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Return of Casey Perkins Recap

As the circus heads down the road, Joey and Corky hear what sounds like Casey Perkins' engine #1. They spot a nearby railroad line and Casey comes over to greet them as Tim and Pete ride up. Casey explains that he's back in business again. He and Sourdough Harry Hamilton are building a rail line into a boomtown, Del Rios. Harry owns half the mines in California, and they've been partners for years. Tim agrees to wait since Harry is coming back, and have lunch with him.

As they have lunch, Casey explains that all of the cattle heading to market goes through Del Rios. However, their line comes in from the north and another railroad's line--the B&W, comes in from the south. The first one that reaches Del Rios wins the entire contract. B&W is closer, but Del Rios used to be a mining table. There's an old railroad track running into town, and they can save 20 miles by following it. Casey takes Corky to see No. 1, and Casey has Corky try out the new bell. The engineer says that people will never run out of cattle, and Corky spots Casey's partner Sourdough Harry Hamilton working up ahead. Harry tells them to come back when the railway is finished, and Casey objects to him talking to his friends that way. The two men argue about the company, and Harry says that he's wasting money on Casey's crackbrain idea. Once they leave, Harry tells Casey that he's upset and he couldn't get any workers in town. The B&W know about the spur track and are signing up every man available. Corky says goodbye to Casey, and Harry warns that they need more men.

As the wagon leaves on, Corky asks Joey if they owe Casey a favor. He suggests that they hire on as workers and wants Joey to convince Tim.

Harry and Casey are having coffee when Joey, Tim, and Corky return. Tim says that they're back in the railroad business and bring in the rest of the circus workers to help. Harry supervises and goes to get some coffee, and Pete gets some dynamite to blow a boulder out of the way. Once he plants the dynamite and gets clear, Jojo grabs the dynamite and brings it over to the wagons. Pete throws it clear just in time.

As the workers continue, Tim confirms that they can open in Del Rios as soon as the railroad arrives. An Indian war party arrives and opens fire, and the workers take cover. Pet gets the rifle and Tim and the others return fire. The Indians come back for another run, and Joey and Casey both get ideas. Joey leads Bimbo at the Indians, and Casey sounds the whistle. The Indians ride off and Pete points out that they're low on ammo.

Several of the Indians ride back, and Pete recognizes the leader as Two Knives. The medicine man is Broken Claw, and they're carrying a flag of truce. Pete goes out to greet his friend, and an Indian shoots an arrow into Pete's hat. Casey demands an explanation, and Two Knives says that they will sit and talk. Joey has another idea and takes Corky with him.

Two Knives says that the train is crossing his people's lands, and tells them to rip the track from the land or many will die. Harry blames Casey, and Tim asks why two Knives doesn't want the track going across his land. Two Knives says that it is bad medicine for his people, according to Broken Claw. Tim insists that the spirits have spoken falsely to Broken Claw, and Broken Claw says that their warriors have seen a strange animal with two tails that accompanies the railroad.

As Joey arrives, dressed in his clown outfit, Tim says that Two Knives should see for himself what medicine the railroad brings and decide for himself. Joey uses sleight of hand to produce a rabbit and a duck, and Two Knives agrees to see the railroad. Broken Claw objects, but Two Knives disagrees. Meanwhile, Joey says that they'll give a performance to convince two Knives.

Soon, the circus sets up and Tm presents the acts. The acrobats perform and Two Knives has two of his warriors do the same thing. The Belfords go on next but Two Knives has warriors who can do the same thing. Tim tells Joey to come out, but he suggests that they send Bimbo. Corky takes the elephant out and puts him through his routine. Two Knives tells Broken Claw that he'd give a hundred ponies for the elephant, and figures that the spirits say that Bimbo is good. Meanwhile, Jojo steals two Knives' bonnet and goes out to perform. The Indians all find it amusing,, and Two Knives has Corky bring Jojo over. The chief says that Jojo is like the tribal storyteller, and figures that anything that makes people laugh is good medicine. He agrees to let the railroad through.

Soon, Peer is lounging while the Indians build the track and polish No. 1. Meanwhile, Casey suggests that Harry make Jojo the vice president of the company, and Harry refuses. Jojo starts the engine and takes off in it as Casey objects and everyone laughs, even Harry.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 23, 2017

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