.

Graham pulls up to Swamp Thing/Arcane walking down the road, mistakes him for Arcane, and says that Sutherland wants him. Swamp Thing takes the cell phone, and Sutherland insists that they make the transfer in the morning. Impersonating Arcane attitude, Swamp Thing calls Sutherland a senile twit and tells him to buzz off. He then tells the astounded Graham to continue to the compound.

Arcane/Swamp Thing goes to the body of his dead wife Tatana and tells her that he's dying. He wanted to find the secret of Swamp Thing's power so he could have restored her to his side. Arcane suggests that he transfer himself into Graham's body.

Swamp Thing/Arcane has Graham let him into the transfer room. Arcane/Swamp Thing calls Graham and says that he needs him in the transfer room, and Swamp Thing/Arcane grabs Graham and tells him to enter the security code. Graham does so and they both go in.

When Arcane/Swamp Thing arrives, he finds Graham tied to a chair. Swamp Thing/Arcane steps out reverses the transfer. Satisfied, Swamp Thing walks out in his own body.

Later, Sutherland's men arrive and inform Arcane that Sutherland is disturbed by Arcane's attitude. Arcane has no idea what Swamp Thing said in his body, and they take him anyway.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2017

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