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The Loot from Richmond Recap

Yancy and Pahoo re in the calaboose again--when the Jailer comes in and says that John ordered him to turn them loose. He sits down to finish his game of cards with Yancy, and the Jailer says that Emmet Proctor came by to see Yancy. Yancy is surprised to hear that Emmet is there, and the Jailer brings him in. The gambler tells Pahoo that Emmet is an old friend of the family and says that he and Emmet will talk over dinner at the club.

As the three men head down the street, Emmet says that he's had a feeling that someone is following him. He says that what he has to say can only be said to John, and asks Yancy if he remembers General Stafford. Stafford is one of Senior's dearest friends, and Yancy served under him in Virginia. Emmett explains that he's Stafford's private secretary and Stafford has possession of something valuable. The previous night Stafford sent Emmet to see John. A man shoots from the shadows, hitting Emmett, and Yancy shoots back killing him. Another man opens fire from a nearby balcony, and Pahoo takes him out. A third man shoots, misses, and runs off. Emmett dies in Yancy's arms, and Yancy finds a Confederate half-dollar in his friend's clenched fist. The coin had never been issued to the public.

The next day, Yancy shows John the coin and tells him what happened. John confirms that the half million in Confederate billion disappeared in the last days of the War. Yancy figures that Emmet was trying to get to John to tell him where the treasure is, but all the tips that they've received in the last three years have never panned out. There's a $50,000 reward , and it was last traced to the military in Georgia a few days after the surrender. All they have to do is find the commanding general and ask him a few pertinent questions. Stafford was the general, and Yancy says that he and Pahoo will ride to baton Rouge, get the treasure, load it on the Sultana, and deliver it to John. John wishes him luck and Yancy departs.

Once they arrive in Baton Rouge, Yancy and Pahoo go to Stafford's home, Darian Hall.. His aide Earle Bartley greets them and explains that Stafford is dead. The mourners are taking Stafford's coffin out, and Earl says that the general took ill three days ago. His granddaughter Gloria has been badly shaken, and Bartley explains that Gloria is his fiancée. They're to be married in a month, and Yancy offers his congratulations.

They go to see Gloria in the next room, and she embraces Yancy. Bartley tells her that they have to be leaving shortly, and explains that they're taking Stafford to Greenacres via the Sultana. He tells Yancy that Gloria is selling the estate and they're leaving for England after the funeral. Yancy gives Gloria his congratulations on her pending wedding and she leaves. Once he's alone, Yancy sends Pahoo out to scout the area, finding it unusual that Stafford died three days ago but sent Emmet out a day and a half earlier. He also suspects Bartley for moving in so fast.

Yancy checks the study desk and finds a key and a Confederate half-dollar. A man, Garber, comes up behind Yancy and puts a gun to his head. He leads Yancy to a storage room, but Pahoo arrives and knocks Garber out from behind. Stafford is hidden there, tied up and gagged. He tells Yancy that he has to go after Gloria, The general insists on going with them, and Yancy dyes Stafford's beard black and puts him in a Union uniform to prevent their prey from recognizing him. Pahoo reports that Garber woke up and escaped, and when Stafford objects, Yancy tells him that he's under his command now, and explains that Emmet came to see him and was killed. Stafford explains that he held the reassure to rebuild the South, but there was no one to give it to until John came along. John wanted to rebuild Louisiana, and Stafford decided to trust him despite the fact that John was a Yankee. Yancy figures that they can ride to Fort Hudson and catch up to the Sultana, and they head out.

When the three men arrive at Fort Hudson, Captain Tom slips them aboard the Sultana. Yancy tells Stafford to let him do the talking so no one wonders why a Union officer has a Southern accent. They go to Senior's cabin and Stafford and Pahoo stay there while Yancy goes to the wheelhouse and checks the bill of lading, Once he confirms what cabin the coffin is in, Yancy and Willy go there.

Garber tells Bartley that Yancy, Pahoo, and a Union general are aboard. Bartley figures that since they're not going to New Orleans, there's nothing that Yancy can do warn anyone. They're meeting the pickup boat at Cass' Crossing and then they'll ditch the treasure and cast the Sultana adrift.

Yancy tells Willy to go in and tell Bartley's men that Bartley wants to see them in the salon. The pilot does as instructed, but the two men on guard don't believe him. They insists that Willy goes with them and leave, locking the cabin door behind them. Once they leave, Yancy picks the lock and goes inside, figuring the treasure from Richmond is in the coffin. Stafford arrives with Pahoo following, and says that it wasn't hard to locate Yancy. Yancy opens the coffin but discovers that the coffin is empty.

Once the guards find Bartley and realize that Willy lied, they go back to the cabin. Bartley finds the coffin open and figures that Yancy was there, just as the riverboat whistle goes off. Wily says that they've come to Cass' Crossing but they're not going to stop. Bartley tells him to steer it per his orders, and tells Garber to transfer the treasure while the guards take care of any passengers who interfere.

Yancy goes to Gloria's cabin and asks if she saw her grandfather dead. Gloria admits that they wouldn't let her, and Yancy tells her that Stafford is alive. He wonders what side Gloria is on, and shows her an approaching launch. Yancy explains that Bartley controls the Sultana.

Bartley takes Willy to the wheelhouse and orders Captain Tom to stop the boat and let the launch come aside. Captain Tom has no choice but to comply.

Stafford and Pahoo hear the Sultana stop and they go to check it out.

Yancy tells Gloria that Bartley will put the treasure aboard the launch and then blow the boilers aboard the Sultana. Bartley comes in and holds them at gunpoint, and tells Gloria that she won't be going with him to England. He takes Gloria as a hostage and leaves, but Stafford arrives and cuts him down. He then assures Gloria that everything is all right, and Yancy has the general take his granddaughter to the cabin.

Garber and his men have Willy lower the treasure--hidden in a cotton bale--to the launch. Yancy and Pahoo arrive, and Yancy tells Pahoo to shoot the cotton bale,. Garber runs up and Yancy kills him, then Pahoo shoot he bale. The $500,000 falls into the Mississippi, and Yancy and Pahoo make short work of the two guards.

Later back in New Orleans, Staff apologizes for being unable to give John the money. John is honored by his choice and assures him that they'll salvage what's left of the money... including Yancy's $50,000 reward. Yancy tells John that he'll never find it, and figures that it's best that the money is lost along with the cause it was originally for.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 1, 2017

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