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One Shot Recap

In North Dakota, Vasiliy and Charlotte are hunting deer and Charlotte brings it down first. That night, they make camp with Quinlan and Roman. Roman says that there'll be five men there plus his CO, but figures that there might be more people there. He says that they'll be cool with them taking the nuclear warheads, and doesn't know who fired the missiles. Quinlan points out that it was human bombs that brought about the Night Eternal, and Vasiliy ignores his accusation and says that they leave in four hours.

At the underground's base at the high school, Alex and Eph are creating rat poison to contaminate the strigoi blood supply. Alex talks about her son Scott and his complicated relationship with food. Eph says that it's nice that she can remember the good times with her son, while he's lost his feelings. Alex's brother comes in and asks if it's ready, and Eph says that if the strigoi see a new driver then they'll nail him. He figures that they need their enemy to deliver the blood tanker.

Vasiliy's team arrives at the silo and finds the men dead outside. Quinlan is easy to determine what happened to the missile, and Vasiliy drops a silver grenade into the silo to clear it of strigoi. Quinlan peers into the silo and confirms that there's a missile there, and someone shoots his leg and he falls to the bottom.

Vasiliy and the others move carefully to the silo, and someone shoots the mirror that Vasiliy extends to peer down. Quinlan calls up and people shoot at him. He takes cover, and Vasiliy yells that they're human and Quinlan is one of them. There's no answer, and Roman calls down to the people he knows and identifies himself. He orders them to stand down and come out, but there's no response. Roman tells Vasiliy that there's two other ways in, and they head down the escape hatch to the control room. Vasiliy's men refuse to help Quinlan, insisting the deal was that they they'd get what they scrounge and don't need a nuclear weapon. Roman says that he can't go down there, pointing out that he's the only one who knows how to detach the warhead. Vasiliy goes in, and tells Charlotte that he'll handle it alone.

In the silo, Quinlan hears sirens in the distance and snaps his broken leg back into place. He then uses silver from the grenade to burn the wound closed.

Vasiliy enters the escape tunnel and proceeds onward.

A soldier halfway up the shaft tries to spot a target. When Quinlan looks out, the soldier--Dukali--opens fire and Quinlan fires back. Vasiliy hears the shots and yells to Dukali soldier to stop shooting, and suggests that they reason with each other. He explains that say that Quinlan is impossible to kill, and he'll kill the man. Dukali says that they're trespassing, and Quinlan calls up to say that he'll let Dukali live if he surrenders. However, the solider refuses.

In New York, Zach takes out his pet rat and takes it to the new tank he's prepared for it. Abby comes in with a maid's cart, and goes into the next room. She sees some apples and steels them, and Zach's feeler approaches her. When Abby yells, Zach comes in and orders the feeler back. He apologizes but Abby says that she can't do it and leaves. Zach sees the apples that she dropped and goes out onto the street after her. Abby spots him and turns to ask why he's following her. Zach gives her the apples, and she hesitantly takes them and thanks him. He says that he was hoping that they could talk because he has no one else to talk to, and Abby says that they're only supposed to be on the street if they're working or going home. A strigoi notices them, and Zach tells her that it's okay as long as Abby is with her. The strigoi comes over and Zach tells him that Abby is with her. After a moment, the strigoi backs off and Zach tells Abby that there's a place that they can go where there's no strigoi.

That night, Eph and Alex wait in a bus for a tanker to come by. Alex asks where Eph came from, and he says that he was in New York, and hooked up with a guy who was going to Philly. He says that the strigoi set off the nuclear bomb and had human help to get across the running water. Alex wonders who would set off a nuke, and a tanker drives by before Eph can respond. They follow the tanker, and the underground members stage a crash in front of the tanker. When the driver gets out and the underground men stage an argument, Eph hooks a hose up to the tanker valve and Alex pumps the rat poison in. Strigoi come over to check out the accident, and Eph goes up and stalls for time. Alex finishes pumping in the rat poison and detaches the hose, and Eph joins her as the tanker drives off.

In the silo, Vasiliy moves in on Dukali. Meanwhile, Quinlan tries to get to his gun but Dukali shoots when he tries to reach out. Vasiliy finally gets a clear shot and takes Dukali out, and realizes from his name tag that he's one of Roman's men. Dukali says that the strigoi came with humans helping them: humans like Vasiliy and Roman. He wonders why they did it, and Vasiliy says that things are complicated. Quinlan arrives and kills Dukali, and says that he killed him because he said he would.

Zach takes Abby to the Museum of Natural History and asks if she lives with her parents. She says that they were killed by the first nuke, and Zach shows her a stuffed tiger. Abby asks him what his deal is, and Zach explains that the strigoi think that he has potential. He stares at the tiger and remembers the one that he killed, and walks off. Zach tells Abby that she can have as much food as she wants, and she should let him know if there's anything she wants. Abby says that she lives with other orphans, and some of them are suffering from malnutrition. Zach tells her to take as much food as she wants, and they finally introduce themselves.

Zach returns to the Empire State Building and finds the Master waiting for him. When the Master asks how he is, Zach wonders if he doesn't need the white anymore. He asks if the people who work for the Master don't get fresh food, and the Master says that they're sick from the bombs that the humans dropped on each other. The Master explains that the human mind has been at war with itself for thousands of years, and he possesses the consciousness of all the turned humans. He knows that the human animal is the most dangerous. Zach asks about the survivors, and the Master says that their leaders cast them into darkness. A new species has risen to displace them, and there will be more wars. The Master tells Zach that he can help him do it, or he can return to being an ordinary lonely boy. He wonders how Abby will feel when Zach has nothing to offer her, and Zach says that he wants to help the Master. The boy kneels and takes the white.

Vasiliy's people remove the warhead and Vasiliy figures that it will do the job of destroying the Master. Roman opens the casing and says that it's missing the pit assembly. If they can find the pit then it's a perfectly functional nuclear weapon. Vasiliy figures that the strigoi convoy they saw has it, and the Master plans to take the Ancients out of play. Roman explains that nuclear pits are designed to survive a plane crash without blowing up, and only someone who knows what they're doing could remove a pit.

Alex and Eph watch the Partnership building after the tanker delivery, and no one comes in or out. Eph finally says that he's going in, and Alex insists on going with him. They check the rooms and find tanks of blood. Eph finds worms on the floor—dead—and a strigoi with its eyes full of blood. Another one comes up behind them, and they gun it down. They find more dead strigoi and Eph figures that it's a win.

The Master calls Eichhorst in and says that there's been an incident in Philadelphia. Two thousand strigoi are dead from tainted blood, and Eichhorst figures that Abraham or one of his cohorts did it. He says that he's been waiting for such an incident because now they know where they are. The Master tells Eichhorst to root them out and crush them.

Eph, Alex, and her brother find a lit room and go inside. Towns in Pennsylvania are marked, and there are cargo manifests for tankers. Eph figures that they're shipping something other than blood and wonders what they're up to.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 31, 2017

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