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The Secret of the Sally Bell Recap

Near the freighter Sally Bell, a car pulls up and Black Beauty secretly follows it. Hornet and Kato watch as a man, Gus Wander, gets out of the firs car carrying a sack and goes aboard the freighter. The heroes follow him and watch as he goes aboard. When they knock something over, he turns and draws his gun, and opens fire when he spots them. Hornet identifies himself and says that he wants to talk, but Wander runs off. When he turns to shoot them, Hornet uses the Sting to deflect his gun and accidentally knocks him off the gangplank. Wander falls and Hornet, examining him, says that they need to get him to the hospital. He notes that there are $2 million in narcotics aboard the Sally Bell, and only Wander knows where.

At the hospital, Dr. Hannah Thomas is working the night shift when Hornet and Kato come in. Hannah examines him and says that he has a concussion, and tells the nurse to call the OR doctor and the police as the heroes leave.

Crime boss Bert Selden comes in and finds his henchman watch watching Batman. They wonder whereWander is. The newscaster comes on to announce that Wander has been taken to the hospital, and is in a coma and under police guard. Selden tells them to get Wander.

Scanlon arrives at Britt's penthouse and Britt explains that the Sentinel's foreign branch got word of the narcotics coming in on the Sally Bell. The Sally Bell was caught in a typhoon and abandoned by all hands, and was picked up for salvage. It was brought in, and Wander is the only one who knows where the drugs are hidden. Scanlon calls the hospital and talks to Officer Carmichael, who is guarding Wander.

Carmichael checks with Hannah to see if Wander can be moved, but Hannah doesn't answer her phone. Selden's thugs come in, bringing Hannah with them, and knock out Carmichael. Hannah tells them to leave the nurse behind or she won't go with them, and warns that they need her if they want Wander to leave. The thugs take Hannah and Wander with them. Scanlon and the others hear their conversation over the phone, and Scanlon calls to send Carlo and Wolfe to the hospital. They figure that only Selden could handle $2 million in narcotics, and Britt warns that Hannah will be the first one hurt. He suggests that they let seldom get the narcotics and then they'll catch him afterwards.

Hornet and Kato take to the streets.

Carlo and Wolfe take Wander to Selden's penthouse, and Selden tells Hannah to bring Wander out of his coma so that he can talk. Hornet calls up to say that he has a proposition for Selden, and seldom agrees to meet with him. They open fire on the elevator when it comes up, but Hornet and Kato come in via a freight elevator and enter through the patio, having expected an ambush. Hornet asks Hannah how Wander is doing, and she warns that he's not good. When Hornet says that he has a general idea of where the drugs are, Selden agrees to work with him. Hornet says that they'll take wander close to the drugs and then Hannah will do what she can, and he'll take Hannah with him while Selden takes Wander.

The two groups go to the docks, and Selden tells his men Carlo and Wolfe that if there is any action, he'll hedge the bet. He makes a call to Honey Boy and says that he has a job for him. They two groups go on to the Sally Bell and Selden wakes up Wander. Wander mutters about Hornet and Kato, and then passes out again and Selden tells Hannah to bring him out of it.

Honey Boy arrives at the docks and takes out a rifle.

Hornet checks Hannah's syringe and realizes that the drug would have kept Wander out for hours. She says that she's going to give Wander a chance to live even if he doesn't deserve it, and Selden has his man Carlo take Hannah out on the deck. Wander wakes up again and says that the narcotics are in the engine room in a passage. Hornet says that they'll take care of Hannah and Wander and meet Selden in the engine room. Once Selden and Wolfe leave, Hornet tells Kato that they have five minutes to get out once he signals Scanlon. Scanlon gets the signal and tells his men to get ready.

Honey Boy takes up position and prepares to shoot the heroes as they come out. Meanwhile, Kato knocks out Carlo and Hornet tells Hannah to come with them. Honey Boy opens fire, just missing, and the trio takes cover. Selden and Wolfe hear the shots, and Selden tells Wolfe to keep unscrewing the panels.

Hornet and Kato spot honey Boy but there's too much open ground to close in on him.

Seldom and Wolfe get the narcotics and leave.

Scanlon orders his men to move in.

Hornet remote-activates Black beauty. Honey Boy turns to face it, and the car advances on him. Hornet triggers the missiles, blowing Honey Boy up, and Kato takes on Wolfe. Hornet attacks Selden and after a brief fight, knocks him out. Hannah joins him and she admits that she could have gotten away but didn't. He figures that she'll feel safer with the police, and Hannah says "Not necessarily" as the heroes leave just ahead of the cops.

The next day, Britt meets with Lenore and Mike in his office. Mike complains that they've taken a personal ad from Hannah asking for a meeting with Hornet. Britt tells him to turn down the ad, and confirms that Hannah was involved with the narcotics deal. He tells Mike that they're going to give her a testimonial dinner in honor of her bravery, and Lenore sarcastically suggests that Britt have a private dinner with her afterwards. Britt immediately agrees and leaves, and Lenore confirms with Mike that Hannah is attractive.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 24, 2017

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